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My 1000th post and...

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posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 10:52 AM
Hello everyone.

Just want to anounce my 1000th post and also that by the start of August I may not be here on ATS for a while.

Business has been real bad for me lately and combined with rising prices, I'm almost broke. Add to that, I must leave the country I'm in due to the visa expiring, I've got just enough cash for a flight to a country where I don't need a visa on my passport.

Then I'll have a few more bits of monopoly money to keep me going for a short while so I'll be doing what I can to get work and a place to live.

Yes, I could go back to the UK. But, i didn't leave there just to go back. I left the UK because of the sad and sorry state it has become. I have been actively seeking work, worldwide, for the last 6 months. Have been searching the net for various different options or ideas. Some would have been very reasonable if I had a bit more time or a regular profiitable income which I could have saved towards a move.

But hey, what the heck..this is ATs is it not?
Aren't we all about a slightly alternative view and outlook on life?

Well, I'm game.. I'm off, don't know where yet and I have no idea what to expect when I get there either. I'll be homeless and jobless and relying on my skills, wit, intelligence, two legs and feet and the right as a human being to seek shelter and work.

I once vowed never to work for a business again. Said I would only work for myself. If at all possible, that is what I'll continue to do. I'm sick of other peoples rules an regs when you're 'employed' by them on the 9-5 network tread wheels.. If a job needs doing, get in and do it, then the jobs done.

I'm kinda experienced a little at moving around and starting over. It's daunting at first, but once you get that first foot in the first door, you're laughing and things begin to pick up again.

Bearing in mind everything else that's going on and may possibly occur very soon (Iran) then all this may have happened at just the right time.

As for anyone else who is/has considered making a similar drastic move of just picking up and a little..experience the rush it gives you. The panic, uncertainty, the buzz of life ringing in your ears. It's a bit of a wild ride, but you'll never feel more free.

Well, that said, this is the reason why i have not continued to add to TinWiki or to my very popular thread Avatar symbolisms I've just not really been able to concentrate on these fully and felt it would not be fair to only give a half hearted effort due to my personal situation. So I apologise to all those who have been waiting for me to write more.

I have no idea as to when i may be able to gain net access after August. yes there might be net cafe's but finances will play a part too. i will do what I can to pop in as often as I can though. ATS is not something I have spent nearly a year being involved with just to give up due to nowhere to live

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone here on ATS. To the three amigos, the super mods, the mods, editors, archivists, writers,fighters and scholars and us, the general members, may you all have good fortune and happy healthy lives. This isn't goodbye, it's just the end of a chapter and the start of a new one for me and many of us.

If war breaks out, good luck everyone. Do what you know to be right. You can't go wrong then

So, until the end of July/start of August, I'll continue to add to ATS what I can and hope that what I add will make a difference to someone, someday.

Now, where's that lottery ticket..??

posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 12:16 PM
Like I keep posting..

Please do keep in touch, as much as possible.
Members become family, and we worry when we don't hear from them for some time.
Use courage and have a great life journey...not destination..journey.

" I read somewhere how important it is in life not necessarily to be strong, but to feel strong. To measure yourself at least once. To find yourself at least once in the most ancient of human conditions."

posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 12:09 PM
Thank you very much for your kind words AD.

Without doubt, I'll do all that I can to keep up with things here.

posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 12:33 PM
reply to post by Extralien

Hi Alien

"Congrats" on your 1000th post!

It's a pleasure having you here!

Best wishes on your journey!
I am sure everything will fall into place for you!

You have'nt decided where you are headed yet?

Stay safe, take care and we will still be here when you settle in somewhere!

Keep in touch!

I'll see you in chat later...mkay?


[edit on 7/12/2008 by Givenmay]

posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 01:12 PM
reply to post by Extralien

Congratulations on your 1000th and thank you for you valuable contribute to both ATS and BTS.
I wish you all the best, and i'm sure that all will be OK.
And please, find some way to keep in touch!!!

posted on Jul, 18 2008 @ 08:13 AM
Thank you very much Givenmay and Internos for your words.

Picked up my flight ticket today. All sorted.

Leaving here on the 31st, arrive my destination the next day.

Then I'll be on a wing and a prayer and will just have to wait and see what life has in store for me next.

All good fun.

As much as I'd prefer to stay where I am, for various reasons, I cannot and lifes adventure doesn't really end.. never seems to for me anyway.. always something different going on.

I have a few ideas as to what to do if things go worng, in any shape or form, so at least i do have a plan of action.

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