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The Knockout Punch

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posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 03:01 AM
I read this in a ebook called Jedi Training in Psychic Self Defense :

''Let's say someone is attacking you, and they are calling you on a weakness. Even if their perception of your weakness is wrong, it doesn't matter. No opinion is true. However, on some level, they are absolutely correct. To find the true weakness that they are poking at, we must feel it with our own body. Finding our own weakness is the gateway to spaciousness. Then our job is to soften it. When we do this, the antagonist is forced, through a mirror effect, to confront their own corresponding weakness...we must hold space for the person, allowing them to process the experience..''

Im not a religious person, but I find Jesus to be a supremely enlightened being. I believe that we can all attain a ''christ consciousness'' so to speak. As the experience is one that transcends words.

Heres what brother jesus had to say:

"Blessed are those that soften what is rigid, for they will receive sustenance from the earth, nature, or subtle forces of creation."
[depending on how you are translating aramaic.]

posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 03:51 AM

Originally posted by iiinvision
Im not a religious person, but I find Jesus to be a supremely enlightened being.

How do you know this?
Stories and tales are all there are!

posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 04:26 AM
reply to post by nerbot

everything is a story and a tale in this are a story and a tale. This thread isn't about Jesus any how, why not check out the link?

posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 07:53 AM
Thanks for the book recommendation



posted on Jun, 14 2009 @ 08:55 AM
I didn't find the opinions of the author very convincing but I thought you might be interested in a recent TV series, 'Mind, Body and Kick Ass Moves.' Throughout the episodes the presenter returns to ideas about Chi. You see people being affected by mental and physical moves. Pretty damn interesting stuff. Here's a YT extract that you can use as a jump-off if you like it...

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