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earthquake in 2008

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posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 01:12 AM
is a year of execution. Thing’s will come to pass. It is a year of spiritual
awakening and enlightenment. All known institutions, we depend on, like the social security system and the economy will all start to collapse.
This year will be extreme spiritual warfare in the form of:
-stress -confusion -depression
-suicide -overwhelm -anxiety
-disease -fear
A major Earthquake will happen this month in July 08. The earthquake will be centered in SE Asia. It will be the biggest earthquake the current society has seen in its life time and will have multiple effects on the planet. The Earthquake will start the rubble of the United States and damage China severely. This Earthquake will cause a giant tidal wave that will affect the Eastern Pacific Islands as well. The already weakened economic structure of the world will be hit hard. This will cause a near complete economic collapse that will affect the world. Their will be some hard times ahead. For more details of this earthquake please visit
This prophecy has already been depicted in a book written by A.B. North called “TARGET EARTH-GROUND ZERO: COUNTDOWN TO THE FINAL BATTLE" that is written by A.B. North and it also explains how current events in this modern era and all of the strange anomalies that we're experiencing today that can no longer be explained by traditional science-(like the extreme weather conditions such as the continuous and large number of earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes, the quick erosion of our individual liberties, personal and property rights, the downturn of our economy, the unexplained disappearance of the honey bees, the increased UFO sightings, and aliens)- relate to certain Revelation prophesy. No one can deny that we're living in interesting times on earth. The book lays out a blue print for the new society that is needed in these end times. You can find out more information about this book at
You have received this message from Aurora, The Guardian of Earth and The ARC – Tech U Society Command Team members Thor and Traeko. We are currently building the ARC for the modern era, as a place for the people to turn to that want to start a new way of life and are tired of the world government’s lies and poor attempts to take care of the people on this planet. We are the counter new society of the corporate global plantation. We will address the institutions of the current old system which are preventing people from pursuing - extreme prosperity, happiness, joy and romantic love. We will reveal the condition of the old society resulting from the global projects to change society and set up a one world government. And it will define and expose the anti-civilization, anti-human, counter new society projects, completed and underway, which will destroy privacy, civil, constitutional and property rights for the sole purpose of continuing and expanding the old - labor based system - 40 year plan where you work for 40 years, with one year total vacation over this time, then you retire with little money and live at a lower standard of living, until the day you die. The very systems which keep a person from prospering are in direct contrast to the new Tech-U Society.
We will promote and define why there is a need for a new society, based on the Universal Moral Code called “The Extreme Way.”

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 01:37 AM
Isn't this the same prediction Nexusmagazine, or whatever his name is made last month. Only it was supposed to happen in mid June. Check out that thread.

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 01:46 AM
Sounds like some splinter of Neo-Tech. Are you related to that group? What is your ideaology and practical solutions to the current problems you listed? A lot of people are idealistic and have some vague notion of how things "should" be but I hear very little practical, objective, obtainable (earth-based) solutions for these conditions.
If you're creating some sort of "ark" community then where is it and who owns the land? Are all possessions shared by the community and are the individuals expected to sign over their bank accounts and real estate to the group?
There are no large vats of kool-aid are there?


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