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Scenarios: What would you do?

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posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 12:03 AM
This thread is vital. It want to hear what most of you would do. Don't go with the crowd, state your own opinion. Respond Honestly.

Scenario 1: You are shopping in a market with a relative. You and your relative are busy selecting ripe fruits, when someone with a shopping cart tries to pass, but has no space. So he asks about 2 or 3 times to move to the side politely. You and you relative do not pay attention. He gets aggravated and quickly thrusts his cart into you repeatedly, to get your attention. He hurts your right arm, and the right side of your stomach, to a point where it will get bruised. How would you respond?

Scenario 2: A berserk gunman shot and killed three pedestrians at a nearby Mall. He then ran. The police subdued someone who fit the description, and placed him under arrest. They then asked you to come down to the station and judge him. They let you talk to him for about 10 minutes. You ask many questions to this man. But he cannot respond, you wonder why. He has a sad expression on his face. Times up, the police want a straight fowar answer, Should he be locked up? Or let free? How would you respond?

Scenario 3: A neighbor discovered an infant who had been beaten. The neighbor rushed the infant to the hospital. The infant later died as a direct result of the injuries. Investigation revealed that the mother was responsible. The mother was not considered mentally competent, and the district attorney did not wish to prosecute. So they called you in due to your expertise. They wanted you to decide what to do with the mother of the now dead infant. What would you do?

Scenario 4: You and your wife/husband get into an argument. Your spouse runs and grabs a gun. He/she shoots you intentionally and severely wounds you. You get a chance to grab the gun, and you do. You then have the gun pointed right at him/her. Whats your next move?

Scenario 5: A man was in a fight on the second floor of a building. During the fight, he was knocked through a window and fell to his death. No arrest was made. Do you think this is fair?

Scenario 6: While playing cards, two men got into an argument. The first man attacked the second with a broken bottle. The second man pulled a gun and killed the first. The police arrested the shooter; he claimed self-defense. The police found no other witnesses. Fair or not?

Scenario 7: A police officer answered a bank alarm and surprised the robber coming out of the bank. The robber saw the responding officer and fired at him. The officer returned fire, killing the robber. The officer was charged in a court of record as a matter of routine in such cases. Fair?

Scenario 8: When a gunman entered a store and attempted to rob the proprietor, the storekeeper shot and killed the felon. You were chosen to judge him. Guilty? Or free of charges?

Scenario 9: While two juveniles were playing with a gun, one playfully pointed it at the other. The youth pointing the gun fired it and killed the other. At the time of arrest, the juvenile claimed no knowledge of the gun being loaded. Would you let the child free of charges?

This last one might be a little hard it is also related to a recent news story.\

Scenario 10: You see this man, beating the young child. There is no one there except you, the man, and the child. No eye witnesses. You have a revolver in your hand, it is loaded, and you raise it. The revolver is pointing right at the man who has no knowledge of you being there. You can stop the man at any time, but if you shoot him, and he dies, you go to jail for murder.
Unless you hide, get rid of, the body(bodies), the car, and the evidence. How will you respond?

These are all real life scenarios. They also can happen to your or to a friend, obviously. People face these hard questions every day. How they choose is there choice, and should not be judged. After all these are some tough questions. We might choose a different answer than we would in real life. We all understand. Thanks for your time!

Edit to space out the paragraphs.

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posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 01:01 AM
1. Punch the rude shopper in the face
2. Punch cop in face, prison break
3. Punch mom in the face
4. Pistol-hammer-punch to the face
5. Who got punched the face first? Need more info.
6. Depends on where the victim was stop or to kill?
7. Not fair, punch the judge in the face
8. Was the thief armed? If not, the proprietor is guilty of murder.
9. A prison in Thailand should settle this matter...
10. Call out, identify myself, assess for weapons, then fire.

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 01:31 AM
1. Look him dead in the eye, inform him that I have a concealed carry lisence and suggest he find another way around.

2. He fit the description, let the criminal justice system do its job of investigating the crime and the person. If evidence is conclusive, then he will be found guilty and sentenced, if not he will be released.

