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Independence of Kosovo: US Golem in the Heart of Europe

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posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 01:45 AM
In the framework of my activities I had an access to an insider information concerning Kosovo, in particular, preparations for the last year mission of the UN Security Council on the province. Moreover, I participated in the backstage talks, and I know what I'm talking about.

One of the main goals of the mission was to get information about political situation in the region from the Serbian authorities, the Provisional Institutions of Self-Government and the representatives of the ethnic minorities of Kosovo and international mass media community.

But every time any negative moment that might slow down the process of recognizing Kosovo's independence turned up, it was just hushed up and ignored. It seemed as though the whole world was to get information connected with a secret scenario known only to the select few. Martti Ahtisaari indirectly confirmed that idea, saying in an interview with the Dutch mass media that the fate of Kosovo was decided in 1999.

And I wanted to understand how it all worked in Kosovo. What was it that really determined the fate of the province? I can see that it is sure not the reasons the most European leaders mention at the official level.

Basing on one of the main principals of law 'Who benefits from it?' it's easy to understand that the US, as a key promoter of Kosovo's independence, has its own interests in the region. Despite the fact that one of the strongest lobby groups, the Albanian, financed a pro-independence campaign in the US, and paid to the current nominee of the Nobel Peace Prize, Martti Ahtisaari, 40 million euro (the figures revealed by the German BND), the relevant democratic decision for Kosovo would have never been accepted if it hadn't been of benefit to American politicians.

The fact is that the US government officials and businessmen just seem to cover up all the criminal activities of the Kosovarian authorities who annually launder about $1.5 billion drug money in Western banks and gain the best part of the profit. Traditionally, Kosovo's Albanians have been trafficking in persons, arms, tobacco and stolen cars. Besides, they control and promote enforced prostitution. Michael Levine, an ex-DEA man, mentioned that the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) commanded by Hashim Thaci has links with every known drug cartel in the Middle East. INTERPOL, EUROPOL and almost every European intelligence service and special anti-narcotics unit has a case against drug syndicates affiliated with the KLA.

Meanwhile, the United States remains the most fervent supporter of the current Kosovar government headed by Hashim Thaci who is widely known in criminal circles. It's worthy to note that the post of prime-minister has been created at US instigation under the auspices of the UNMIK-established Provisional Institutions of Self-Government. It means only that besides laying the ground for Kosovo independence and thus ignoring the international law, the USA deliberately gave the major posts to the heads of criminal clans and the military criminals: Hashim Thaci, Ramush Haradinaj, Agim Seku who performed massacre and ethnic cleansing in the Balkans. Their atrocities are depicted in “White Book” published in Belgrade.

In 1997 INTERPOL and in 1999 MIT Center for International Studies prepared the reports unveiling criminal activities of Albanians. It has been ascertained that Albanian criminal groups control about 70% of heroin market in Germany, Switzerland and the countries of Eastern Europe. Transportation routes have connected the Balkans to Southeast Asia, creating the so called Balkan Route. Now, it's the main transportation route that transit more than 80% of drugs destined for European markets. Moreover, Afghan and Pakistani opium is conversed in Turkey and then supplied to Europe through the former Yugoslavia and the Czech Republic. Further, the route runs to Great Britain through the French city of Calais. This business gives about $7 billion. The money is used to maintain combat readiness of numerous Albanian liberation movements in the region. More than that, about 10% of the working population of Albania is involved in transportation of Afghan drugs to Western Europe. Albanian drug money helps to keep the country's economy running. But Europeans have to close eyes to this criminal business in order to prevent a severe economic crisis in the province. Otherwise, the United States would have to increase the inflow of finances far beyond the current level. In fact, we allow Europe to be flooded with drugs and then we are surprised when our children are lapsing into bad habits. Nonsense!

But the profits of the illegal drug trade in the province will increase and remain the main source for a new democratic Kosovo, as drug production in Afghanistan has increased significantly and now provides about 90% of heroin. It has happened after the US military invasion of Afghanistan. Is it pure coincidence? Unlikely. For example, the most drug boosting provinces are Helmand, with more than 7,000 British soldiers on the ground, and Kandahar, with Americans many times as much. To carry drugs out of the provinces, the coalition forces are sure to provide implicit support. Therefore, the world's policeman has a hand in the business. Many people say that some plain-clothes Americans buy wholesale drugs from the Pushtuns in Kandahar. The drugs are passed to Bagram airbase and carried by heavy transport aircrafts to Romania, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Germany and many other countries.

Moreover, drug transportation through Kosovo will be promoted due to close links of Albanians with the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

One may ask why does the U.S. need such people? The answer is simple as that: there is a long-standing rule in the Anglo-Saxon colonial practice stating that if you appoint to the high post a man you have the goods on, he will obey all your orders for fear of exposure.

posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 05:28 AM
All in all, I'm left to conclude that you possess no peculiar information about Albanians in Kosovo, at all. I believe the difference between information and speculation is crucial at this point: the former is a factual/logical message, the latter is just a guess.

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