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A Poem/Song About How Many of Us Are All Made Crazy by the Powers That Be...

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posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 12:30 AM
Here's a poem that I have just edited to be more up to date, that was inspired by something I think many of us can relate to.


A Prescription for The Insanity Around Me

Insanity is all around me..
It seems like nobody wants to see..
What is going on!?

It seems like nobody wants to see..
What is happening to our world!?

The only thing that is crazy is the apathy of the people who refuse to see..
This had me feeling sad, but not any longer, for we will grow stronger
to enable the turning of the tables with the powers that be, because:

The disregard for our human condition,
Has put us in this situation..
- There is no more time for procrastination,
& so I'm on a mission..
to fight for our rights!
Day and night!
even if it makes me go crazy,
but I doubt that's a possibility, with all the info & #
that has already hit me..
If I were mentally weak,
I would be crazier than a Cow by now!

- This is no way for a society to be!
It's so sad, but we can all go mad temporarily, as
things become more & more #ty, so..

This is the psychiatry of the insanity around me..

Too much pressure from all around...
- Feeling delirious I fell to the ground, making a loud sound..
All the chemicals going around rudely in our food is a reason for us to get serious,
& I want to show you how this all connects together for all of us...
Tears fell from my eyes, thinking of all the years that have gone by...
Where people have not opened their eyes...

- There is a large lack of people trying to make a change,
amonstst the insane products of the entertainment industries,
and more, that I see the instant I walk out my door..

It makes me want to cry sometimes!
Get away from all the innduced fear
and the shearing of the sphere
of potential for us to make a difference here!

I was denied the ability to see my lover
In the mental institution she was in on Christmas,
Because she missed a few doses of the drugs they had her addicted to.
Assumptions and negligence cause corruption...
No therapy for her personal issue, no real solutions...
And who I miss no longer exists, because they just gave her drugs.
The corporate-state complex thugs!
Her real, previous personality can no longer be seen.

Handing out worse pills than street drugs, instead of finding solutions..
I cannot stand this destruction anymore!
I'm overwhelmed, my whole body is sore!

The doctors can't help us, if they don't care..
They just make things worse,
And leave us full of despair..
A commission is what they're on, & now a mission is what I'M on!
They have screwed up my (now) ex girlfriend's life,
and have now caused a strife..

You cannot find a treatment for the human mind
that you can purchase from a corporation dealing artificial solutions..
We are neglected by the system; forced to consume all of it's pollution.

You cannot purchase sanity; you bastards that live in riches & vanity,
then leave us in the ditches to rot with our artificially induced insanity that is being inflicted upon me, but we will stand strong, hopefully, long enough for everyone to stop being so crazily mentally lazy & irrational to not even look up the alternative info..

The Elite have attempted to defeat us by dividing us, and yet I confide in you to help bring out the truth for us... I trust that we can work together to turn this around.

Why are you so cold, oh big old capitalistic world?
I demand freedom, respect, compensation & when we come together it will be like group therapy, from the insanity you have inflicted upon everyone; you, me, & everybody!

when we strike at the heart of the New World Order, & Take part in a wonderful endeavor, whether you're white black, woman or child..


Different names, but it's the same game;
Illuminati, Freemasonry, Scull & Bones or Bilderburg;
They are all secret societies to me Secrets that should not be...


[edit on 11-7-2008 by Time=Now]

posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 12:35 AM
There's no other place like home; Planet Earth...
and we must roam around the info-sphere in the grounded,
yet seemingly far out... Don't be afraid to stand up!
- to shout out what you know to be true!

Our eyes may be open, but we're not yet awake, so it's time to take action!
The reward is the satisfaction of doing what is right!
- To speak out about the truth,
without fear of what others will think about you initially, for a blind act of denial will be seen as being what it clearly is; basically borderline-stupidity by the majority who simply refuse to see, & that is what is crazy!

... To be continued ...

_________________________ End of Poem/Lyrics or whatever _____________________

RANT & a half: - Everywhere I look, I see some people 'waking up'; not only in what is going on in our World, but with their behaviour, world views, & ways of thinking. But what reassures me that I myself am not insane, or naive is that I am a conspiracy realist; Not a theorist. - There are things that have been proven, especially when you connect the dots! Upon a rational inspection of the state of my mental health, one can see that it is actually on the contrary;
It is crazy to not look at the 'truck' heading our/your way, in order to get out of the way!

And that's all I've got to say, for now.

Oh, ... Have a nice day!

posted on Nov, 24 2008 @ 06:17 PM
It's more of an operetta than a song, but very nice!!!

posted on Mar, 25 2009 @ 05:38 PM
reply to post by fragmatic

Thanks man, I'm working on a song that will prove & reveal all the conspiracy realities.
Check out the forum in the link in my signature

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