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The magic of Awareness

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posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 06:05 PM
1.When you start noticing the world is a lot bigger then what it use to be something created a change in your awareness.

2.The more the mind becomes free flowing and allowing the more you will allow awareness to come in without being filitered out.

3.Change is good, it lets you know things are still moving forward in direction.

4.How we isolate our daily world with perception affects our ability to grasp from external awareness.

5.How meticulous we are to details, can save us time in the long run.

6.There is no time just freedom of expression

7.Let go of Earths Laws on a mentally and abstract level.

8.Be cheerful everywhere your attention takes you.

9.Try slowing down your heart rate and speeding it up to see how it can affect how your view of the world through your eyes and not intrepetation.

10.Relax and stay in the moment.

With all the different things I have seen in my life its a wonder I have any free time for the normal stuff.

I think I see more things outside our laws then inside our laws.

Well go ahead and to the discussion if you wish.


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