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FEMA Permanently Occupies Real Town For Advanced "Terror Training"

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posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 09:40 PM

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is spending $22 million dollars per year on a terror training program within a real town in New Mexico where helicopters buzz overhead in the middle of the night, mock nuclear explosions are drilled and "suicide bombers" are taken down by SWAT teams who pull citizens out of their homes.

The AP reports that what makes Playas, New Mexico an ideal training ground is the fact that it is a real town with real people living there.

There are a number of families in the town that are totally unconnected to the training and go about their daily lives while martial law scenarios are played out around them.

"Just a few years ago it was a ghost town abandoned after a large mining company pulled out," the AP's Rich Matthews reports. "Today, it's a training ground for the unthinkable: Nuclear attacks, invasions and suicide bombings in the United States."

"We have helicopters in the middle of the night flying overhead and explosions that can take place at all hours," resident Kim Kvame says. "It gets to be a part of the background noise that just lets you know you're home after a while."

So, SWAT teams and troops running around with choppers circling overhead, sounds real homely.

Why does the Federal government believe that terrorists would be residing in sleepy small town America?

Why is it important to train SWAT teams to pull people out of homes in American towns?

The answer is simple, because the Federal government sees the citizens of America as possible insurgents or terrorists.

Playas is owned by New Mexico Tech, constituting a division of the university's Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center. There are plans to expand the center dramatically in the near future.

In 2004 New Mexico Tech bought the town using a $5 million grant from the Department of Homeland Security to begin converting the town into the nation’s primary counter-terrorism training facility. Read all about it and view more pictures here.

This is not the first FEMA terror training program to raise serious questions.

A whistleblower who was secretly enrolled into the program told us that the feds were clandestinely recruiting religious leaders to help implement Homeland Security directives in anticipation of a potential bio-terrorist attack, any natural disaster or a nationally declared emergency.

In 2002, FEMA sought bids from major real estate and engineering firms to construct giant internment facilities in the case of a chemical, biological or nuclear attack or a natural disaster.

Okanogan County Commissioner Dave Schulz went public three years ago with his contention that his county was set to be a location for one of the camps.

Read More: Here

I came across this and thought I would share it here, I believe this is proof that the U.S. is preparing for something.... I just want to find out if this is the only one or if there are many others really in existence out there?!

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posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 11:00 PM
"Why is it important to train SWAT teams to pull people out of homes in American towns? "

Thats not accurate at all. They arent going to people who live there and just pulling them from their houses in the middle of the night.

It is a former "company town", that used to be owned by a mine, and the mine closed down. Most of the town is empty, with a few people that live there. They use the place to practice urban disasters, since most of the town is not lived in anymore.

There isnt anything secretive about it, I think most everyone in that region knows about it.

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 10:56 AM
The scariest part is the whole ....

The answer is simple, because the Federal government sees the citizens of America as possible insurgents or terrorists.


I am still more worried about THEM then some made up terrorist. A "terrorist" can not take civil liberties away, but make one up and use the fear, and they will give it to you.

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 11:07 AM
I dont see that there is anything out of the ordinary going on considering the warfare techniques and risks of todays global powers.

The army have mass training grounds where they test fire the sort of weapons that FEMA are considering being used, so does the navy and the Airforce.

If it could also be used against us I dont see that there is anything strange about preparing for the possibility.

Just my opinion, regards S_G

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