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possible nwo tatic

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posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 12:08 PM
i believe that the Illuminati or the nwo is speaking through technology to implement a single thought into the subconscious of individuals through means of technology.

Ok. call this crazy if you will but the evidence is overwhelming to say the least, I mean before 911 happened remember how we had the 911 emergency system activated and how we had a show called rescue 911, there are countless other examples of how the term "911" was repeatedly drummed into our heads before this event took place in September 2001.

another example, is the fact that we now have a robot that scours the net looking for single word phrases to conclude that we are all on the same wavelength, so to speak and to make predictions. so what if this thing is actually working in favor of the Illuminati's evil plans to devour the universe through means of technology.

with the widespread use of technology today it would be easier than ever to to bring a single word into the human psyche through means of radio, pc's, or even television.I mean think about it. The best way to bring about a single event is by introducing it into the human consciousness on a massive scale first. i think once we realize this that there is literally no way of the Illuminati using this against us.

some simple ways to defeat this purpose is to not let people in on what you truly are thinking, after all your own thoughts are your own business. Another example is abstinence from tv, another good plan would be to not type single words into Google like a stupid robot.Last and most importantly would be to have your own unique thoughts ideas and opinions;do not let people tell you they are stupid or ridiculous. another example would be to not listen to or read what you feel others are listening to or indulging themselves in such as, news, sports, tv show, etc.after all we all have free will to use on everything we think say or do and the more we use it the freer we will become as people.

i dunno about you but i got kind of a thing for seeing these people's stupid, ideas, agendas fail if they do indeed exist.

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posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 04:19 PM
reply to post by ZEFSA18
Your post is not crazy at all. Start researching "mind control" and you'll see this rabbit hole goes really deep. There's a whole wealth of information here:

and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Basically for most of us, our thoughts are no longer our own. The new battlefield is no longer a chunk of earth, it's the human brain and just like a computer, it's programmable.

Personally I think the biggest media for brain washing is the tv. There’s also now “frequency weapons”, maybe our water, some believe cell towers, muzak, etc.

Now I would imagine that in addition to the majority of mindless dumbing down stuff on the tv there might be "additional stuff" being added we're not aware of. Our brains can subconscienciously pick up higher frequencies and faster imaging then we can conscienciously hear or see. Buy, Obey, Marry & Reproduce, etc

Ever wonder why Hollywood seems to only be able to mostly produce the "remake" on movies? The human race's creativity is possibly being drained out of us. (Being creative is not a good quality to have in a slave population).

We’re being made to be more hard working, unquestioning drones. I believe people have changed as a whole over the last 30 years.

I’m amazed at how many young people do not read books. They play video games, watch utube, read comic books but how many people out there under 30 have read a book lately that had over 250 pages, much less a book say on politics, philosophy or something other then fluff. We’re being dumbed down in order to facilitate a easier control process. Now the question is by who? Also research “The Dumbing Down of America”. Also see Woody Allen’s 1971 movie, “Bananas” the scene where Diana Keaton is throwing a party and recites her “butterfly” poem.

I read a book recently, “Thanks For The Memories” by Brice Taylor and if just a tenth of one percent of anything in there is true we are in deep poop.

It is impossible to be an informed citizen by watching network news. The business-friendly script is carefully edited to portray America’s activities around the world in a positive light.

This produces coverage which is invariably sympathetic to US foreign policy goals and lacks objectivity or depth.

For the last decade or so, it didn’t matter what network broadcast one watched, the lead stories and commercial breaks were featured at just the same time, from just the same ideological perspective, using just the same talking points and buzzwords to present a solid wall of disinformation which was intended to overpower the viewer into believing that “this is the news”.

The internet has broken the spell of controlled information and provided us with unlimited access to divergent information and viewpoints.

Intelligent people have naturally gravitated to the sites that give them a more accurate and detailed summary of the days’ events without the meticulously managed spin of network news.

This has caused considerable frustration among the ruling class which claims a monopoly on information and which has spent a fortune building an empire to mislead the public on issues that are critical to their continued dominance.

That’s why congress is currently getting involved in the internet, to destroy the citizens’ free access to unfiltered news.

They don’t care about saving a few seconds of time for the transmission of information on business-related sites; that’s all nonsense. They want to control what you see, what you hear, and what you know. That’s the key for maintaining the class system which keeps them in power.

The solution, I have no idea as it appears if things keep going in the same direction we will be inhabiting a prison planet (another good google is prison planet).

Yep, this rabbit hole goes very deep indeep.

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 10:44 AM
yes i agree ofhumandescent & thank you for your insight on this matter

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