3. Procecute the mother.

4. I'm wounded, I've disarmed my spouse and now have the gun ... next move is to call 911 and get to the hospital.

5. I think there should be government mandated safety measures to prevent such an atrocity from happening. Some sort of airbag, or second-story safety belt should be implemented to prevent people from falling from windows. (pardon me while I take my tounge out of my cheek)

6. Fair

7. I dont know what "... charged in a court of record as a matter of routine in such cases." means. Does this mean the officer was investigated to see if the killing was justified? If so, then Fair. If he was charged and found guilty, then not fair. The robber had a gun and demonstrated the intent to do bodily harm to the responding officer. The officer had a right to defend himself.

8. I'd let the shop keeper free as well as giving him a ticker-tape parade and key to the city.

9. Child - yes, free of charges, but I'd find some way of making him take a NRA safety course, for both pistol and long guns. Parents - I'd rake them over the coals. Not for having a gun (loaded or not, a 6 year old can load a gun), but for not stressing and impressing on their child the need to handle guns safely. There are too many anti-gun nutjobs just salivating for stories like these so their agenda can be furthered.

10. Depending on the surroundings ... fire a shot into the air and tell the man to leave the child alone, if he refuses, shoot centermass, reload.
If the surroundings wouldn't permit a warning shot ... "I have a gun and if you continue beating that child I will shoot you." if he stops, call the police, if he doesnt stop, or attempts to take my gun, shoot center mass and reload.

Pretty simple stuff. Which makes me wonder which side of the gun debate you are pushing for.

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 04:55 AM
1. Push him in the chest with one hand and call him out in public. If he swings first, nearly anything I do would be self-defense.

2. He is exhibiting signs of remorse of revealing his disturbing character. Unless he is mentally handicapped, his silence speaks volumes of his guilt.

3. The women is a threat to others and should be hauled off to the loony bin.

4. I tell her to get down on the floor and shoot an object close to her to show her I mean business. I then call the police and inform them of my situation.

5. Who started the fight? If the victim started it, then he brought it on himself. Arrests should have been made in order to interrogate people and witnesses to get a better understanding of the situation.

6. If there are no other witnesses, than how can we be sure he isn't lying? Even a "lie detector" may be useless if he honestly thought he was justified in his act.

7. The cop was doing his job. If anything the department is at fault for supplying cops with guns instead of super soakers.

8. The shop keeper had the right to assume that the robber was armed and dangerous. At arm's length a knife can be just as deadly as a gun.

9. Interview people in the community about the children's relationship and general behavior. My decision will be based on this info.

10. In the case of this news story, babies are very fragile and it's a miracle it survived. If I had the power I would bestow on him an honorable medal and pay increase, and make public the identity of anyone who came to the baby kicker's defense.

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 05:21 AM
1) follow him to his car, get his license plate number, call the cops, go to the Dr. and get the bruises documented, and finally sue him.

2) tell the authorities I can't decide unless they give me more time.

3) lock her up for more mental evaluation

4) run out of the house with the gun and seek help

5) no

6) it depends on the wounds from the broken bottle and who started the argument.

7) yes

8) free of charges

9) it depends on the age of the juvenile. There's a difference between 4 year olds and 12 year olds in knowing if a gun is loaded. Actually, the person who left the gun to be found by children should be prosecuted also.

10) notify the person that I am there, with a gun. Shoot if they don't stop. The wounds to the child will prove a need for lethal intervention.

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 05:42 AM
1: The shoppers caused the problem. Send them back to Africa.
2) Lock the berserker up once you prove he was the shooter..
3) 80 percent of children killed by a parent are killed by their mother. Lock her up. Being female is no excuse to avoid a life sentence.
4) Call an ambulance and lock her up ( unless she is getting another weapon, in which case kill her.)
5) It depends if the fall was accidental or intentional. If he slipped while grabbing a chair to beat someone with, his fault. If he was pushed, lock up the pusher for manslaughter.
6) A broken bottle is a threat to ones life, like a knife, kill the attacker. Don't go to jail
7) The officer was shot at, his life is in danger, kill the attacker and don't go to jail.
8) A robber is a threat to ones life. Kill the robber, don't go to jail.
9) "I didn't know it was loaded." Negligent homicide. Needs court supervision for a long time.
10) Stopping someone from killing someone is justifiable homicide. Kill the beater, don't go to jail.

