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The Zodiac Killer : Cracking The Codes of A Madman.

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posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 01:19 PM
Brief History On The Zodiac Killer --
Between December 1968 and October 1969 a serial killer was active in San Francisco, the killer claimed the life of five people plus two others whom survived, although some people think he may of killed up too 37 people. To taunt the authorities he sent four Ciphers to three high-end papers in San Francisco; only one of his ciphers has been solved the others have still to be decoded.

The Zodiac Killer was an active murderer, he killed in four locations; they where Benicia, Lake Berryessa, San Francisco and Vallejo. His known victims consist of four men and three women. Other crime scenes are thought to belong to the Zodiac Killer but they is yet to be any evidence to confirm this. Without any leads, clues or anything along the lines of the aforementioned the case was marked as inactive in April 2004; the case has since been reopened, possibly due to the movie release.

The Zodiac Killer: Cracking The Codes of A Madman -- Time Line.

Arthur and Betty: Lake Herman Road. -- It is believed that the first murders of The Zodiac Killer was that of David Arthur Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen; which was on the 20th of December 1968. It is thought that Arthur and Betty where out together on there first date. They had some food and then went up to Lake Herman Road* at around 10:15pm. At approximately 11pm another vehicle pulled up behind them, a gentleman got out of the gun and ordered them to exit the Rambler vehicle. The tale goes, Faraday opened his door and was half way out when The Zodiac shot him directly in the head, at this point Jensen made an attempt to run away at which point she was gunned down by the Zodiac, postmortem shows us that she had been shot 5 times in her back. Stella Borges found there bodies minutes after this had happened and informed the police, although nothing happened because they're where no leads to follow.

Darlene and Michael: Blue Rock Springs -- This crime is believed to be the Zodiacs second murder spree. Around midnight on July the 4th 1969 murder struck. Darlene Ferrin and Micheal Mageau where in there car when another vehicle parked up beside them but them almost instantly drove off, naturally they thought nothing of it. But then about 10 minutes later it returned, a man got out of the car flashed a flash light in there faces and then unleashed a hail of bullets, he shot then in the face and chest; but when he heard Mageau moan in pain he walked back and shot him in the face, neck and chest again; then drove off. When they were found it was too late for one of them. Ferrin died at hospital of her wounds although Mageau survived.

Shortly after this a man rang up the sheriffs department and claimed he was responsible for this horrible crime, they traced the call to a pay phone only a couple of blocks away from the station, no one was there when they arrived.

He Spoke: Ciphers and Letters Began
On August 1st 1969 the Vallejo Times Herald, San Francisco Chronicle and the San Francisco Examiner each received a letter from the Zodiac. He had sent 3 ciphers in total to them, The Zodiac Killer then demanded that all of the ciphers where published in all three of the papers on the first page or he would go on a all weekend kill spree. Only one of the papers decided to publish it and even they only put it on the forth page. There was no murder spree after wards for this direct contradiction to his request/order. A police cheif said they needed more proof, so Zodiac write another letter with proof and then his ciphers where all published.

It was not until August the 7th 1969 when he called himself the Zodiac. The titles of the letter that was sent said... "Dear Editor This is the Zodiac speaking". On August the 8th 1969 Donald and Bettye Harden cracked a cipher that he had sent. A picture of the cracked cipher is available here.***

Bryan and Cecelia: Lake Berryessa -- It was later, it was September 27 1969 when the next killing happened. Bryan Hartnell and Cecelia Shepard were picnicking at Lake Berryessa on a small island** connected by a sand spit to Twin Oak Ridge. After a little while they noticed a man approaching them wearing a black hoodie with a white 3"x3" cross-circle symbol on it. He walked up to them and drew his gun and then made a claim that they did not expect to hear, he told them that he had escaped from a near prison. He had brought precut lengths of plastic clothesline and told Shepard to tie up Hartnell, before tying her up himself. The Zodiac checked and tightened Hartnell's bonds after discovering she bound him loosely. He then proceeded to stab them both numerous times and then went back to there car where he wrote with a black marker pen the white symbol and then wrote beneath it "Vallejo/12-20-68/7-4-69/Sept 27-69-6:30/by knife". They where found later by a father and son fishing near by, Cecelia Shepard was conscious when Collins arrived and gave him a detailed description of the attacker. Hartnell and Shepard were taken to Queen of the Valley Hospital in Napa by ambulance. Shepard lapsed into a coma during transport to the hospital and never regained consciousness. She died two days later, but Hartnell survived to recount his tale to the press.

