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New World Order energy needs and independence of Kosovo

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posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 01:51 AM
From the very start of my work in Kosovo I was overwhelmed with doubts about the sincerity of the US noble intentions to help poor and unlucky Kosovo Albanians by granting them independence. The words of my friend from Quebec came to my mind. Drawing an analogy with situation in Canada, he described his vision of "selfless" US inducements in quite harsh words.

One day I came to one of numerous restaurants usually frequented by international organizations personnel and met a familiar American who invited me to his table. Over a beer he began to confide to me his perception of the Kosovo problem, always focusing on the idea that for the United States it would have been very difficult to live in XXI century without independent Kosovo. Answering my confused question he produced from his pocket a brand new iPod and with a condescending smile said the following: "Do you know how much energy does it take to develop and build such a gadget? And how much energy it takes to use it? The USA is an industrial country and it badly needs dependable energy resources to manufacture and widely apply, for instance, gadgets like this. That's why we are here - to fight for safe routes of oil and gas transportation where Kosovo is one of the main battlefields".

This conversation made me reexamine the situation. At any time policy is but continuation of economy. Problem of the independence of Kosovo apparently proves this theory too.

The United States is actually the world greatest energy consumer. This country alone consumes more then two thirds of global energy resources.

But what Kosovo got to do with it? The answer is clear: the US has long ago set itself as an object to pump the Caspian oil through Kosovo to Adriatic sea. Yugoslavia was the only obstacle. Therefore it was cut to several separate, more pliable states. Within this plan realization by 2001 the construction of the AMBO Transbalkanian pipeline has begun. The tube will cross Kosovo (AMBO is acronym for the US-registered consortium Albanian Macedonian Bulgarian Oil Corporation). This pipeline is expected to become key element of the Caspian oil transportation route. It goes from the port of Burgas in Bulgaria (the Black sea) to the Mediterranean port of Vlore, Albania, from where the oil will be shipped to the US Eastern Coast refineries. The project is to be launched in 2011. Backing Kosovo's independence, lobbying Albania entering NATO, as well as other American initiatives in the Balkans clearly blend with the concept of this Transbalkanian pipeline, because half of its length passes through Albanian lands.

AMBO Corporation invested into the pipeline $1,2 billion and enlisted the support of oil giants Texaco, Chevron, Mobil, BP, Agip and others giving the whole AMBO project manifest transnational profile. It explains well why Kosovo's independence became so widely popular international issue.

The independence of the province in not less important for blocking Thessalonike-Skopje-Belgrade pipeline passing through Eastern Kosovo. Serbia was using it for supplies in oil products during NATO bombardment of Yugoslavia in 1999.

To insure the protectorate security, the US Administration has used Halliburton company (Vice-President Dick Cheney has a seat in its Board) to build in Kosovo America's largest overseas military base since Vietnam, Camp Bondsteel. It became central for all the other US military bases in both Kosovo and Macedonia.

So Zbigniew Brzezinski's idea to create a US-controlled Transbalkanian pipeline came true. He voiced this idea in mid-1990s being a member of the Amoco Board of directors.

New World Order governed by the US administration and great transnational corporations became one more step closer. By the time, the Brussels "sages" meeting for a regular summit, are discussing how to make the Transatlantic cooperation closer and closer. But they are ignorant that under noble democratic slogans the White House pursues in Europe its own policy having very few in common with our interests.

posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 01:57 AM
You really want to talk about this Kosovo thing huh? Two threads in six minutes. Thats got to be some kind of record!

posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 03:25 AM

Originally posted by ListenD
You really want to talk about this Kosovo thing huh? Two threads in six minutes. Thats got to be some kind of record!

And so what? He does raise some interesting points along his story, so i think you just have to be Serb or Croat who are taking your frustation out on a wrong man.

Best regards.


posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 07:56 AM
reply to post by ListenD

And your point is???

Both posts are very different, and very informative in their own rights. Better than a lot of the trash that gets flung about here.

It's amazing how pretty much all of the involvement the US has in other country's business relates to oil.

Here's some intersting information on Camp Bondsteel and the oil pipeline.

Thanks for some nice information Greggor!

posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 09:50 AM
This is interesting theory! star for you.

i always wondered what interest USA have when they helped Kosovo in their independence.

Kosovo is poor, small and rural country so no money there.

USA must have big reasons for Kosovo deal. oil route is one!
maybe Kosovo is rich in some element we don't know about.

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