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The Soul's Journey...and some other info

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posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 08:51 AM
The theory(s) you are about to read is true in so far as I know it to be. It is based on numerous recent, very unusual experiences and a lot of reading across various disciplines.

· We are higher dimensional beings. Our souls originate and return to the source of all energy.

· This 3-D universe is tailored and crafted as a teaching tool—the end goal is something akin to what we understand to be enlightenment, but that is only a first step. It can take many lifetimes to reach it, or relatively few, and once you reach it your earthy incarnations come to an end and the real work begins.

· The addition of the dimension of time to this reality is directly tied to these bodies, and the limited 5 senses that they have (in other words, time is a function of these bodies, and does not exist independently). Time teaches us the power of intent by slowing everything down. Time is known throughout the universe as a brutally effective teaching tool.

· We are meant to integrate respectfully and fluidly with these bodies, all while finding a path towards enlightenment—for lack of a better word. Imagine tight rope walking while juggling a dozen balls. Souls who master this on earth are fortified and strengthened in unimaginable ways.

· In the universe—when you are away from the source—you can have as much power (freedom) as you have compassion, humility and judgment.

· The purpose of the separation from the source is to allow us to independently develop the love resonance within ourselves. Imagine a taking a tuning fork out of an environment where a powerful and beautiful tune pervaded everything, and putting it in a dense place where it was cut off from the sound, and then asking that tuning fork to learn how to reproduce that beautiful sound in itself in this new sometimes ugly place. Most of the “tuning forks” do not realize that all they have to do is find their volume dial and turn it up!

· We all chose to come here. It is not possible to truly understand +1 without first experiencing –1, or light without experiencing darkness. Those who come to this school are considered daring souls, although not all souls choose difficult lives (it is entirely within the control of the souls and their guides). Some souls choose incompatible bodies, or do not bring enough of their soul energy into this world—the effect can be disastrous, or miraculous.

· “Alien” beings exist. The total universe is in fact swarming with life. We are currently being watched, observed from an unimaginable multitude of perspectives. There is nothing to fear. They also have souls, and while their physical bodies may seem more advanced their souls may actually in some ways be at an earlier stage to development, or have chosen a different path.

· Our lives are planned, and those who are closest to us are often in our soul group, or affiliated soul groups. We are meant to simultaneously learn from and teach all people we come into contact with.

· We are from one location, but many of us will go on to explore other, far stranger worlds. Drugs like '___' and Salvia, etc, are short cut pathways to these places from this 3-D world, but most of our souls are considered to be too immature or not ready for that kind of exploration.

· We are at a crossroads on this planet. 2012 does seem to be a significant date, but what we will see is not so much a change in reality as a change in direction. The earth—which, like us, is a higher dimensional consciousness even if we can only experience it most of the time through our 3-D bound 5 senses—seems to be ready to become a home world for more advanced souls (and many of those are currently incarnated here). Those who are not ready to go with it will be relocated to other worlds, where they will continue to be encouraged to learn and grow. There will be no punishment for failing to move on. There will be no tribulation.

· The ego is meant to be overcome: we emerge from the source as individual fragments of its energy, with imbalances and are meant to reconstruct, remold our energy into complete and unified fragments of this source. Our journey as souls, then, is from individuality to total immersion and collectivity as we return to it. Overcoming the ego and selfish desires allows us to travel in that direction.

· The earth is currently being hit with higher energies. All this talk of ascension is related to this. Many of us can feel it. It feels to me as if the emergency switch has been thrown and, those of us who can be are being woken up. Waking up, however, is actually more like going to sleep, in that we are being given the ability to think at higher dimensions. Many have experienced this in the past, but a great number of as are experiencing it now.

· It seems that certain alien races may be helping our bodies become more attuned to this energy. As such they are helpers, fulfilling a valuable function at a challenging time. Incarnations into these alien bodies seems to have to do with teaching them how to compassionately oversee a planet and people’s spiritual evolution. They are working with us, not against us.

· We have reached the end of 3-D science. Further scientific progress will occur at higher dimensions. This tells us that we too may have reached the limit of our experiences in 3-D. Physics is circling back around to mysticism.

