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Something about me, the introduction

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posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 11:09 AM
I am a Philosopher at heart, listening to all sides is difficult, yet I truly believe everyone and everything has there stories and wisdom to share. I am a dj electronic music artist creating Drum and Bass, Techno, Atmosphere and Chill...
Photography is a capture of time and wonderful for expression. I have been researching the Apollo Project for countless years and will be posting some of my findings I love wonder, fascinated by knowledge, thought I claim to know nothing!!!! I absolutely believe the truth is god, the only thing that has THE ABILITY to be ABSOLUTE TRUTH would be the essence of nothing, to create something. During course of my life I have found myself walking the paths of , poverty (humility), war (yes I have been in war) I have been in (love) with wonderful women, and (wealth), I have heard that few actually walk all these paths during course of their own existences. I made a wish one day and got more than I bargained for, be careful of what you actually ask or demand for, it might just come true!!! Like finding out that the people in charge usually have no answers at all!!!
My love for life is overpowering!!! Doing my best at preserving everything I can, destruction is so simple and a the world is infested by this notion of evil ways. I stop to smell the roses and sometimes they say hi! I have been taught that humanity can never own or posses anything, you live and survive by receiving constant gifts, the air you breath, the water you drink, the vehicle the encompasses your soul, is not and never will be yours to OWN!
In regards to my philosophy and an excerpt from some (of my) short stories
"A Philosophy of Emitted Attraction"
The Sun has ability. The Moon has ability. The Earth has this ability also. Everything is ability. From the smallest particle to the largest celestial objects, to clusters of Galaxies, all the forces that are responsible for creation are found everywhere, inside and out. It seems that all matter emits radiant attraction, gravity. Covering all planes and all dimensions
this weak yet never-ending force spans great distances small and large.
I am a process within this saturation by the "weak force", my feet planted upon Mother Earth. Standing here the force of gravity holds the atoms and molecules that create my physical existence together. Yet also holds me firmly, yet gently upon the surface of the planet. Having a certain mass, I too radiate an emitted attraction that spans forever. This possibility of this creation, the gravity that ripples across the Omniverse, comes from the 'nothingness' of the limitless; Eyn-Sof in Hebrew. Gravity is all knowing, understandingly essential to the simplicity, the gateway.
The gateway is my key, unlocking the reason for events that have formed my life and shaped my future karma (destiny). The superior forces that has applied these changes to my existence is relevant to who I am. I can see this truth now, the understanding before and the knowledge of what and will be. The 'collection' of thoughts here is interwoven with theories that have perplexed continuously since anything imaginable: Creation, Galaxies, Solars Systems, maybe even Hydrogen.
The process 'of being able' (the ability) lyes embedded within everything. Everything as a metaphor would include mater and matter as relationships of like(s), but different substances together in a profound journey about, with the actions upon them, the impelling desires, the compelling nature of such desires. The revolutionary factor, is this coincidence or synchronicity? Can one grasp the concept of this theory of 'the ability' in all things? Relations are powers 'of being able' to relate to one another, transliteration. There is always something to be said amazing the amount of material to simplify everything. I am something that comes from "nothing". -t.a. 2004 "The Ominiverse Whispers understanding to 'you'if you listen!" -t

posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 11:25 AM
Welcome to ATS, by the sounds of your word meanings of down to earth soul reachings I think you will fit in just fine.

I fresh voice is always needed to balance out the muted.

Again, hello and welcome.


posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 11:39 AM
Welcome to ATS Loquacious One. I'm glad to see another voice of verbosity in a sea succinctness.
( I have been told I often use 40 words when 5 would do just fine.)

Glad you chose to join us.

Here's a link to some Threads To Help You Start.

And naturally, of great importance is the T&C

See you on the boards.

posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 11:45 AM
Welcome to ATS.


posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 11:47 AM
A warm and hearty to welcome to ATS. Since you have mentioned a fondness for philosophy, you may want to check out the Philosopher's Cafe forum.

I look forward to seeing you around the boards!

posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 11:56 AM
reply to post by theability

Hi there, I am new to this site as well, and your post is the first I read. This website seems to be pretty relaxed and I can get my opinions out there, and I appreciate yours and everyone elses. I hope you post more mind boggling info

posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 03:00 PM
Hi theability and welcome to ATS. It sounds like ATS is the perfect fit for you. For a little lighter side, stop by BTS sometime, we like to laugh and they have better smileys.



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