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North Korea Accused Of Exporting Drugs Into Japan

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posted on Jan, 2 2003 @ 08:31 PM
CNN reported last night that Japan has implicated both North Korea and China of maufacturing and then smuggling Meth-Anphetametines into Japan in recent years.

They claim that among other documented evidence that the North Korean ship that they fired on last year had stored cell phone numbers belonging to known Japanese Yakusa drug dealers (Japanese criminal underworld organization).

Anyone remember about 10 years ago when China flooded America with a couple of cargo ships full of AK-47 assault rifles? They were selling cheap and every gang member between New York and L.A. could afford one.

Interesting double standard: neither China nor North Korea tolerate drug use (or probably the possession of firearms for private protection), but are happy to manufacture and export drugs to Japan and AK-47s to America (and who knows who else?) to undermine those nations societies.

Similar to the fervent fundamentalist Taliban who outwardly outlawed drug use, but were happy to "tax" the Afghans who cultivated then sold it in local markets before smugglers took it across the borders to destinations in Western Europe and the U.S.

Sadly, wasn't there also some scandal a few years ago about the American CIA assisting Cocaine smuggling into the US? Or was it a trade of coc aine for weapons that were to be used by the Conta rebels in El Salvador?

Oh yes, let's not forget the CIA's operation called Air America and its work in flying tons of high grade heroin out of South East Asia during the Viet Nam conflict.

Maybe the point of all this is that power and greed corrupts, so what's the anwser?

Comments anyone?


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