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Bush "Fool me" misquote.. is a Hidden meaning and Subconcious Brainwashing

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posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 01:47 AM
I repeated the misquote over and over. I don't see how anyone can quote his words as "...can't get fooled again" To me, it sounds like he says
" foo me cagheh fool again".

Now, let me break this down. Because, mid sentence, (where his thought breaks down), there is a long "Bush trademark" Pause.... or that is what we are to believe, So I would consider the word "it" as the begining of a new sentence, and that the previous was incomplete and abandoned....Hmmm...incomplete and abandoned..That is another hidden device attacking the subconscious...
So, first word; it
Usage: It is used,
1. As a substance for any noun of the neuter gender; as, here
is the book, take it home.
[1913 Webster]

2. As a demonstrative, especially at the beginning of a
sentence, pointing to that which is about to be stated,
named, or mentioned, or referring to that which apparent
or well known; as, I saw it was John.
[1913 Webster]

It is I; be not afraid. --Matt. xiv.
[1913 Webster]
Now, using the 1913 Webster definitions under "Usage", and combining 1 and 2, we have noun and demonstrative.
Noun: "... of the neuter gender" would this be as in "no cajones"? subconsciously, we think weakness.
Demonstrative: (Notice the "Demon.." part of the word?
and that the example using --Matt. xiv
"It is I; be not afraid."

so we have, "Of the neuter gender, It is I; be not afraid." = no threat
Now, the word "Foo"..(By the way, here is my source for interpretation:

Foo: draw your attention to paragraph 3 results of typing foo in the "search for" text bar at the above link.

"For, it seems, the word `foo' itself had an immediate prewar history
in comic strips and cartoons. The earliest documented uses were in the
"Smokey Stover" comic strip published from about 1930 to about 1952.
Bill Holman, the author of the strip, filled it with odd jokes and
personal contrivances, including other nonsense phrases such as "Notary
Sojac" and "1506 nix nix". The word "foo" frequently appeared on license
plates of cars, in nonsense sayings in the background of some frames
(such as "He who foos last foos best" or "Many smoke but foo men chew"),
and Holman had Smokey say "Where there's foo, there's fire"."

Paragraph 6:
One place "foo" is known to have remained live is in the U.S. military
during the WWII years. In 1944-45, the term `foo fighters' was in use by
radar operators for the kind of mysterious or spurious trace that would
later be called a UFO..."

and Paragraph 7:
The U.S. and British militaries frequently swapped slang terms during
the war (see kluge and kludge for another important example) Period
sources reported that `FOO' became a semi-legendary subject of WWII
British-army graffiti more or less equivalent to the American Kilroy.
Where British troops went, the graffito "FOO was here" or something
similar showed up. Several slang dictionaries aver that FOO probably
came from Forward Observation Officer, but this (like the
contemporaneous "FUBAR") was probably a backronym . Forty years later,
Paul Dickson's excellent book "Words" (Dell, 1982, ISBN 0-440-52260-7)
traced "Foo" to an unspecified British naval magazine in 1946, quoting
as follows: "Mr. Foo is a mysterious Second World War product, gifted
with bitter omniscience and sarcasm."

Further down...
FOO: The first syllable of the sacred chant phrase "FOO MANE
PADME HUM." Our first obligation is to keep the foo counters

see where I'm going? "Immediate prewar history", "...personal contrivances, including other nonsense phrases...", ""He who foos last foos best", and the real grabber, "Where there's foo, there's fire"."
Next.."me" oops...almost at max.
You See The Pattern?

posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 03:22 AM
To be blunt the day i saw this video, I knew Bush was in deep psychological trouble.

Mind control ? maybe it is. What ever it is though, after this he should of been medically retired.

Possible mind controlled G W Bush ?

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