Paul Stine: Presidio Heights. -- Paul was killed on the 11th of October 1969. A white male entered Mr. Stine's cab near a intersection of Mason and Geary streets located in San Francisco, the male asked to be taken to Washington and Maple Streets in Presidio Heights. No body knows why but for some reason he asked to be drove a block further to Cherry Street, this is where Paul was shot in the neck and robbed of his wallet, car keys and some fabric of his shirt. The whole time this was done it was being observed by three teenagers peering out of a window across the street. The children then called the Police at around 9:55pm. For some unknown reason the police started to look for a black male, although the witnesses are on record saying white. A police car on it way to the crime scene passed a suspicious looking white male making fast walking pace away from the scene a few blocks down; it is now believed that the white male they passed was the Zodiac Killer.

He Speaks Again: More Letters and Ciphers. -- The Zodiac sent another round of letters on the 14th of October 1969; in this round was a letter, cipher and a piece of Paul's shirt as proof that he was the killer. This was also the trigger point for when they relised about the white-guy-black-guy mix up days before. October the 22nd was a terrible mishap in the case, a man claiming to be Zodiac demanded two lawyers to appear on TV, only one showed up, Belli. Someone claiming to be the Zodiac called several times and said his name was Sam. He wanted to meet and so Beli went to place thy decided, unfortunately they later found out via a trace that Sam was a mental patient in a Mental Hospital. On November 8, 1969, the Zodiac mailed a card with another cryptogram consisting of 340 characters; this**** code has never been decoded although many people has proposed ways of doing it. On December 20, 1969, exactly one year after the murders of David Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen, Zodiac asked Belli to help him.

Kathleen Johns: Modesto -- there is so little evidence about this that i shall not mention it, if you wish to read about it Google it. All accounts of this night by the abducted person, trucker and officer contradict each other in so many ways that it is so far considered the joke of the Zodiac case.

Bates: Riverside -- Once again too uncertain, not enough proof plus Zodiac never took credit for this murder unlike all other ones where the body was found.If you wish to read more then Google it

Donna Lass: Lake Tahoe -- On March 22, 1971, a postcard to the Chronicle addressed to "Paul Averly" – intended for Paul Avery and believed to be from the Zodiac, in which appeared to be the Zodiac taking credit for a murder of nurse Donna Lass whom was killed on the 26th of December 1970. Made from a collage of advertisements and magazine lettering, it featured a scene from an ad for Forest Pines condominiums and the text "Sierra Club," "Sought Victim 12," "peek through the pines," "pass Lake Tahoe areas," and "around in the snow." It is known the be the Zodiac because of the Zodiac cross it bared and the position which the Zodiac always placed this cross. Donna worked at a hotel and casino; on the night of her murder she worked until approximately 2 a.m; it is known that her last patient was at 1:40.a.m. She was not seen leaving the building, in the morning they found her uniform and shoes in a paper bag in her office, for some unknown reason it had been soiled with dirt. Later that day both her employer and her landlord received phone calls from an unknown male who falsely claimed Lass had to leave town due to a family emergency. Donna's disappearance was treated such as one, no one suspected her of been murdered so she made the missing persons list, her body is yet to be found.

The Zodiac Killer: Cracking The Codes of A Madman -- Main Suspect.

Arthur Leigh Allen: Was it really him ? -- Arthur is believed to be The Zodiac by many, and i personally believe he is/was. The thing is that most of the evidence pointing towards him is enough for you and i to say "Guilty", but not enough for a judge too. his shoe size is 10.5 which matches the boot print found at the scene of one of the many crimes; the glove print is the same as one of his gloves. The Zodiac symbol, a white circle with the cross through it was only on one product in the world at that time; a Zodiac watch, Arther owned one and even wore it to the interview they conducted with him. he lived across the street in Vallejo from Darlene Ferrin, whom was one of the first victims, plus that is near where one of the first killings happened, he had many bloody knifes in his car and he loved the book and had numerous copies of 'The Most Dangerous Game", look at the cracked cipher and you see what he says about the most dangerous game. Allen was the only suspect in the case whom police had enough evidence against to execute not just one, but three search warrants: on 14 September 1972; 14 February 1991; and 28 August 1992, two days after he died. The letters did not match his writing, but he was known to be ambidextrous and they only had one of two samples.

