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Nazi/Alien tech

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posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 11:34 PM
Hey guys, I hope this isn't "another one of those threads."

I see alot of posts where people say that Nazi's found or used alien tech. I saw the "foo fighter" footage and drawings, it's interesting, but not conclusive.

My question is, is there stories, or evidence where the Nazi's tried to deploy some new strange technology to the battlefied in certain instances? Any accounts of soldiers witnessing a strange new weapon? Be they Russian, American, British, etc.

I tried google, really couldn't find anything. Hope somone had some info off hand.

Thanks for your help.

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 11:49 PM
Indeed they actually had some success in creating a prototype flying saucer craft, however they never managed to properly test it as they were defeated shortly after.

Edit: I found a link with a lot of information about Nazi UFOs

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posted on Jul, 7 2008 @ 02:51 AM
I never read any official information on it but a good friend of mine whos an intellect told me about how his uncle was in the Nazi regime and how Adolf was hellbent on searching out all speculated alien crash sites for advancing his army through their technologies. Its not from a renowned author but i know the man and I know hes not a liar.

posted on Jul, 7 2008 @ 12:51 PM
Thanks diamount for the link, very cool, and very interesting!


Anymore info on this crash site?

posted on Jul, 7 2008 @ 01:01 PM
The last battle of WWII didn't happen until 1947 in Antarctica. You can bet the Nazis fielded some secret stuff there, from their most secret base.

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