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An honorary tribute to a legend.

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posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 05:40 PM
Thank God for Alien Slayers.

Dan Tanna/Warrior

As we all know beyond a shadow of a doubt, Dan Tanna is a hero. In my

30 years upon this fascinating, everchanging and enigmatic earth, I have

heard many amazing tales about abductions, possessions, time travel and

even witnessed a fight between two macaronis. In all of this earthly chaos

however, stands one man and his plight to defend his wife and their young

child. Let us take a more in-depth look at some of the adrenaline

pumping, heart pounding, blockbuster comments that truly brought this

non-fiction tale to life!

Lets begin with this one....

1) ("Then a shadow flitted across the corner of the room, so i decided to lay still, as if it was a person in the room they were going to get the good news.")

yes, yes indeed, the "good news" makes its first appearance.

2) ("It seemed to watch the wife / baby for a while, and then reached out like it was going to touch one of them.")

Yes, yes indeed. "Good news" is introduced to the scaley, wife caressing, carpet burn dispensing fish man. (Insert music from the movie "Predator".)

3) ("We rolled off the bed onto the floor and I really went totally mad on it to be honest. A rage, red rage sweeped through me at the thought that this 'thing' was trying to steal my baby /wife..")

I've had rages, but I have only witnessed red ones in the movies. Thats when a rage turns into something that will send our men back in body bags.

4) ("On the floor it tried to grab my arm, so I screamed at the wife for the good news.")

Jesus loves you?

5) ("She threw it at me, so i started with my left hand to smash against its skull and right side of the face.")


6) ("here the being knew it was dead. i was I admit in a murderous rage by this point, and it knew it.")

Oh hell yeah!

7) ("But, if your reading this Mr Fish being, come back to my house ever again and Im going to make sure that my axe is buried deep in your skull and your dead body won't 'vanish' because ill parade your sorry arse on world wide TV. Oh and Mr Fish ? if you got the mustard to come back, please give me back the good news. I'll fight you for it.")

Two words: Bad Ass!

8) ("If i give you my ' good news' your meeting Jesus real quick.... alot sooner than you anticipated.. This little bastard has it embedded in its back.")


To save some time, lets end this particular piece and move on to more of the dramatic side to it. Dan is not only a cold warrior who has spec points in red rage, but also a loving father and husband. Not like the normal kind that just sits there while a 6 foot tuna takes the family away and leaves rug burns on his back.

To be continued..........

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posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 06:06 PM
1) ("Oh this is NOT a laughing matter.

I cannot sleep, i cannot lay down on a bed in the dark, i am getting serious 'close my eyes and its there' type of flash backs.. My room was cleaned whilst i was alseep..")

'___' actually has been known to cause a bit of paranoid insomnia.

2) ("No it vanished as in a fury I threw the axe at the floor where it had been. It vanished because it shocked me and had time to do so...

That alone makes me well angry.

Thinking about it, all i feel inside is a deep, almost primevil raging hatred.")

I'm glad you're on our side soldier.

3) ("It went to touch either my sleeping wife or sleeping child. That is a death sentence even for a human at night, in my home uninvited. a fish being ? you got to be joking.")

I love you.

4) ("Agreed: This creature used some thingto try lull the wife back to sleep. Unlucky for it, i was A) awake fully and B) armed and ready to tangle.")

Oh hell yeah!

5) (" Oh i am so sorry it doesn't fit to your criteria... maybe, just maybe the fact it had a knife inits eye and a super mad father stabbing seven shades of hell out of it ruined it night time plans perhaps ?")

Super mad fathers PWN!

6) ("You know I think we did get justice actually. I got so, deeply animal mad it overwhelmed every other sesne I had. i just wanted to tear this thing apart limb from limb.")

Nothing is more fierce then the love of a father for his family, not even a fish's love for his food/sex drive.

7) ("I am not a friendly person at all when riled. When defending my wife or daughter I will kill you - Thats not as in 'i will beat you up badly' I mean what i say, you try harm mine, ill send you to your maker for judgement.")

I see that, but what about for a Klondike bar?

8) ("Wow... when your family is being stared at in the dark, in their room, fast asleep, you'll A) do what i did, or B) enjoy an unpleasent life wishing you had done some thing to protect your loved ones.")


9) ("As for how I reacted. It was like some one turned off every thing in me bar this deep, burning pulsing animal rage. Every molecule of me wanted this thing dead, and it turned me stone cold inside bar an extreme primevil hatred. then as it got into range I just exploded at it.")


10) ("It raised, and still raises great anger and hatred inside me - almost like.. you know like i knew it was up to no good..

and no, i don't think I over reacted at all.")

To be continued until the ban stick arrives.

posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 06:41 PM
1) ("I don't think i have seen the last of this creature, but I am not going to provide a welcoming commitee if it does decide to return. well, it will get met, just not a friendly greeting thats all.

As for my family, they are my 100% main concern now.")

Aye, we may need a sequel.

2) ("When it stood up I saw it full on as it bent down, it was so damn ugly it just made me very very angry indeed.

as for mind games / I guess my mind just stopped all thoughts bar sheer naked aggression. Maybe thats what helped me ?")

That and the bag of shrooms.

3) ("Oh i don't think it will be easy as last time, but alot more brutal as next time (if there is a next time) I am not going to be so nice.

next time i'll blind it in both eyes and then work at its neck like a mad mujahadeen with a captive westerner.")

Mmm, yes you do indeed sound like a rational individual overcoming the
trauma of a most unusual and enlightening event.

4) ("We are moving as soon as we can.

I do worry alot about how safe Sophie is at home if I am out, it would kill me too deep for words should any thing bad happen to them.

But, I can only do what i can do and no more.")

You sir, can do ANYTHING. No fish man will ever eat little Sophie, not with a dad like you.

With this, I shall refrain from delving any further into the amazing experience of Dan Tanna. His thread stands alone, and his supporters remain faithful by his noble side, much like the highly intelligent followers of the second greatest man of all time. The one and only.....

posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 06:43 PM
It's one thing to not think someones story is legit...

It is another to devote a thread entirely to being a jackass.

posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 06:43 PM

Dan is not only a cold warrior who has spec points in red rage, but also a loving father and husband. Not like the normal kind that just sits there while a 6 foot tuna takes the family away and leaves rug burns on his back.

Those 6 foot tuna are hell on wheels.........and once they get going there is no reasoning with them at all

-2 for sustained rug burn damage

posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 02:53 AM
I don't know why you're getting all the stars and flags. This thread does nothing to help the situation. Mocking him in his own thread is one thing (not right but understandable). Starting a whole new thread for the sole purpose of mocking a member is quite another.

I'm willing to bet this gets closed pretty quick.

For the record. Dan may believe everything happened like he described. He may have had a parasomniac episode. Those are not laughing matters as people have committed murder while sleepwalking.

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