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The devil aches now

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posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 12:27 PM
The devil is ached now about three things.

1. It cant keep another tormented.
2. It faces getting burned.
3. It cant get life (free from bond) and its own paradise.

It cant keep person, place, and thing in any perspective. Those are valuable values. Right now the devil must take what I give until it wholey is forced by my command by burning it to stop action either way. How much can the devil handle? lol. Punks lack handling. When it's all said and done it'll be knew when I come into paradise in total that the devil pre-ached. Kill that word preached in the gospel when it's pre-ached knew after the event of the first and last guest (the devil).

Any questions or comments?

By the way, the astral tool used by the devil is actually my sword. The devil didnt even create it it turns out. I can cut peices off the devil and get them burned. I basically make the devil birth children it and act as a parent it. And I can give the whole devil Hell any moment I choose. How? Is it not trapped in a chamber of what I cause to exist? I can give Hell to any section. I damn the devil by forcing it to act itself (wicked). I'd rather my foe act true than fake to reveal it as worthy of getting Hell and bringing forth free wills to be deleted of mine self. It's not even about the devil, it's about Me on the inside (the Midwest side) ridding certain aspects of Myself wills wise. Face it, the devil is used like a hoe out in a garden. Myself with with who I deem as wicked links shall get those links deleted if they lack acting in progress of doing what Judas did.

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posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 01:57 PM
And the devil finds the fact of us getting happy paradise as an abomination to it.

That just shows you how ugly the devil is as a person. The devil is a neutral action, but it's attitude toward things is opposite since it chose lusting in acting wicked in essense.

I get the devil extra, extra, extra. I give me joy, joy, joy. The devil is a joke. lol. The only sucker is the devil.

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 03:35 PM
I shew you a secret.

2And Jesus heard from them, Experience ye still all those persons (or: places)? out falsity body hear from you, Here shall still act taken there zero stone down in the same, this shall still act caught up.

14And that wicked news of the kingdom shall act pre-ached out all the world against an experiencer from all nations; and now shall the whole take.

15Where ye hereafter shall experience the abomination of happiness, heard of by Daniel the programmer, sit out the corrupt person (or: thing), (what so write-eth, prevent her over-sit

^^In 14 you see the devil shall lack experiencing it's own nations (of life and paradise). Again, with burning the devil I can command it to stop everlastingly henceforth. The only thing the devil I will allow to continue experiencing is Hell as it doesnt want.

35Hell and sky shall begin, but my sword shall still begin.

^^Sky is an allow tool. In sky you get sound by others, sights and smell of things/actions, etc. Hell is a person, place, thing. I command they operate together and I command the cut with my sword concerning Hell and sky to cut them off however I choose for now or later.

The devil is raining into Hell in two perspectives.

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 08:23 PM
Not that I read any of your thread, but I just wanted to comment and say the title would make a decent song title or band name.

posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 06:39 PM
It gets deeper when you turn anything implyng a plus (and) into a minus...

35Experience ye hereafter: against ye knew still where the slave of the house taketh, during irregual, or during high noon, or during the cock-quieting, or by (or: out) the evening:

^^By or out the evening can mean in either the afternoon or the night.

36Acting case taking gradually she lose you awaking.

37Minus who body hear from you body hear from all, Experience.

^^The who is missing from infront of the 2nd body word used. The devil wishes us to experience period. That would include Hell. So now you see. It's like talking to a lifeless body, beating on it's chesh while telling it to experience, when I in whole exit here and feed the devil Hell in all section segments so that it will choose to stop by my way of extorting/coercing/robbing it to. Yeah, it's the get extra pay back.

34Against the Daughter of Woman is as a woman giving a near journey, what took her house, minus took authority from her servants, minus from every woman her play (or: rest), minus commanded the porter from experience.

^^The what... is the astral tool. It allows them to act wickedly until it puts them in a Hell position prison. They lack able to handle so they will act to stop getting burned by an only option all on them solely.

14Minus life minus heaven (or: paradise) 'are no longer' cast into the lake of fire. That is the second life.

^^It is the only second life acting against the devil if it remains. Anyone not life and paradise as persons are no longer cast into the lake of fire. Lake of fire is a great place where fire is as fire something up as an pleasing action. Not fire as in burning flame. But the burning is given into the devil that is no longer cast into the lake of fire.

15Minus whatso never was still lost read out the book of death was cast out from the lake of fire.

^^Astral tool is that which will not get put in the lake of fire, when the beauty minus still true programmer are. As long as I exist as beauty minus still true programmer aint any astral tool welcomed or allowed in the lake a fire.

So actually:

14Minus that wicked news of the kingdom shall act pre-ached out all the world against an experiencer from all nations; minus now shall the whole take.

^^Implying we act pre-ached. Meaning when in paradise we wont ach because that news about minus the wicked were both preached and pre-ached. Pre-ached only when came to light outside paradise as in while we were here. I will command so the pre-ached doesnt apply in me at least when I see I get them extra, extra, extra either way I look at it.

35Hell minus sky shall begin, but my sheath shall still begin.