The Zodiac Killer: Cracking The Codes of A Madman --You.

So what do you think about all of this, who do you believe did it ? Do you think that Arthur is the real deal or not ?


*Which was a well known make out point.
**Island is know known as 'Zodiac island'.
***cracked cipher picture here.
****340 symbol cipher picture here.

# The Zodiac cross symbol here.
## The Zodiac symbol on a watch is here.
## E-Fit Of Zodiac here.

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 05:30 PM
reply to post by ProTo Fire Fox

A great thread as well as a great read, Fox, flagged, starred, thread-tagged, and submitted to DIGG as well. There is not a whole lot I can add to this ATS submission that has not already been said by you as well as the well intentioned but often misdirected public speculation about the mysteries of one warped and twisted individual who held a nation as well as the state of California hostage mentally since the original crimes, being that it is still talked about to this day.

There have been many people that tried to crack this madman's coding, and while he did horrific actions in murder, one has to wonder if he had not cracked mentally himself, if he had been militarily inclined or Government actionable that he could have been one of the greatest coders and code-crackers our society would never have known about due to being subjected to being classified top secret.

It is odd is it not that a madman like the Zodiac Killer would be a subject of controversy and speculation because of the actions he performed while a citizen yet while if he was working within the confines of the U.S. Military or Government his actions would have been lauded and the label of hero applied to him.

The biggest differences there of course, his obssessive compulsive behaviors, his chosen targets as well as him choosing his targets, his actions vs the Military or Government spending millions on training, indoctrinating, and choosing the targets for him take out.

Odd isn't it how the way to define a man is only defined in who is in control of that same said man?

A man or woman is defined by his or her actions, first and foremost by the consequences of those actions and the ramifications, which are defined or aligned according to a societies impressions and or perceptions based on what they are or are not told.

[edit on 6-7-2008 by SpartanKingLeonidas]

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 05:48 PM
As well as allen, Rick Marshall and Richard Joseph Gaikowski (aka Dick Gyke) are pretty strong suspects.

The latters (gaikowski's) nickname, "GYKE," can clearly be seen in Zodiac's three-part cipher.
During the late 1960s/early 1970s, Gaikowski was the editor of an anti-police, counterculture newspaper in San Francisco called Good Times.

Rick Marshall is still considered a strong Zodiac suspect by several investigators.
Marshall's physical appearance and background match up very well with what is known (and assumed) about Zodiac.

But allen is definitely up there.

in October 2002, Allen's DNA was compared to DNA obtained from a confirmed Zodiac letter. There was no match. In 2003, due to Allen's alleged habit of having others lick his stamps and envelopes (he claimed the taste of glue made him sick), SFPD obtained a voluntary DNA sample from Don Cheney. The results were negative.

posted on Jul, 7 2008 @ 06:53 AM
The Zodiac Killer: Cracking The Codes of A Madman -- Alternative Suspects.

In my previous post i mentioned Arthur Leigh Allen as being my personal favorite suspect. But now i shall go through some others, Jack Beeman, Joseph Chandler, Robert Hunter, Larry Kane, Rick Marshall, Peter O, Mike O'Hare and "Andrew Walker". These are the top of the list, the SFPD has suspected over 2,500 people in total.

Jack Beeman -- Some time in the 1990's a lawyer named Bill Beeman from Vallejo reported his deceased brother, a Mr. Jack Beeman of being the Zodiac killer. Jack had died at the age of 66, although he would of been 51 when the Zodiac killings had happened; the reported age of the Zodiac from a survivor of an attack aged the Zodiac at around 25 -35 and he does not look anything like the Zodiac E-Fit. But the Zodiac did say in a letter that he looks nothing like he normally does when he goes out 'Hunting'. Jack suffered from emphysema and could be heard wheezing but fore you saw him. So the 500 yard hike that had to be done after the Zodiac island killing does seem a little unlikely for him. Hartnell who survived the attack says he thought the attacker was athletically fit and sounded young, both contradict what we know about Jack.

