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The Projected Iraq Budget Surplus--Tolerated Negligence

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posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 07:25 AM

WASHINGTON - Iraq is not spending much of its own money, despite soaring oil revenues that are pushing the country toward a massive budget surplus, U.S. auditors told Congress on Tuesday.

The expected surplus comes as the U.S. continues to invest billions of dollars in rebuilding Iraq and faces a financial squeeze domestically because of record oil prices.


Throw an actual number into the equation ($25billion), and Iraq's projected surplus is no longer an issue of paying off internationally held debt.

I am not one to pass the burden; we are the means which brought about the need for the rebuilding of the countries infrastructure. However, the government of Iraq holds a responsibility for their people.

The money to reliably supply the basic necessities of life to their people is, at the very least, 'beginning to gather'. I can't claim to understand the startup costs of local or national infrastructure, but sitting on a $25billion budget surplus while in a state of major rebuilding is disgustingly negligent to the concerns of the nation.

This government has been plagued by ‘lost money’, corruption and a general lack of action. It is not as if they are guiding a nation which is rapidly developing into a major economic and political world-player. They are ignoring a nation which has had its basic faculties bombed out and are struggling to rebuild.


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