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McCain staff asked for protester's ouster

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posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 05:24 PM

It was Sen. John McCain's staff who asked security at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts to remove people holding protest signs at the venue — not U.S. Secret Service agents, who were not involved in Carol Kreck's ouster from the galleria.

A video of the incident circulating widely on the Internet shows a DCPA security guard saying that he was told by the Secret Service to remove Kreck, who was holding a paper sign that said "McCain = Bush."

But Thursday, after two days of being vilified by bloggers, letter writers and others, the Secret Service emphatically denied involvement.

It states in the article that the McCain camp had asked in advance that signs not be displayed in this venue. I would be interested to know if there were any pro-McCain sign holders that were allowed to stay at the

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