Joseph Chandler -- An age-regression sketch based on Chandler's driver's license photograph was done by the Eastlake police. The age-regression sketch bears an uncanny resemblance to the composite sketch of the Zodiac; and there was a murder spree around the time he moved to the area which are still unsolved, he later committed suicide.

Robert Hunter -- This man is a simple case of wrong place wrong time, it was said he owned a house on the corner where the cab driving was shot and that he had a house over-looking Zodiac Island - He did own the properties but a much later time after the killings approximately 20 years.

Larry Kane -- Larry suffered from mental issues, his problem was that of no self restrant when it comes to self-gratification. It is a known fact by many that Donna Lass delcined more Larry more than once from here; and since he did not take this well it is thought that he may of killed her. Another fact is that his name fits perfectly into the 'My Name Is ___' cipher*.

Rick Marshall -- He worked as a theater projectionist at the time the "Red Phantom" letter was mailed on July 8, 1974, and loved old movies, one of which was El Spectre Rojo. He had a supply of odd-sized paper that was similar to that which the Zodiac used for his letters. He was ambidextrous, as the Zodiac was believed to be, and even owned a Portable Royal typewriter, similar to the one used to prepare the "Confession" letter, mailed to Riverside PD and the newspaper on November 29, 1966. Marshall worked at KTIM in San Rafael in the early 1970's, and it's believed by some that the strange "signature" at the bottom of the Zodiac's "Exorcist" letter resembles the call letters of that radio station. So there is good evidence that it is him, but it is once again all circumstantial.

Peter -- Not much is known of this suspect other than he bears a striking resemblance to the SFPD composite, was in Navy intelligence, studied cryptography, and was an expert marksman. The investigator who first looked into Peter O as a possible suspect in the 1990's has maintained a low profile in recent years and no other information has been forthcoming.

Mike O'Hare -- A Harvard University graduate, Mike O'Hare became a suspect in 1981 when Gareth Penn, going by several shaky assumptions, claimed to have found O'Hare's name in a reference book on sculptors in the Napa, California County library. (Penn did not name the book, and subsequent searches in the same library by Zodiac investigators have failed to turn up any volume on sculptors or artists that mention him.) Penn believed the Zodiac named himself many times in his letters via complex word and number games based on simple binary mathematics to Morse code conversions and redivisions. It was only due to his background that he was thought to be the Zodiac now nobody thinks that it was/is him.

Andrew Walker -- Robert Graysmith used this pseudonym for this suspect in Zodiac. Walker served nearly four years in the Army Air Force and received seven months of code training, spent considerable time at the restaurant where Darlene Ferrin worked, and may have even known her family. He was unemployed during the time of known Zodiac activity and had a drinking problem. Walker was believed to have sent threatening letters to a young woman in Vacaville, California as well as making harassing phone calls.

The Zodiac Killer: Cracking The Codes of A Madman -- Conclusion.

With the evidence or lack of in this case for the other suspects i cant see how anyone can doubt that Arthur Leigh Allen is/was the number one suspect. So, with this new information any one have anything else to say about it all ?

Fox...Out !

*Picture of the 'My Name Is ____' Cipher. HERE.

posted on Jul, 7 2008 @ 08:56 AM
I don't get the fact that they had all this evidence on Allen, and did nothing(relatively speaking) to bring him to justice.
Obviously, as you mentioned, they only tested one hand.

But as i said in my previous post, they had D.N.A. samples and tested allen twice via this method.
Both results were negative.

Most of the evidence for Allen, Although compelling, was Circumstantial.
I still think he's definitely at the the top of the three of the more likely suspects.

And i have read what you've written as well as researched into this myself for a number of years.

posted on Jul, 7 2008 @ 09:48 AM
The Zodiac Killer : Cracking The Codes of A Madman. -- Arthur L. Allen Evidence.

