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Cost of Buying New Cars?

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posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 01:17 PM
As people in the UK (should) be well aware of by now, is that road tax is rising.

The Government argues that it is to get people to switch to new, "Greener" cars.

Here's a question: what is the cost to the environment of scrapping existing cars, and producing new ones, compared with just carrying on with the existing ones??

Any takers?

It has to be the most non-green move you could make!!

Forget the CO2 - what about all the chemicals and everything else that goes into producing and scrapping cars?? We forget the obvious problems. They out-weigh the whole CO2 issue a zillion times over, yet it never gets talked about.

There are far more serious and dangerous environmental issues out there that need tackling before CO2. The problem is that the remedies to these problems only cost industry money in cleaning up - governments can't tax the people on those issues.

Hasn't anyone yet realized what a sham the whole global warming argument is yet, and that it is purely a ploy to get more money out of people??

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