More to come…

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posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 09:02 AM
This is how life works - I have just posted a thread on the conspiracy forum which ties in nicely Meditation Insight Experience Not all E.T.S are BAD

posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 09:24 AM
reply to post by franspeakfree

Hi...I can;t really speak to the whole reptillian thing...but I wouldn't worry too much about it. Infinite forms of life.

posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 12:51 PM
its all connected though

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posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 01:12 PM
Like many of you, I believe that the “infinite” awaits us beyond these three dimensions. A lot of information is coming in now about what that other realm is, and it seems to be an infinite, multi-dimensional meta-space in which the mind (or our intentions) is given relative free reign. People who regularly have out of body experiences, for example, report that once you enter the “astral plain,” your mind and intent become your only navigational tools. Your fears—if they consume you—can manifest themselves as entities and dark landscapes, just as your positive thoughts can lead to places of great beauty. It is true that they also say that there are elements of this extended reality that are not as thought-responsive (more like consensual realities), but clearly this is an incredibly subtle realm, which, because it is released from the lower resonances of the physical, conforms to our minds with relative ease.

I believe these realms are real, and they are waiting for us.

If this extended multi-verse is where we are all headed, then why are we here, in a constricting 3-D realm of literal hard knocks? For me part of the answer is that this is a kind of training ground. While here, we are meant to learn the basic universe-lessons that will allow us to act responsibly and with constructive intent in the universe. I believe we are here to learn the important existence-sustaining function of “love” as a multi-frequency energy of infinite positive power and variety. We are here to learn about the natural and positive (i.e.: constructive) patterns through which the universe manifests itself. We are to learn that everything is interconnected and interdependent. That said, I think there is no better place to learn about all of this than in nature. One walk through a glade on a summer day is, if you are paying attention to the experience, like a graduate course in the underlying life-generating machinery of the universe.

For now I'll talk about just one aspect of this idea of nature as a multi-verse school: I think the natural forms and organizational patterns that nature assumes for our five senses are some of the same thought forms and thought patterns that we can use to navigate the universe constructively when the time comes (think of them as the templates required to take your first safe steps as a citizen of a higher-dimensional relality). I think these patterns repeat themselves at higher and higher levels of organization out there, but the shapes of the thought constructs graphically demonstrated by nature remain the same and fundamental. In the multi-verse, we will simultaneously be the creators and the subjects of the realities that surround us, and all of the subtle, systemic patterns in nature that we learned on this planet will form the contents of the tool bag that our minds will dip into to direct our intent. These key universal patterns are everywhere in nature in a basic form that our minds can understand. I'll take a tree as one example: the branching-spreading shape of a tree is a 3-D representation of constructive and searching thought (and certainly much, much more). But this is just one graphic representation of a universal pattern that a tree provides us with. If you move closer and stop a foot away from the tree, its bark asserts itself as yet another 3-D representation of a universal intent tool encased in, and fluidly interacting with, the larger form of the tree. For me, bark provides subtle thought tools related to the accumulation of energy for protection and as a result of growth, which in turn leads us to thoughts of the elements and the lifeforms that it guards itself against. So there it is in front of us, two universal, interacting mutually beneficial patterns that the mind is meant to grasp and fluidly integrate (the shape of the tree at level of perception A, and the shape of the tree at level of perception B). You can go still further, and take a sample of the bark and put it under a microscope. Then you’ll encounter still more key universal patterns of arrangement, and you will have something like a conceptual, multi-level mosaic of three (or more) key universal patterns that work together. Of course, you can also go in the other direction--macro. You can think about the trees place in the forest, and so on and so on... A tree, in all of its manifestations, is like a little looking glass into infinity. Now I'm wondering if those levels of perception are in some way analogous to the dimensional levels I hear about....questions and more questions, but all of it important.

When we are freed from the body, we will begin to realize that our interaction with this planet had honed our ability to move through the universe, and has given us crucial conceptual tools that we will use for the rest of eternity. I don’t know about you, but I am already overflowing with gratitude.

posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 01:26 PM
A star to this post as I found it very well written and interesting.

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