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Down right strange

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posted on Jul, 13 2008 @ 05:13 AM
Here is my UFO story. I posted it on a single web site years ago. It can now be found all over the net. That post was the first and only ever on a forum of this "genre" until I joined ATS. I had reservations about ever posting this here. I figure you only know me as this avatar in the same way I know you. Its all good

I am not a nut. I don't recall being "anal probed". I did not take a ride around the solar system. Nothing spoke to me about warning the human race of the error of our ways.

I entertain the notions that we could have somehow been drugged, the tectonics plate movement could have affected our brains, we could have inhaled a red tide or we saw a reflection due to atmospheric conditions.,Yadda yadda yadda..... What ever this was WE DID HAVE THIS EXPERIENCE. Strangely, we never talked about it to each other.

I am embarrassed of the errors in this. I Googled it and just copied and pasted it here.

Whats hilarious, is in my teens we lived on the beach about 20 miles from where this happened. We had a crazy lady in our condo complex that would always try to convince people aliens would come out of the sea and talk to her at night

Sigh, here it is ...............

posted on Jul, 13 2008 @ 05:16 AM
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
Fall 1993/1994

Name: Withhel at request

Location: Ponte Vedra beach Florida (near Jacksonville)

Date: Not sure (sorry) fall of 93 or 94

Approach Direction: From the north of the shoreline

Departure Direction: To the south of the shoreline

Witness Direction: First towards the north, straight up and finally towards the south

Description: The following incident occurred about ten years ago. Strangely it was not important to me until the past few years. It is really bothering me now.

I have scoured the Internet for an incident similar to mine and have come up empty handed. Of the hundreds of alleged reports I have scoured the only similar detail I have run across two large football field size triangle incidents. Though the happenings, light configuration etc. do not match what I saw.

I am scientific minded and believe in UFOs and aliens 100% (or at least the possibility). However, I do strongly feel that most like minded are delusional, easily led, lying or just plain crazy. I have only told a few people my experience as I do not want others to categorize me as such. Maybe I was crazy at the time. I do not really know where to turn with such a story or how to research my incident. It's just plain driving me nuts.

In the fall (it was just starting to get cool here) of '93 or '94 (sorry not sure) My girlfriend and I Were watching our local PBS station and we caught the star guys show. He advised that the most spectacular meteor shower in decades would be visible in our area away from city lights in a few days.

Later we packed a picnic, binoculars and a blanket and headed off for The Cross Roads at Ponte Vedra Beach. The cross roads Is a portion of beach so named after the sole condo complex near by. Ponte Vedra beach is an affluent wealthy area of our shore line. At the time of the sighting The Cross Roads was situated in a wooded isolated area of the beach. Traditionally this area was our High Schools "domain of the beach" (though located over 30 miles from it and we were both in our 2nd year of college). You would park in a small, unmarked wooded public beach access area (as the affluent were dying to kill the public beach access). From there a long, narrow sand trail would lead you to the beach.

The left of the trail was first a duney and raveined forest graduating into sandy dunes and finally the beach. The right of this trail was the Complexes tall, dividing cement wall. To the left in the raveined forest was a single isolated Stilted "UFO looking" beach house.If you were not familiar with the area you would never in a million years notice this house due to the wooded cover.

Upon arriving and during our trek down the sand path we noticed many children( rather children sized forms,it was dark) with flash lights scampering through out the dunes and wooded ravines. Glancing behind us we could see lights and figures coming over the wall and scampering off into the woods and dunes. We could here distant giggles and chatter.The tide was low on this clear night and the trek down the beach was quite long.

We set out our blanket ate and watched the stars.We waited and began the " I think I saw one" game. Getting board we would watch the now "pin points" of the children's flash lights in the wooded dunes. From our distance they now looked like fireflies in a forest. Finally we began seeing first a few and then multitudes. It turned out that the shower was so massive that we did not need the binoculars at all. The frequency now constant and duration now seemingly never ending we again grew bored. We decided to have sex despite a wind strong enough to occasionally flip up corners of the blanket and blow small amounts of sand on us.

