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New Perception of NWO-- True Meaning

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posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 01:06 PM
Greetings guys and gals,

As many of you already know, it is expected that a NWO is going to seriously arise by the end of 2008/09 and there are many many theories that America as a whole (with the economy) is going to collapse. To many people, this scares worries them because they care so much about their "great" life now.

I get up every morning and have the same routine that frankly, Im completely sick of as I am sure many of you guys do. Get up, eat, go to work, come home, eat dinner, pop open a beer, go to sleep. Day in and day out. I feel like my life has no meaning and that is becase it doesn't. Dead end job, struggling to pay the morgage, the wife is always stressed and we dont even have KIDS!! Can't even imagine that!

My point is, if the U.S. breaks out into a civil war, government war, etc. etc., then and only then will I feel like I am actually living. Having to protect my wife from invaders, doing whatever it takes to give her and myself food, defending her from being put in those "camps". And possibly joining a group of people to help set this country back on its feet. That is true satisfaction, not just bringing home McDonalds for my wife for dinner. Or not talking to my grandkids in 30 years and tell them how my cubicle looked. Like i said, Im over it.

Now, I am not saying I want the NWO to happen, but if it is inevitable, why not think about it in a positive manner, like it is a new chance to LIVE and make your life whatever you desire because soon there will be no rules and when no one is there to watch you, you are 100% free.

So, when (or if) it occurs, don't be scared, but be happy, because you will truly be liberated..

posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 01:11 PM
Wow, I grow much of our food, heat solely with wood we chop, and live as much to nature as I can. I am frieaking tired! And I am used to it. Its not just a weekend warrior type existence it is hard manual back breaking labor intensive unglamourous as all get out.

Try not to romanticize the coming of the new world order and the chaos before clarity. Sheeze.

Go to the show, order a popcorn and a drink and eat some chocolate.

Enjoy what you have now.

posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 01:40 PM
Im hopeing but teh end of 2015 we have crystal energy device's that Heat,Cool,our home..Can manipulate matter for food creation,or enhanced growing.We will rediscover a lot of ancient befor times knowledge.We will know where we came from,and what that realy means.That we will be so awake to truth that we are no longer controlled by men,but by our hearts,minds,and spirts.
We will No long spend out times gathering reasourse's to sustain our bodys,We will have free energy.People will be able to follow ther dreams easyer, wana see the universe?Sure after a little training we will sign u up for exploration,woudnt that be nice would have a duty or job if u like for 4 hours aday,that actuly helps the whol of all people,wither it is takeing care of the ship,or monitoring earths energy ect..But u would be helping actively,and the rest of teh time u could well,Imagin it and u can do it.
humans would have the abilty to communicate without words,all people would know imediatly what someone that meet had in there minds and hearts,as well as the one they meet would too.Lies would no longer rule people,lest not the ones on earth,the truth would be the currency of trade.
we would drop many preconcived notions,and stereotype becuse of the lose of lies,and abilty to see each other truly.
Alas how else could u be alowed to vistit other worlds,if your world isnt awake.So in end to the OP
the change could take place like a bang,and war and death open earths eyes with the help of other non earth people.
Or i could happen like a wimper with a nice soft sudden decline in money,and free energy abundance.
Energy is all around u and in ever thing that is,Tesla knew this as did many shall we say intelligent people."wizards" lol
And yes the humdrum everyday grind,wither choping wood,or entering data on a screen,isnt the greatness we are destin for,but a transition.
Who can say how it will happen,considering the large and power people involved in energy,free energy may cause a war or a larg crisis.But in the end its just Right,Its what all deserve,To spend you life slaveing to your bodys needs isnt worth much unless theres a lite at the end.So i would like to think this is how it could happen,and i choose to look beyond any of the death or war in a small scale to see the reward on a large scale.
We have all long forgoten what Real freedom is,if We ever knew it it wa sbefor the time of all the ancients we know from history,Who know mabey the fabled atlantis worked on free energy.


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