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posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 05:04 PM
Hello everybody!!!

This is my first topic, so be nice with me

There is one question I have always in my mind:
Is there anybody out there, who has the same crazy dreams like I have?

Dreams about the future, which are getting real? Every day...
Not big visions where the world burns, angels fly, deamons cry and the white horse jumps on earth, or something (they come into my mind when I´m awake...), no:
dreams about a normal day. Normal things, like going somewhere and meet a person. Or walking with my dog and find a little baby crow...

Those dreams I couldn´t hold every morning. The most time I forget them, cause it´s hard to know dayfuture. But the feeling stays and if something happens I dreamed about, I know it when it´s over...

Crazy or?

Sorry about my bad english, but I´m from Austria.


posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 05:24 PM
I have dreams about everyday things that will happen in the future. I have been having dreams like ever since I can remember. I know the more i meditate the more it happens. The more closed minded I am the less it happens. My dreams that come true are never any dramatic things it just daily things that happen.

posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 06:47 PM
The most vivd one was so real I woke up in a cold sweat. I remembered the details completely for days and weeks. It was very simple the first day of boy scout camp I had a tent by myself. I was visiting with two friends who had stopped by when the brother of one called us to come and look at something in the sky. In the dream a UFO settled in the woods just behind our camp (I know it shouldn't really have meant much to me). The amazing thing is as camp got closer, my scheduled tent mate was in a baseball tournament and would probably MISS THE FIRST DAY OF CAMP. I worked around the corners to change tent mates so the dream couldn't come true. When Igot to camp it turned out my original tent mate had lost his tournament and was there, but the tent mate I was now scheduled to have was sick and couldn't make it. I moped around and didn't have anything to do with anybody the first day especially when the two guys from the dream came over to play cards that night in MY TENT. I sent them away and spent a very uncomfortable night. Nothing happened and I awoke refreshed and relieved and filling silly. That night, I had the ther two guys come over and laughed about how stupid I had been the night before. One of them said, "didn't you forget, we always come to camp a day early - TODAY if the OFFICIAL first day of camp. The instant the words were out of his mouth it all happened - his brother called, we went running, etc. everything was exactly as in the dream. I was ready to throw up I was so scared. When we got to his brother he pointed in the sky and sure enough (it was in the mid 60s) there was the a little dot traveling through the sky. It was the first woman in space Lumilla Tereschkova. It was uncanny however, that dream was basically real - everything I did to change it caused it to happen. While there was no UFO we were called to see something traveling in space and every other facet of the dream came true in an absolute manner. It was almost as if someone had told a great cosmic joke with me as the punchline. Or then again, maybe somehow I either saw into the future or had a trace memeory of the same event in a parallel universe or time. I don't really know, but after it was all over it was pretty cool

posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 11:31 PM
I used to get those dreams all the time, it was getting to the point that life was getting boring and predictable. I managed to supress this in myself and I find that life is a little bit more exciting not knowing whats up ahead. Unfortunatly I do know all too well what is going on down the road for me and that kinda sucks but it's the journey I guess thats important and not the destination.

If your getting these dreams all the time try and have a dream journal next to your bed. When you wake up first thing roll over and jot down what you were dreaming of as fast as you can before the dream fades from memory. Then when these things come to pass, find the dream that corresponds with it and make a notation of when it occured and what actually happened.

You might find you have a pattern to your dreams that is somewhat prophetic. And if your able to you will be able to find out much more than you really wanted to know.

but after hundreds if not thousands of dreams about work, this kinda stuff can get boring.

posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 05:14 PM
@ whatukno

I did... wrote it into books (now I have 5 or 6 about them), spoke it on mp3p...
You are right, it made the dreams only stronger, 3-D Dimension and when you on the point, where you can lose your body and fly all over the world to see everything and the only thing what happened was that I began to fight.
Now I always win... and it´s


posted on Jul, 13 2008 @ 06:33 AM
@ anonymos

cool story...
I believe now, that I´m not the only one who has such dreams. I had such dreams also (exactly 2, where I dreamed it such real as happened... both were dreams, where someone I love, died)
my other dreams are not always like the reality is, there happens emotional things and dreamy-things, but the core mostly come thruth my reality-life.

Do you think it was a ufo? no or? maybe it was a manifastical timecrash you see... They exist always if somebody make a "out of body journey". I didn´t know that other persons can see them, but maybe?


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