Well the evidence that stands out is that of the partial prints, palm print on the phone, writing and DNA. We have to go back to Paul's cab killing to take into the account the partial prints, now it is said that he left the gloves and that there where prints on the cab. Now if the Zodiac is clever enough to where gloves, were a disguise, make sure the driver puts it in park so that the cab wont accelerate when he is shot and also he has thought through his get-away route so that he can make a swift get-away, do you really think that he will leave prints ? In a cab, they found a partial print; it is kinda obvious that it could be from anyone. Now it is the palm print that was found on the phone that is interesting to me. The police admit that it was a little while before they got to the phone box this is due to the fact that they did not start the trace immediately, so with this time-lapse couldn't some one else of used the phone ? So it may be the Zodiac's and it may not be, we do not know. Now it has already been said that Arthur L Allen's writing was taken for analysis, but as i said they only took one hands sample; it was thought that he was ambidextrous which means he can write with either hand. As you said, is it claimed that he got other people to lick his stamps so a DNA test could not be 100% accurate with this possible fact. So...

Palm print -- Non-conclusive because of time lapse.
Finger Prints -- In my opinion he thought the whole thing out, he would not of left that out. Either its 'just there' or he placed it there to throw police off.
Writing -- They only checked one hand, it could of been the other.
DNA -- He may of bought stamps that had already had an adhesive on them or placed something else on them to stick, or simply got some one else too.

I'm going to have a right good run through every piece of evidence ever found within the next 24hrs and hopeful ill get it all sorted out in time to post it here within the next 24hrs too. Ill only add in what i think is helpful. Maybe i will place all of the suspects and all of the evidence down in the post and say what goes to whom.

The Zodiac Killer : Cracking The Codes of A Madman. -- Copycat Killers or The Real Deal.

Copy Cat Killer -- I just wanted to add in that in 2007 there was a copy cat killer of the Zodiac*, i have not found out if he/she was caught or not. The Zodiac symbol was left and the letter that was sent to the police said ... 'I will start using my role models signature' and it had the Zodiacs symbol at the bottom the circle with the lines through it**. So we had the New York Zodiac a while ago, maybe there is a new-new one.


*Video can be found here. - Length 2:53, Starts to mention Zodiac verbally and on visual prompt at around 1:25.
**See previous posts '*'s for picture of the Zodiac symbol.

posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 08:21 AM
The Zodiac Killer : Cracking The Codes of A Madman. -- Letter Analysis

Letters of A madman -- The letters are a key component into the thoughts and actions of the Zodiac killer, he used certain words in certain ways to produce certain effects. The following is an analysis of a letter or two along with the necessary picture of the letter.

Letter One -- In this letter the first thing that jumps out at you in the spelling, he spells many words wrong in this letter and many more. In this letter he says "Last Christmass In that epasode the police were wondering how I could shoot + hit my victims in the dark." Notice two mistakes, epasode which is a clear error and more importantly Christmass, two 's. This shows us one of two things, either he is an awful speller which could be true through out most letters he makes error after error; or this shows us that he may have a religious background. Christ Mass may be indicating the religious values in the word instead of the normality of Christmas then the giving of presents without truly remembering why it is happening. Another important thing is what he tells us, he goes on to label what happened; he tells us information that wasn't released to the public positions of bodies, ammo etc. This shows us that he wants bragging rights, he wants recognition and publicity for these murders. He wants to been known that tells us that there is a massive chance that he is someone of no importance just an average Joe. The next one is the most interesting to me, he labels him self a 'Murderer' this is highly irregular for a murderer too do, almost unheard of. Most killers try to find justification in the murders, a sence that it had to be done. This guy seems to just say I'M A MURDERER. Shows us that either he has serious mental issues, more than already thought, or that he is so emotionally out of sync that it is unreal. This could also be to state power in this game he played with the authorities to say that he is the master. We get an indication that he is an older gentlemen when he says that he killed the Teenagers. Through the information that he shares, the information that he does not his methodology and so on it shows us that this is a neat, organized, methodical killer.

