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A dream about invading Aliens, years ago and still sticks with me

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posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 01:42 AM
My dreams are normally very weird - and not to be just saying that, but there is always something strange about them, and for the most part I remember what happened.

The dream started out almost normally. I was walking down the street with a friend, one of my closest ones, and I feel something behind me. We were at the very edge of the woods that is right beside a two-lane highway. [My dreams are normally pretty detailed.] I turn to her, and pushed her down in the ditch to duck. I felt fearful, I was scared to death of what was coming and I couldn't stress to her my fear. But she could sense it also. It was coming from up above the woods.

I would say it was in the morning, early, before the sun had risen and it still had the feeling of night was still lingering around.

I felt something behind us, and I knew immediately we had to run. I didn't know what it was, but I knew it was coming for us. So I whispered for her to go first, and we ran back to my home which was very close to the woods. Inside, I heard the object from the air hovering over the house. I ran into my room, with her in there, and shut the door.

I couldn't breathe, I was hyperventilating. [I've do this once every blue moon when I'm really stressed out or scared] She asked me what was it, what was we running from. And in that moment I had a bunch of images flash through my head. I saw tall figures, they looked not human but could portray the image of a human being. They were skilled into getting what they wanted, more intelligent, and very very alien like. Unusually knowing how to speak our language to us, and they were so, I cannot stress to you how strange it was.

I looked at her and nearly cried. I heard my parents outside the door, coming towards my room and you could hear another pair of something talking to them. But it wasn't actual talking. It was weird, it was like hypnotism almost.

A knock at my door, and my parent says to me that I have guest. I turn around and look to see that my friend isn't there. She is clearly gone from my room. I scream out, and there is lights shone into my window. Like the ones you actually see in Alien movies. I realize how strange, and funny that can sound, but it really scared me.

The door opens and I am staring at these two six foot tall, very lean figures, and then it's like its not there. But it's talking to me, and it tells me [What I'm about to say is highly ridiculous I know] that I am needed, and that they knew that I knew they were coming. The feeling that I received out of this, was comforting. It was feeling that I will never forget, it wasn't excited, it wasn't sheer terror, it was knowing to fear was ok - but to know there was nothing to fear.

I asked them to give me day to say goodbye, to my friends. And without consulting with one another, it was ok. But I clearly had no choice but to leave with them. I was warned not to tell though. It wasn't a dangerous warning, it was like they sympathized but they wanted me to know that nobody would know I was gone. Almost like I didn't exist.

I walked down to a lake, where a festival was being held, and found my friend and told her I was leaving. I explained to her why. Then I turned after goodbyes, and found myself staring at a almost foggy white light.

I woke up - staring at my bedroom window.

Alright people of the websites, what do you make of this? I'm not sure if it is anything, and it probably isn't. It's just I had this dream a very, very long time ago - I don't remember when - and it still has yet to leave me.

Any thoughts would be great, or if any of you have every dreamed anything similar like it, I'd love to hear. ^_^


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