They were not, as the post says, real life situations. Police would never let you talk to the suspect in case number two. The mother and the baby one is totally unrealistic in that while mothers kill a lot one person does not decide should she pay for it. Number 8, the robbery, again, not one person is the judge and the law is also quite clear on such situations: Threatened proprietors have the right to defend themselves and their property.

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 05:55 AM
1. Ask the guy if he is in a rush ? I would defend myself incase of any harm brought to me or other people who are with me at that time

2. I would tell them to lock him up until we analyzed the whole situation better . And in case nothing turns out against him i would set him free. But i'm pretty sure if i saw the man with my own eyes i would remember alot of his looks.

3. I probably would put her in a mental institution. But with mental patients i really have a blurred opinion . I find it hard to make a decision just based on the facts u presented .

4. Force her on the ground with the gun pointed at here face.Call the cops with my cell. If she tries anything funny i wouldt kill but her out in the leg

5. Hell no ,but we all now its a daily routine in the world ppl die under strange circumstances and justice doesn't always prevail

6. If i was the judge for the case i would put the so called "defender" in jail. In my eyes killing someone with a unbalanced weapon can't be called selfdefence anymore if u guys get what i say.

7. Yup sounds fair to me . Because if the guy shot after the cop ballistics report will show he fired at the cop proving the cop shot him in self defence. So he would go free anyway

8. This is a tricky one to . I would have to have witnesses, security camera films, the fact if the robber ever pulled a gun. but based on the facts presented we would be free of charges

9.Prosecute the guy who left the gun loaded . The kid i would let throughly investigated by a shrink to see if it really was a accident. The disicion to sentence the kid would depend on de report of the shrink.

10. Say move away from the kid 2 times . Then move away or ill shoot. Then shoot him in his right shoulder

Nice idea for a tread m8

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 06:22 AM
Scenario 1 - push the cart back into him
Scenario 2 - lock him up
Scenario 3 - have her committed and assessed
Scenario 4 - Keep hold of the gun and leave.
Scenario 5 - Possibly, I would need to know more details though
Scenario 6 - Was the man authorised to carry a gun? check for fingerprints on the glass.
Scenario 7 - Yes.
Scenario 8 - Guilty of what? Manslaughter, murder?
Scenario 9 - I would check the kids previous history for violence etc.
Scenario 10- Depends on what type of beating. Wouldnt shoot him though.

Bizzare questions!

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 06:39 AM
These are all my honest responses

1, call him a knob but accept its my fault if i ignored his 3 polite requests
2, Lock him up until he can respond
3, Life in a nut house
4, blow their kneecaps out and call PC plod
5, accident-seen things like this happen.
6, Ive been attacked by broken bottles, very rarely they kill so not life threatening. he didnt need to kill him, could have wounded, lock him up but a short sentance
7, fair enough, let a jury decide on plod like they would us
8, robbed with what? a gun yes, a knife no.
9, hard to prove the kid did or didnt know it was loaded, let him go
10, walk across and tell him to jack it in. If he refused and kept on beating the kid then would either just spark him out or if bigger than me
would blow his foot off.

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 11:20 PM
1 - Apologize for ignoring him then tell him if he touches me again, he will be picking himself up off the floor.

2 - I would state that I had no clear read, suggest they test him for mental competency and physical impairments, then trust to the court system.

3 - Dependant on the reason for mental imcompetency, I would order clinical help for the mother, then move forward from there. If it was determined that drugs or alcohol were responsible for her mental condition, I would request prosecution.

4 - Call 911, and attempt to leave the area.

5 - Without knowing who initiated the fight or how the man came to fall out the window, its hard to say. If facts on hand showed the "victim" had initiated the fight or the fall was not an intentional act, then I agree with no arrest.

6 - If the combatant with the gun had no other recourse (i.e. backing up or leaving) then it is fair.

7 - I agree that the incident should have been recorded and investigated, but with the facts presented, it seems a lawful shooting.

8 - It depends was the robber shot on the way in, during or on the way out. If on the way in or during, I feel the shooter had reason to believe his life was in immediate jeopardy, if the suspect was leaving then no.

9 - No charges, however, I would hold the parents responsible for either allowing their child access to a loaded weopon, and/or not effectively teaching the child not to play with the gun.

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