Letter Two -- In this second letter we get to see some more facts that are involved with the previous letter that hints of age, society inept and much more. Our first hint that this man is unbelievably emotionally distant is when he talks about killing people as "good times" and says that he would be "happy to tell" us what he did in more detail. Then he makes a quick segway to start mocking the police, he tells them to cheer up and that once they figure out the cipher they will have him, the cipher was solved; bar 18 symbols which may of been the name, but except that no name was seen. This shows us that he wants to play with the police and mock them. Again he shows us that he is older than the victims "I shot the boy"; he says boy, which to me personally tells me that he is older; then to back this is up he says that a Nigro saw him drive away from a phone box, at this time the black revolution had been around for a while and every one had started to say black, except him. Once again we see either stupidity or religion with Christmass. Then he gets insulted by the media and starts this small rant which indicates that he is a argumentative person and must be hard to have in a relationship which would explain the grand theory of him being socially inept. We see once again how distant he is when he tells us that he "Sprayed" down the girl, by this he means he shot her in the back numerous times when she ran. Like the other letter we are starting to see that this man craves attention so much.

Letter Three -- Same as the one before we see he first set the name THE zodiac, he must have a lot of pride in his eyes for being the Zodiac, then he goes on to call himself a murderer again, this shows us that he have no remorse and puts him unquestionably out side the bounds of society. He doesn't try to justify his actions. He sends in a piece of shirt, i think that he is bragging and once again he wants bragging writes. He says that "the SFPD could of caught me last night", he shows us that he is laughing at the police for being stupid; he is also telling us how the police could be better maybe he wants to be caught ? He tell us that we should of been more alert and stopped him which may be the first sign of him wanting to stop. Then the letter takes a chilling turn, he then tells us that he wants to shot out the front tires of a school bus and pick off the children with a rifle as they come bouncing out, this shows us that either we have started to lack the reactions he wants and that he wants to be taken more seriously and it shows us how he can tie up a lot of police force by saying some words; to say he could do it is telling us his target which could be a way for him to be caught, that aspect of that he may want to be caught is coming through again.

Hopefully through this small analysis of these letters you can see the incite that i can see into the mind of this serial killer, he is an older gentlemen, no remorse, no empathy, disconnected from others, argumentative, an outcast of society and a self confessed murderer.


posted on Jul, 8 2008 @ 08:22 AM
The Zodiac Killer: Cracking the Codes of A Madman -- Arthur Leigh Allen, I Know It Was You.

The Murderer, Arthur Leigh Allen -- To me, ProTo Fire Fox, i believe hands down that Arthur Leigh Allen is the murderer i believe that he killed all of the aforementioned victims, i also think that the amount of circumstantial evidence should count for something, that evidence is as follows...

His boot print of a size 10.5 matches another print perfectly at a scene of one of the murders, then the gloves match him perfectly. the zodiac symbol* is only ever seen in one place along with the word, that is on a watch from a company called Zodiac he was seen with that watch in an interview, he also had numerous copy of the August 1967 fact and amazing science fiction magazine which was found open at the 15,000 word story named 'The man from Zodiac". Another fact is that he lived across the street from a victim, she also is known to of tuned him down on numerous dates, a murder was also taking place close to there homes. He had many a bloody knife in his car which he said was for hunting, he also was found with the book "The most dangerous game of all" in which the book depicts humans being hunted for sport; the quote is also mentioned in a Zodiac cipher. They said it could not be him because his writing did not match, yet it is known that he is ambidextrous and they only tested one hand, it may of been the other. He said he wanted to kill children, he was also sacked from a school for child molesting, he then went to prison for 4 years on this charge, there where no letters four 4 years, then when he was released the Zodiac letters began again. This occurred from approximately 1974 -1978. He was known to torture animals, chipmunks, when he was younger which is a massive tell-tale sign of a future serial killer. A hard piece of evidence is that he was seen with ciphers yeas before the papers got any, and from the letter analysis we see that the killer was organized, was this preparation ? My favorite piece of evidence, either massive coincidence or the nail in the monsters coffin, a letter was sent to Paul Avery at the San Fran chronicle which was a morning card about some ones death, it also read the quote "Fiddle and fart", which was a navy quote in the area Arthur lived in, just before this card was sent Arthur's father had died, his dad was an ex-navy officer.

Now with all of this pointing the finger straight at this monster how can it dismissed, in my eyes he is the killer through and through, it hope you have enjoyed reading this thread.


* See first post for symbol link.

