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Social Workers....

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posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 01:42 PM
My rant today is on social workers, now I normally dont like to judge an entire group of people but I frankly feel that these people are as useless as a chocolate fire guard. They break up families, impose their ideals on others and do little to solve the actual problem. Just one recent example, a single mother I know has had her 4 children forcibly removed from their house and split up into two house holds. Not only this the final date of their returning the children is up to the social worker and with one child being autistic what effect will this have on their child hoods? Is that what the state wants? To remember armed men taking them from the arms of their mothers and fathers?

Now you may just say this is one incident, but let me continue in tales of the mighty social workers on the OTHER side of the atlantic for this problem is not confined by borders or even continents. I work as an instructor for a charity organisation and teach kids how to kayack among other things, and we have an autistic child in our care. Now when the said child assaulted another child then actually hit his own mother he was taken to McDonalds by the social worker to “discuss what had happened” , can you actually believe that? Now this “Carrot and some more carrot” idea is simply idiotic. But then again you may STILL say: an isolated incident, I must ask however: Is this one isolated incident too many?

Yours angrily Devilwasp.

posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 02:40 PM
Social workers are not always looking to break up families.
They look to protect the children from abuse or neglect.

Recently, to my surprise, I had a social worker show up at my door.
I have issues with my ex, as he is mentally not well, and a danger to himself.
The police actually sent her here, to insure that my children were alright, and that I was taking every precaution to keep them safe and away from their father. IT IS best for them. I applaud the police and the social worker for stepping in to insure the safety of my children. It helps to have the law on your side in these matters.
Of course there is a flip side to that coin.
While speaking with her, she did disclose to me that about 65% of anon calls to their office here locally, are malicious intent.
People just wanting to stir up trouble for no reason other than they have no real life. However, the agency must follow up on every call. A real waste of time and government money right there.

Did your friend get a reason for the removal of the children?

posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 02:55 PM
What gets me is they are always tring to convince you that there are services available but you are just not making the effort to aquire and use them. When you take them up on these services they don't return your calls and blow you off until you give up calling. Then months down the line they are back to tring to convince you that there are service and I'm just not pursuing them. I ask isn't that what you are here for to help me aquire the services. They never give a straight answer just bureacratic bull crappyola!

I watched a good friend of mine become homeless because of this promissing crap. You never no when they are serious because they are full of it most of the time.

I think single males have it the worst and pretty much qualify for nothing but they don't want to tell them that.

posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 05:31 PM

Originally posted by AccessDenied
Did your friend get a reason for the removal of the children?

The apparent reason was that the house was not clean enough and a "hazard" to children, now I know this woman and unless someone has smashed in the windows, laid bear traps across the carpet and added some unexploded cluster bombs for the heck of it. I really really could not see her house being a hazard to children. Oh and FYI, if their out to protect the children why do they split them up knowing full well that one is autistic and thus may, just may, become agitated and scared by being dragged from his mothers house and thrown into a completely new house. Yet another cluster(insert bad word) from the government that brought the world the Katrina disaster

posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 05:38 PM
reply to post by devilwasp

Not clean enough???
Here, if that is what the excuse is, they give you 48 hours to have it cleaned up, and they do not remove the children for those 48 hours.
They return to inspect again, and if satisfactory, the will return periodically for awhile to make sure it is being maintained.
I know this, as my neighbor went through the entire process.
I agree with you that splitting them up is a traumatic event and should have been avoided. However, when taking children into custody, they only have access to so many beds within each given foster home, and sometimes it is unfortunate, but necessary.
I fully understand your frustration though. Sometimes they do not see their actions as more detrimental, than what they claim they are protecting them from.

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