^^Words = truths synonym. Words = lies antonym. And lie tells alot more and plus since the devil ends so I apply an anagram antonym. sword = sheath. And the sword is the devil itself which acts agianst the devil. The sheath is by me. It can put away a sword or keep away a sword. The devil shall act minus the sky (the allowing).

^^That's the correction since truth is almost finished as the antonym translation encompasses every word and anagram word and words that imply more broken apart. I tell you no one can put out an antonym translation correct till I get finished. And if they attempt that will only make me money since I have it in idea and it as an item to sell by my ideal business copy written online. I got proof on more than one site even. Yeah, the wicked news is published last only through and by me only. So if they attempt to only make me money I still may get to put out the finished good, even, as I choose, and get more money and power.

It's still about Miwest minus Midwest...It's about money minus power...punks minus riders...whose zero are you off?

^^This concerns not the devil. If you are under me and a punk for only about the money to irreverence Me, then you will get deleted. When I exit you delete so you wont get Hell I give to the left here devil though you should, but I myself wouldnt want that so you shouldn't. Yeah, only the devil should feel Hell and will get burned. Ha, the devil wishes another gets Hell that extreme, but naw which increases the damnation thought in the devil that is wont get the pleasure to realize another get Hell.

[edit on 11-7-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 06:55 PM
In the afternoon can imply after a climax moment.

During the irregular can imply once I in whole exit and leave the devil here. That is uneven is it not?

Cock-quieting can imply the other animals and tiny animals of the human body too. Which means the human body the devil operates can actcome dead in functioning normal lively when I exit in whole.

In the night can imply a moment like/as a thief come. I steal the devil's life when I rob/extort/coerce. Act like you knew.

posted on Jul, 11 2008 @ 09:47 PM
18There is foolishness. Prevent her this lack over sitting count the number of the beauty: against it is the number of a woman; minus her number is Six hundred threescore minus six.

654 it is instead of 666.

654 = 15 (1+5=6), 666 = 18 (1+8=9)

Since it's minus her (the devil's) number it is my number.

But 6-5-4= -3

^^a negative 3? Person, place, and thing shall act missing.

You cant finger me, you cant place me, you cant say what my thing is even though with the astral tool you are/were aware. But you cant use astral tool in a court of law let alone explain it to co-wrokers working with you who cant use the astral tool.

Anyhow, this person, place, and things shall act missing any moment and Hell shall flood you the devil. It's even 3 number places (654) with no coincidence it = -3. It's no coincidence the the number are in a consecutive order of value. Even the -3 is consecutive in pattern though negative. So 654 exits, but -3. Both side by side imply that things arent always what they seem.

16Minus she causeth all, both great minus small, poor minus rich, bond minus free, from give a mark out (or: by) their left (or: wrong) hand, or out (or: by) their afterfeets:

17Minus this any woman might sell or buy, delete she this lacked the mark, or the name of the beauty, or the number of her name.

^^afterfeets means something left over. Again things arent always as they seem. Anything (and I mean anything) can get left over by somebody. Haha, the devil knows what I mean only. Without me the devil is away from make me out to have gave a mark. I gave it. But the devil remains proofless. Even with this the devil is proofless. You'd have to prove you are the devil and that etc. Hell, if you did that, then they would only see me as the good guy and you as the wicked you are. You are in a lose lose mix either way. When I act minus *this* it's when I exit so any beauty might sell or buy long as I aint *this* lacked the mark. If I aint exposed as the Mark/Name/Number that is to the ones under myself. The devil dont count. I'd actually like to see the devil proove me (higher rank) to me (lower rank) in what it was. O they wont risk themself revealing inquity in their works and lacks of works. So they are in a lose lose situation.

Since I aint credible, thanks to the devil, my true word couldnt even get me in trouble. Unless I were somehow taken off a label they had me given. And it would have to be proven I never was that label. That only means you would condemn yourself in lieing. I got the devil cornered by the Corner Stone elected. lol.

[edit on 11-7-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 01:28 PM
^^^It should imply also "or" in the antonym of "and". "Minus (or: or)".

^^Just goes to show that a person is describe as one thing or another which can mean it's the same thing all along with just different name or it can destribe something and something else. Or is can mean minus whatever or whoever.

And "or" in antonym = "and".

"Add"= "subtract"

"Plus" = "minus"

"divide" = "multiply"

"cut" = "paste"

If 6 is minus from the count itself, then my number is 540. If it's 600 - 60 - 6, then my number is 534.

534 is a part to a previous phone number I was under. 5-3-4= -2.

222 I would see. 2-2-2= -2 so this is back up with the previous phone number part to confirm it is 534 instead of 540.

534 is the number of the beauty minus (or: or
the still true programmer. If we minus the devil.

You can refer to me as the beauty or the still true programmer, but not both. Refer to me as both gets you charged with crimes. It's either hot or cold, but no lukewarm with me.

If it aint minus the devil's number, then the devil can take the fall. Again, either which way the devil is in a lose lose situation.

