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Do you think we will ever know the truth?

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posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 10:21 PM
This is probably just a simple answer and maybe your opinion on this subject.

Question: Do you think we'll ever know the truth about Aliens?

Things to discuss:

  • Government Official Covering Evidence Up - If your not an High Official you'll never see the truth data of Aliens / Advanced Technology
  • NASA Denying everything we throw at them - You know how NASA is, they feed up filtered images not showing us what really is on the planet or out there.
  • People who aren't ready to accept - You need to account that yes we are ready to know the answer but there are millions maybe even billions who are not ready to know the answer.
  • Religion Beliefs would change - There is a lot of religion out there and these people would be the ones that would drink the "red kool-aid" in panic.
  • World Wide Panic - You know how War Of The Worlds caused. We are humans and tend to over thing stuff and panic for no reason.

Do you think we will ever be disclosed about Aliens?

Yes I know a lot of you say 2012 we will know. Lets put all of our beliefs about 2012 aside for say 5 minutes and think. What "IF" big ole "IF" Statement what we think about 2012 DOESN'T happen?

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 10:32 PM
I think that eventually, we will know what's out there, because there will have to come a time, where any of the hidden things will be so glaringly out there, that the government(s), will not be able to suppress it.

I think that our communication lines are more open than they've ever been, and, if anything major happens, the government will not be able to cover it up entirely. There are just too many individuals to keep track of.

I think that with the number of cell phone cameras, digital cameras, PDA's, wireless access points, etc. If something happens on one side of the world, the other side will catch wind of it pretty instantly, as CNN, FOX, and the broadcast channels aren't the only people receive their news anymore.

There will be a boiling point, where all of the governments, news agencies, etc, won't be able to stop the truths that are out there.

Actually though, if I were the leader of an alien expeditionary force, I've have some sort of warning markers placed around the orbit of Pluto that basically said, "Don't try to contact those guys on the third planet. They're the most self-destructive race in the known universe. Stay away..".

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 11:46 PM
reply to post by xweaponx

well probably never know the truth

posted on Jul, 7 2008 @ 12:49 AM
We will eventually know. It's an eventuality. Governments come and go - their influence on discovery and human trends is rather minimal in the long run of things.

Will "we" - as in this present generation (assuming mine - around the age of 20) - know? I believe so. While I'm not a big fan of a lot of conventional theories behind UFOs and government involvement - but I just feel that the human race, in general, is getting rather pissed that we can look out and see the stars in ways we never could before - they are so close, yet so far away - and it's just pissing us off that we can't get to them.

Combine that with various advances in physics and the like - it's only a matter of time before we are zipping between the stars..... and call me crazy, but I think - in my lifetime (unaltered by any hypothetical medical advances) - we will be utilizing two types of drive systems; "warp" (used for inter-planetary travel - within a system) and "jump" drives, used to travel between star systems almost instantly. Both are on the verge of being developed and used (I feel within the next 20 years).

What will we find? A universe that is likely far more active than we would ever have thought. It would resemble a game of Space Empires more than it would resemble a lot of sci-fi universes and theories. Various races with different cultures and societies spanning the stars, warring with each other, exploiting races such as our own, etc. Some might view us as a welcome member of the universe - and others would see us as a threat... and others would rather keep us on a close leash and garnish any and all technologies they can from us.

Is there a government cover-up? Of course.

Is it as malevolent as many seem to make it out to be? I hardly think so - it's merely another vehicle for paranoid individuals to hijack and use to project their distrust of individuals and systems.

Is there a "disclosure project?" Don't make me laugh while urinating myself and rolling around on the floor. People will find out on their own when the are ready - there doesn't need to be any "disclosure project." Furthermore, the communities who follow reports of aliens have so many varied beliefs and so many other reports that are actually hoaxes that such a project would never be capable of achieving its goals. - in other words, throwing a bone to dogs in a sea of Kibbles-N-Bits is not going to go like you wanted it to.

What will the "truth" be? That there are a lot of other living, intelligent beings out there. They have visited us and shown interest in us. And our government actively covered it up to avoid international panic. The validity of that concern is of no real consequences to the "truth."

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