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They're doing it again, using the same old con!

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posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 11:17 PM
I just took a look on CNN's website, and on the front page I saw something that sickened me.

The main article was about same-sex marriages being made legal in California. There were several sub-articles talking about various aspects of the issue. I didn't read any of them, and I don't care to. I read it all during the last election!

What bothered me about it wasn't the issue itself, but the timing of it being brought up. This exact same thing happened in the 2004 election!! The Republicans knew that dwindling support for the war was going to cost them the election, but then all of a sudden - BAM! Gay marriage takes the forefront of political discussion, out of nowhere.

And here we have it happening again. With Obama talking about the change that people want (all lies, but that's a different topic,) and McCain talking about being okay with another 100 years of war, the Republicans are once again backed into a corner. So they play the same old trick, and present their voter base with a moral issue that they've seen trumps concern over the War on Terror.

And the issue is gay marriage. Well I hope America learned its lesson. We voted for more war, more lost freedom, more crooked politicians, and more corruption in order to "Preserve the sanctity" of other people's marriages. They fooled us once, shame on them. If they fool us twice, shame on us.

If we, as a nation, allow this trick to work again and vote for 4 more years of the neoconservative agenda just to make life hard on gay people, then I hate to say it, but this nation would deserve to parish in its own stupidity. Why? Because we will have voted for ourselves to parish in the defense of intolerance.

Wake up America, and quit letting yourselves be so plainly manipulated by the worst people our country has to offer. Vote for a third party candidate, any third party candidate. It's doubtful we can win, but if we can leave the winning candidate holding less than a third of the popular vote then we can show the rest of the world that it's not our choice to do them such grave harm, and that we need their help in liberating our once great country!

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 06:02 AM

Originally posted by mattifikation
...McCain talking about being okay with another 100 years of war....

McCain didn't say that.

Furthermore, no one but gays and the California courts are responsible for making gay marriage an issue at this time.

That's pretty bizarre thinking on your part.

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