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posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 06:37 PM

I have never heard of this before. question to the masses is would this really work in your opinions. I personally like the idea, but I'm not convinced in the practical application of it.

I see where a "fresh start" could be the ideal circumstance, but could it happen globally?I am quite taken by the fantasy, but again I would love to hear the opinions of my fellow ATS enthusiasts. Please don't be hesitant to post.

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 06:51 PM
Interesting....... you view the site, click on the "action items" and it tells you that NESARA isn't accepting any new members. Poop. I was all jacked up too.

Okay, kidding aside, it sounds like a grassroots coup group that has a spiffy acronym whose goal is to completely shred any remaining continuity with the U.S. government. My opinion, for what it's worth..... regardless of how you feel about the Bush administration, removing him and his entire cabinet, while it sounds exciting and "power to the people", I believe the reality of such a situation would plunge the already teetering economy into utter despair. It sounds to me like this group wants to appoint "interim" leaders (chosen by whom? surely not an election), restore a gold-guaranteed standard (but wait, there's not enough physical gold for that, nor has there been for 20 or more years), and unilaterally pull all troops out of Afganistan and Iraq. I don't like our men and women being overseas and risking their lives, and I wish they could come home....... however, an immediate pullout, I believe, would have DIRE consequences.

I can tell you already that I"m a cinch not to join this movement. A coup on the American government feels suspiciously like the NWO that many of us fear. I don't know if I really believe in the immense power that is suggested the NWO (if they even exist as a cohesive group), but I'll be damned if I'll support some no-faces that prostheletize from the depths of anonimity of the internet.

Is purple Koolaide involved? New flag? Scary.

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 07:24 PM
I laughed so hard at the purple Kool-Aid comment I almost fell off my chair. I'm with you on the point of wondering who choses the interim leaders...but there is some mention of a federal election in a 6 month time frame...who knows.

As far as the gold standard...I don't have the accurate figures, but I believe the biggest reason we don't have the amount of gold backing the dollar that is necessary is that we(as Americans) keep cashing it in for quite a bit lower that it's actual worth. Every evening I see these"Send us your Gold for Cash" commercials, and now it is even gone to precious stones, platinum, silver, etc. It is all being bought up so as we have no worth carrying possessions to back ourselves up if/when it comes down to Us vs. the Fed...

I am NOT for abruptly removing our troops either...but I believe if we move them out in fairly fast moving stages we would not lose the ability to not only protect ourselves, but our interests as well. No more dead American hero's who are dying for an ulterior motive, and we will be at almost full strength again in country...As far as Iraq goes, I think they have an idea of what they want/need. If they cannot implement it, I say let 'em duke it out. Inevitably the winner will decide the rules...

I noticed they are not taking on new members as well...I'll keep checking in periodically though. I really want the decoder ring...

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 10:40 PM
Ok, a rough week in the markets and we have a NESARA thread. It is expected and typical. Let me be a bit arrogant and quote myself from last August in this ATS thread.

Has anyone noticed that whenever we have uncertainty in the markets, either the NESARA or Wanta story rears its head? I figure whoever the main perpetrators of these hoaxes figure it's time to cash in. Seems like when you trace it to the people who claim to have the documents (Wanta) or are travelling around raising awarenes (NESARA). You eventually come to someone wanting your money (or even frequent flyer miles). Look at it like this both hoaxes would be wonderfull if they were true. And we all know what things that seem to good to be true are.

This is simply another scam preying off people who would like to believe that things are done in dark coridors of power are to our benefit.

Anytime there is a substantial downward move in the markets you find either a NESARA or a Leo Wanta post. They come like clockwork, they want your money and prey off your hopes and fears.

posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 12:33 AM
reply to post by jefwane

I agree with your assessment. There is not a chance that any sitting supreme court would rule in favor of restoring constitutional government. They have too much to lose as would any so called friendly general staff.

Moreover to make any rash choices based on this flimsy premise could prove to be unpleasant indeed.

posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 01:11 PM
From what I've gathered, the NESARA that you show here is a fraudulent organization. They KNOW that they can't replace the government in power, but they still suck "donation money" & never actually do anything constructive for their stated purpose.

The real NESARA is a proposal that was to be introduced to Congress & become a Bill. It never had any provisions to replace or reform the government in entirety...Only to get the US off the debt-driven economy we're on, give the Constitutional power to mint & evaluate our currency back to Congress (where it should not have left) & straighten out the mess with the National Debt being owed to the foreign-owned bank that the Fed Res actually is.

The Bill has yet to be introduced because Congress is already aware of it & refuses to check it out...Because this fake NESARA gives Congress a ready-made excuse to ignore the Bill.

posted on Jun, 25 2008 @ 04:03 PM
Thanks for your input...and the link to what looks to be a more credible NESARA bill Dstroyer...

I briefed over it, but have yet to take the time to take in its entirety. Thanks again...

Sorry if it has run the gauntlet previously...I did post that this was the first I had heard of it.

Right on!!!

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 02:37 AM

Originally posted by daddymax
Thanks again...

Well, the War vs. Corrupted Government needs a group effort, after all.

A little digging with the ATS Search function will reveal a lot of info that has passed through...I've contributed to that stuff before, so I may as well help wherever possible. I got lucky when I first started Googling NESARA after I first heard it brought up at ATS, so I checked several different sources before I found the real McCoy.

I still Flagged this thread because it's still info that needs to be seen...And researched.

[edit on 26-6-2008 by MidnightDStroyer]

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