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A Different Twist on the Ancient Astronaut Theory

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posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 12:06 AM
The common ancient astronaut theory is, "they who came from the heavens to the earth", ie the anunnaki, with the biblical accounts of nephilim being they and their offspring.

The Biblical version that alot of us follow states they were angels, then became fallen angels,or fallen from the sight of the Lord; did evil in his way. Then taught man war and science and all that.

Well, heres a concept for you.

What if these so called anunnaki, so called angels/fallen angels, werent some benevolent race of higher dimensional beings like literal angels as we think of them, nor nasty looking reptilian overlords, but a race of .. almost super-human, what some would call "nordic alien", very humanish, humanoid type of race, who believed heavily in YHWH as the Lord Creator God, and imparted this knowledge onto the ancient civilizations. In other words, whether they had longevity, or special abilities, they were just advanced humanoids with eyes, noses, ears, and fingers. So similar to us that we might mistake them for a tall, beautiful version of us.

Then, the whole angel/fallen angel myth/story could've came into being by the writers of the Old Testament and Apocryphal works who added fantasy elements and romanticized everything, also adding symbolism and using single characters to represent entire groups of people. This race of super-humans who came to Earth who brought the religion of One God, YHWH, could've fallen from his grace whence arriving here by being lured into sin by realizing the power they had over the native humans. Any one of these super-men could have any human brides they wish, or marshal any force of human men they wished, creating groups to build entire cities and monuments and towers to them; and this is how the ancient kings got the people to build so massively, with such primitive equipment.

The temptation of the flesh of the Earth, being Gods unto themselves, creating deities out of themselves (we see this in Greek Mythos, Egyptian Mythos, Sumerian Mythos, and more), which later became the "evil idol gods" taught against by the Hebrews, was too much for these men, and these fell out of favor with God by doing these things, by setting up kingdoms of their own instead of YHWH's kingdom on Earth, as they had likely intended or had been sent to do in their journey.

Subsequently, most were killed in the ensuing flood, which there are thousands of theories on the reason for it occurring. I will not get into this. But the Old Testament and Apocryphal accounts, such as Book of Jasher, provide clear evidence that some of these beings existed back then, and half-breed progeny of theirs still existed, and there were even tribes of these still in existence in Canaan when the Hebrew first left Egypt via the Exodus. It is in the texts clear as day.

posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 12:08 AM
reply to post by runetang

ok first off, there were 2 rebellions, first satan with 1/3 of all angels fell with him

2nd rebellion was the so called anunaki who left heaven to mate with women (if you will) which they left their estate in heaven and sinning against god not being able to return

this debate has happened on here before, do a search

posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 10:14 AM
no crap, ive been in those debates and discussons.

this is a different twist .

this is like us humans in the future, a few hundred years from now, finding ourselves on a new planet through space travel, and having a one world religion at the time, and having the intent of spreading the religion to the new world.

at that point, we could fall into all sorts of temptation and create all kinds of problems .. which for the peoples of that planet, would be written down as their religious texts, depending on the outcome of the struggles.

i think you missed my whole point. that they were no angels .. mere flesh.

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 08:45 PM
Are there any ancient texts that refer to the origin of the fallen ones? All I have is the King James Bible and I have read Zecharia Sitchins books on the fallen ones.

I have wondered if it wasn't Adam and his descendants who fell because I have read the first and second book of Adam and Eve, although it has been a while. In reading them it discusses the sons of Adam went to the bottom of a mountain and observed Cain's line dancing, drinking and vastly different in their dress. Once they went off the mountain, they could never return again. Perhaps this was another dimension?

I understand in other texts that at one time Adam and Eve had a covering before they sinned (scales? or light?). Some Hebrew book, (the Talmud?) mentioned it. I am ignorant of the Talmud since I have never read or seen one.

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