Here is where things get queer......without speaking or signaling each other we both stopped, slowly dressed and stood up. For some reason I started looking down the beach northward up in the sky and slowly walked the

posted on Jul, 13 2008 @ 05:18 AM
shore line. My girlfriend began asking me if a was seeing a shooting star, though I would not answer her. My walk got faster, then a jog. ,still looking up at a certain portion of the northern sky. I did not see anything, though something was not right in that area. I don't know what. I just had to figure it out. For some reason I thought that If I could just get the right view I would see something grand. A cluster of shooting stars, a huge shooting star or the big finale, I really don't know what I was expecting to see, but I knew I was on to something!!

This is the only way I can explain what happened next. On this dark beach we were on, the lights just turned on. Once dark, now sunlit. Two hundred feet away from me was seemingly a dead ringer for the biblical picture of god coming through a cloud as light.Though due to the bright light I did not see the cloud, but a seemingly point of origin and this point of origin was at tree level a few hundred feet down the beach from me and it was huge!! At this point I was slowly backing up and I felt my girlfriends hand clasp mine from behind me. There was no sound at all, period. The bright area of light did not emit a sound. The ocean did not emit a sound. Nothing made a sound and the wind had abruptly stopped. Slowly and silently it glided(I guess) towards us.Eventually we could tell it was a huge triangle. I say glided, but it was very queer. It wasn't moving in a normal way. In fact it was not moving but getting closer. There was no deviation, it was the perfect we were the flawed. Hmm that just sounded crazy...

O.K. It's like this; We have all seen the special effect shows where they have computer generated wire framed models on their computer screens. Imagine a 3d rendered rotating wire frame model of the earth. Now somehow affix a lighted wire frame model of a triangle to a point in space on your version of our universe.The earth continues its orbit but the triangle is affixed to its location. Soon the earth's path includes the triangle. The triangle as a result pierces the earth and the earth travels until the triangle pierces the other side. Since this whole scenario is computer generated it is mathematically perfect, hence no deviation..........

So it was not "flying" it was just "there" but getting closer. Ever so slowly it came down the beach towards us. Above us we could see the object was not one but three.Though it acted like one. Take a triangle cut it in three equal sizes(down the pyrimid) and space these three segments apart only a hair. It slowly walked us(or we walked it) back to our blanket. We stopped on our blanket and it continued down the beach,again a few hundred feet. Then the light just went out. It did not speed off. It did not "wobble" off. It did not split into others. It just plain wasn't there.

The wind began. The sea made sound again. Darkness surrounded us and the noises of life returned.Let me add here that we were not disturbed, excited, scared or even really inquisitive during this whole ordeal. Thats nuts!

We slowly gathered our things exclaimed we were both tired and trekked back to our car. The "assumed"children were gone and only a few lights were on in the complex.I remember my girlfriend was upset with me as I exclaimed I was too tired to drive. so was she. We did not utter one word of it to each other during the incident or the whole drive home. I do remember that I thought of it occasionally on our long drive back. We arrived home and went to bed. The next day we still had not uttered a word about it. I remember coming home that evening and going through the paper to see if it had made headlines. When I heard my girlfriend coming in from another room, I promptly hid the papers as if I did not want her to know what I was looking for. Perhaps a year went by and we were in a bar.Both really drunk surrounded by friends. My girlfriend announced that we had seen a UFO once and I was going to tell the story. Shocked and shyly I told our tale. First giving out only basic information(didn't want to sound like a crack pot) and gradually giving more details after her urging and confirmation. Our stories matched!!!

This thing was huge! The size of a football field at least. It also lit up the entire beach. This all occurred in front of a huge condo complex, children (I think) and on a night when people were supposed to be looking up at the sky. Yet there was no local talk, no media attention or even "crack pots", nothing ! Even if it was "swamp gas" or "tectonic light eminence" It was a huge spectacle,someone had to see it. Why didn't I at least here a newscaster announce "next up, a huge ball of swamp gas lit up the beaches sky"? Why has this been trivial to me until recent years?

Color/Shape: Sunlight colored light emmiting from entire craft. Segmented triangle(3equal segments)

Height & Speed: Slightly above tree level, as fast as we were walking

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