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FITNA -- movie from ISISRAEL

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posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 02:54 PM
It muslim stuff I think not my cup of tea... I dont think, someone please do a review, normally I would but today is a very busy day sorting through all the news from overseas...
This MOVIE Came in with a HOT designation.... seems it will be pulled shortly. dont know why... write a review for me please.... tks JQP

this was sent from France to California and ended up in stuff to distribute under HOT... here is...

posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 03:02 PM
Wait a minute! Since when we (isis,ra,El guys -
) occupied Holland? I want to do reservist duty in Holland and not in middle of the desert. Amsterdam beware - here Zionists come.
Just in case - for isis and stuff ...mmm.. theory.
Copy pasted from my earlier post for third time:
However, since this is not the first time i see the isis thing, i would like to describe why Israel combined from isis, ra and el is a very silly idea. First two are Egyptian deities. They are written correctly in hieroglyphs. So to take a part of English word describing this hieroglyph is childish.
Detailed explanation: "ra" is written as a picture of an eye with all sorts of stuff around. It was pronounced as rah or re. It is written and pronounced as ra now in a language which appeared at least a thousand years later then the name Israel.
Isis - it is written as a women ,half circle and a weird form. It was pronounced as usat/ese/esi. So far we have Esirahel. Or maybe you like better Usatreel? How someone can take half of a WRONG pronunciation/writing in a language at least thousand years younger then the one in which Israel is (not to mention the one in which isis was) written, is beyond my understanding.
El is fine - because it is a semitic word!!!! Just as Israel.
An example how you can make anything out of the blue if you try hard enough:
Let us take Iran:
Isis+RA+Nut. Hey - we just got Iran out of Egyptian gods. Oh joy. Let us disregard that both the Iran and names of Egyptian gods are written in English!!! Not in Egyptian hieroglyphs and Persian .
Because we just made a huge historical discovery!


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