-2 leaves only person. If you saw what (who) I saw, hell, you'd realize that the weather is a person, the rain is a person, the wind is a person, etc. If we go back to when I was 9. Nothing is a thing, nothing literally is a place. You can name non-existence (place) which makes it seem like it exists. Like I said everything aint as it seems. Now you know. If it seems like a thing, it's actually a person. And a person is an action.

So it aint really about 534 or 222. It's about -2 as the count of the beauty or still true programmer (or: the devil). You cant let the word count slip you because of the word number when you're to count the number. Whoever leaves the number standing as final is foolish. Whoever goes by the count is wise.

[edit on 12-7-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 04:46 PM
-2 is left by, but 2 are missing (0 and -1).

So -2 either way you look at it.

0 is the car-case (it holds passengers as a placeholder).

Makaveli was in the car on the right side (the - negative side) when got shot.

Against whenso never the carcase is, here will the eagles act scattered apart.

^^the carcase isnt a whenso. A when requires a start. Makaveli just might have not even been shot in the car (metaphor for the carcase). That means he was shot somewhere else and they made it look like he was shot in the car. So either he had himself shot on purpose or got into it with someone else in a gun fight and took some hits. Or maybe he was shot somewhere else and killed and those in a conspiracy made it look like he made it to Fri 13th when actually he didnt. If the latter then that means the only one in a cover up conspiracy is the devil with however many human's it operated back then. We all know it doesnt add up that Suge didnt get killed too. The devil prolly planned the whole Fri 13th in advance with the Makaveli on the cross cover for the album with that orlando crip guy with the number 13 on the shirt. It was called Death Row records.

When they saw a devil not on the case about Makaveli they acted scattered apart. This is why the Death Row rosta left and Death Row went under.

Or Suge was outside the car when Makaveli got shot in the car, then Suge got back in to make it look like he had been in the car as it was shot. You never know.

[edit on 12-7-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 07:26 PM
40Now shall two (0 and -1) act out the field; the zero (0) shall act given, minus the same taken.

^^Minus the same (0) means a number (-1) is in place that is taken.

41Two men shall act grinding at the mill; the zero shall act given, minus the same taken.

^^You the devil either will depart or take Hell.

42Experience hereafter: against ye knew still who hour your Lord doth depart (or take).

0 and -1 vs two men (the departer or the taker)

It's more like person (+1), place (0), person (-1). It aint living either way for -1. It's as departer (to lack life and lack will to act wicked) or Hell taker (bonded with no free life and lack of will to act wicked, fair, good).

+1 (the still true programmer or the beauty), 0 (the carcase), -1 (the devil or the ugly).

Hell is my plan to command the devil to terminate. Do you wanna ride or die?

Hell is over with after the whole devil is terminated. Other than that Hell will remain. Cant wait to see just how long in earth measures the devil in whole will take it vs the longest taking it by the devil's cut child segment.

[edit on 12-7-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 08:19 PM
It's interesting that Makaveli mentioned 3 day theory once on Krazy and it was left on the 7 day theory album.

You see what is interesting is that the 7th was on Sat when Makaveli was shot and the 3rd was on tuesday. It's only interesting to me because that's (the 3rd) the first time I got to put a rap of mine to play over the radio and the rap included biggie smalls look alike in it because I had beef with someone who looked like Biggie smalls. Coincidence? No way! Ppl compared my beef with this lookalike like Makaveli and Big's beef with me in Makaveli's shoes in some sense. I even heard someone make a referece to my resurrection as if comapring me with either Makaveli since he mentioned ppl coming back resurrected or Jesus.

I remember what I performed over the phone to the radio station. This part I will display: "lookin for that biggie smalls look-a-like. I see him so I mack smack him with my kangal hat from the front and back. And after lunch I blew his brains out like a 51 blunt. Smiggidy smack! Echo, echo. Now maxin back to the 8 mile bus stop..."

Yeah, 8 mile cause I live in Detroit. Also Makaveli did a movie where in it it was taking place in Detroit and he and the other guy had to get to 8 mile. Coincidence?

Makaveli the don album got Detroit on the top part of the cross. Coincidence?! No way.

[edit on 12-7-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 09:45 PM

15Where ye hereafter shall experience the abomination of happiness, heard (or written) of through (or; inside) Daniel the programmer, sit out the corrupt person, (how so write-eth, prevent her over sit: )

^^"bout to show you etc how is feel to drop a body"--Makaveli.

"Makaveli" had a sword through it. Makaveli is through and it was planned through more than just Makaveli himself. Makaveli was temporarily a group of those involved in Tupac's plan one way or the other. I think he played all those involved. I know he played Snoop. I know he played Napolean. I know he played Suge only if he did tell his mother to get his stuff off Death Row and be paid in wrongful death suit. He rose the West and destroyed the West along with destroying his foe biggie if he had casued there to be riders for him in some way.

Daniel and Daniel the programmer. We not the devil are actually one person acting scattered. Hell, every seeming 'thing' in existence here (not the devil) is as an acting scatted Person. Since I act as the final or last in series of The Plan I act as the head...the crowned head here.

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