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growing up in a haunted house

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posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 11:08 AM
Don't know if anyone has similar stories but here are a few of mine:

First time we noticed something strange was when I was bout 4 years old. My dad had an office off the living room adjacent to a sun room that was once an outside porch. Sometimes on the weekends my dad would get up real early and work on some stuff then go take a nap on the couch in the living room. He said every time he would sit sleep on the one couch near the window he would feel extremely cold and then have terrible nigh mares...even out of a deep sleep. Then one morning he was laying on there and he saw what he described as as a shadow person. He said he was laying face down on the couch reading a newspaper that was on the floor besides him. He said he noticed something out of the corner of his eye and when he looked up, he saw a dark shadow materialize in front of him. He said it was in the shape of a man and it moved across the living room floor up the opposite wall and then disappeared into the ceiling. MY dad was so freaked out, he was rattled. Another time he was in there late at night and he could not sleep so he went downstairs to the living room to read a book. He said that he saw what he described as St.El mos fire come out from under his desk in the other room and roll across the floor and the disappear under our dining room table. There is no reason for my dad to make any of this up and I know when the told us he was shaken himself and I was kind of scared myself.

In our family room we had two candle sticks on the mantle. They had long red candles in them. There was about five times when we would leave the house and they would not be in the holders when we came home or they would be moved on different places on the mantle. Once we came home from our grandparents house on thanksgiving and we went in to the family room to watch TV, and my mom noticed they were missing. My mom started wailing and then I found them placed in the shape of a cross behind our recliner in the same room. Another time we came home and found them in a kitchen drawer days later...after the last time, my dad came home from work and the candle holders and sticks were in the middle of the mantle instead of both ends. My dad immediately took the holders and put them away, and melted down the candles.

MY sister and brother also would go to my mom and dad in the middle of the night and want to know why one or both of them was walking down the hall all night long. They both used to see someone walking down the hall in the middle of the night. Numerous times.

AS far as my self. We used to have these small room in the dormers of the house. My Mom used to throw my toys in there when I was not playing with them. Sometimes I would go in there and play with them. One day I am in there and I see an old man standing in front of me. I specifically remember seeing his dirty dress shoes and his pants which had really big cuffs on him. When i looked up at his face it was nothing but a bright blur. I could see his brown hat that had black silk band around it...I asked him what his name was then my mom started screaming from another room wondering who I was talking to, and then he disappeared. I told her some guy, which she did not say anything. Years later me and my sister were talking about all the strange things that used to happen there and she asked me if ever saw a man in a brown suit. I Was like Oh my yes! She said he appeared in her room one day when she was sitting on the bed. I never told her anything about what I had seen and she described his pants and his hat exactly.

There was also times when I would see young kids running through the house out of nowhere. But I never told anyone about it, until you just now. I saw them several times. I even tried to chase them once but they disappeared into the wall behind the sofa once.

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