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Is Nader delusional or Obama illusional?

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posted on Jul, 7 2008 @ 12:03 PM
Although the article is a bit dated, I think it's still very relevant. It's serves to illustrate the fact that all Obama's Hope, Change, and Unity mantra amounts to just more of the same IMHO. Feel free to disagree with me.

Nader Calls on Obama to Challenge the White Establishment

Is Nader Delusional or Obama Illusional?

Ralph Nader criticized Senator Obama for failing to “take on the white establishment.” Obama’s reaction was Nader is “delusional.” Nader’s reaction was Obama is “illusional.”

Obama and his supporters should listen to this criticism and get on course or the seeds of election failure will have been planted in his refusal to challenge the corporate elite that dominate the government.

They should– is Nader right? If they are honest they will see it is difficult to point to any issue on which Senator Obama is challenging the establishment – meaning the corporate interests that fund political campaigns and get what they want from the federal government.

Early on Obama sent a signal to the military industrial complex that he would not challenge them with his promise to expand the military by 92,000 troops. Each soldier costs approximately $100,000 annually in training, equipment, housing, food and other items from which military contractors will profit. They can rest assured they will get billions in defense contracts as a result of an even bigger military.

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