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relationship between human diversity and the animal kingdom/ power animals

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posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 07:41 AM
i think of myself as a person who always tries to get to the bottom of things. as of lately ive been trying to see why there is such a diversity in humanity, why there are people who are more mainstream, loners, etc. in my opinion humanity isnt so much about the obvious, its more about the less obvious.

think about the root of conflict in the animal kingdom. there is the hunter/prey type of relationship between animals, then there are animals of different species who dont get along because they fight for the same territory, food, whatever. there are animals who simply benefit from each other like these small fish eating the plankton (?) from the sharks skin...i hope you get my point. basically
relationships in the animal kingdom are as diverse as human relationship, but in my view the BIG DIFFERENCE is that when you see two animals fight each other you will just say "of course they are supposed to fight each other, theyre enemies!". its not as obvious in humans anymore. when humans fight each other you will first look for rational reasons, but many times all you will get is "i dont know what his/her problem is" or "they simply dont like each other".

dont you find it odd that when you see a hot girl you dont feel any attraction to her? you have the rational reason "she is attractive", yet you could care less about her. well maybe the two of you are/where animals who simply occupy the same space.

back to my opening statement about the mainstream. people who follow the "common opinion" and dont seem to have an opinion of their own are often referred to as being sheep. now in order for something to be mainstream there has to be a high number of people "following this belief". oddly enough the sheep for example are also an animal that is very common, as are dog, cat, pig, etc. many times when you see a person acting a certain way you will have someone say "you cant change this person", indicating his/her behavior is a character flaw. think about the sheep, they move in bunches and greatly depend on their shepherd (if they have one). so if you criticize all the obama sheeplets, maybe they really cant act any other way.

so, if all of this i said would be true, how would this be useful? imagine a society where people knew about their animal heritage, about what animal they are inside. imagine it would be common knowledge. if you are looking for a lawyer, doctor, or whatever, maybe you could avoid a long and agonising search process by simply looking for the right animal.
the number of lawsuits could greatly decline, because people could accept that they simply dont get along, etc, etc.

i think people really are animals in their heart. maybe people where really born as animals and reborn as humans, i dont know. but that is not neccessarily important in my opinion. its important to see the similarities between humans and animals and to learn from them.

i find it very odd that we share our planet with animals, but we dont question why they are here. we just accept it. i know native americans cherish animals a lot more than western society, maybe because they know the relatonship between animals and humans; they have totems which stand for the animals you are connected with.

many things dont make sense to me, for example psychology. there is this belief that you need this ans that to become something in this world. you need attention from the parents and so on. in reality not everyone has the same level of attention from their parents and quite honestly i dont think thats the kicker about being successful. many people didnt have the "textbook love" or textbook upbringing and still live their life. i believe this could again be the case because in the animal kingdom you also have those who stay with the group and those who are loners in a sense; you have those who need the contact to their parents and you have species where the offspring are more self-reliant.

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 07:47 AM
as far as spiritual enlightment goes, i believe knowing the connections between human society and the animal kingdom would be a great step. it would lead to a greater awareness of yourself and those around you.

what do you guys think?

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