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posted on Jul, 22 2008 @ 10:25 PM

posted on Jul, 22 2008 @ 10:25 PM

posted on Oct, 19 2008 @ 07:51 AM
The Zodiac wrote: solve these ciphers and you will know who I am.
Christopher J. Farmer has solved the Zodiac ciphers and riddles and shows the Zodiac to be Gareth Penn....
Penn was right under their noses and they never knew he was Zodiac. Go to and click on Forum then on The Zodiac Killer case and see all the reasons why Penn is Zodiac. You can also read the report solving the ciphers at
Once you do I think you will agree that Penn is Zodiac, AND he's still alive.

posted on Nov, 29 2008 @ 12:01 AM
Although I have been interested in the Zodiac case for 25 years, your site lacks a lot because your spelling and grammar are atrocious.

posted on Dec, 4 2008 @ 11:23 PM
Check out this possible Zodiac cryptography:

posted on Dec, 4 2008 @ 11:37 PM
I found some possible Zodiac cryptography.
Check it out:

posted on Dec, 6 2008 @ 09:39 PM
reply to post by ProTo Fire Fox

The Zodiac serial killer case is just about solved. The Zodiac was a conspiracy of three people. The actual killer who was a friend of the Charles Manson Family, Gareth Penn who was the brains behind the letters, and a person who actually wrote the letters and envelopes.

The actual killer was never suspected by police and lived a very mundane life much like BTK.

FBI is now working on this.

posted on Dec, 28 2008 @ 11:53 PM
reply to post by blupblup

were dna tests done on vaughn, marshall or others?

posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 02:44 PM
The authorities are either idiots or just perfectly fine with the zodiac killers murders, i mean now a days so much tecnology and still the criminal is inmune?
theres fingerprints on letters
saliva on letters and stamps
he must have left at least one trace on at least one victime, he choked a woman, the body was found, the marks had to be left, struggle with a victim can lead to hair or tissue remainder,
can he just get away with it and all?
How does a man murder and murder over and over again and not leave not ONE peace of tissue, cloth, fingernail, hair, samples???
Isn’t there a way of traking letters back
YES THERE IS all letters need a remittent
So how was this person sening and sending anonomously? The government should have evoided it and they could have too

He was obviously a loner in his 30 -50 s, he might have been at leat high school educated because of certain words and the plot of the bomb he did and he must have been in some superstitial random club because of his ciphjer


posted on Apr, 13 2009 @ 10:46 PM

Zodiac Killer 408 Character Cipher

Hello Fox,

I do not believe that Arthur Lee Allen was the Zodiac. Firstly, he has he been elimnated as a suspect based on DNA analysis. Secondly. he did not even match the physical criteria based on eye witness accounts of those that actually saw the Zodiac Killer.

However, I love your Zodiac Killer letter analysis. Great analytical thinking!

There is a new Zodiac Killer related website Looks quite interesting to me. They had some quite exciting findings on the Zodiac's 408 character cipher, with some really interesting conclusions. As it looks to me, they arrive at similar conclusions as you in your Zodiac Killer letter analysis, particularly the 'Christ Mass" part. Very interesting!

What you said in your letter analysis and what they say on their website makes lots of sense to me. Great job! I'm looking forward to read more ...

posted on Apr, 14 2009 @ 02:03 AM
I recall one TV show perhaps "America Most Wanted" that
disclosed the killers shoes were a Navy issue.

Some mention that there were too many ships to search or
the numbers were too much to track seemed weak but
apparently that lead went wasted.

Also the idea that the individual might have been a Naval
coding expert or for the government might have been discussed.

That seemed too obvious to follow for some reason.

There comes to mind the Mark Ultra in "Formation of America"
where people hold such high security classifications that ever their
crimes are ignored of fixed in some way, or not fixed.

posted on Apr, 30 2009 @ 07:51 AM
Further muddying of the waters here?

Dad was the Zodiac, and I can prove it.

Documentary in works

Dad was Zodiac killer and I can prove it

Privately, some investigators wondered if the timing of Perez's announcement - publicized by Hollywood PR agent Edward Lozzi, renowned for dating the late Anna Nicole Smith - had something to do with a documentary on her story that she is hoping to finish soon.

Added to this:

Snuff films could solve Zodiac case

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