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funniest thing about elections

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posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 12:14 AM
It could be that im starting to get to that age where things have been happening concurrently for so long, that im just now starting to get fed up with them (kind of like....being room mates with your best friend from childhood...kinda gets on your nerves after a few months)

What im talking about is how, in this election especially, people are so easily swayed, but refute their undying loyalties to one side by saying "dont trust what that person has to say, he's a politician!"

Here's a common fact

Obama = politician
Mccain = politician

They are both in this for themselves. If you blindly agree with everything Obama has to say - then fine, have fun with that.

Same thing goes for McCain.

Hasnt the last X number of years taught us anything about politicians?

ill lower taxes, AND have a universal healthcare plan

-oh really cool!!!!

Because McCain is too old!

and the same goes reverse for McCain against Obama.
And the same goes for Obama supports vs Mccain supporters.

You can have an opinion on who's better, thats fine, if nobody had one, there'd be no need for elections. thats not my point

My point is, every election year, people in general (nobody specifically) point out their blatant disregard for 'learning from experience' when they start rallying behind their chosen corrupt politician.

This isnt a battle for bragging rights
Its a battle to protect our way of life from other people!

For anyone to blindly believe that Barack Obama isnt a U.S. born citizen - thats just sheer ignorance. Now, is it possible? I dont know, it makes me curious that he's hesitant about revealing his birth certificate, but he could have other reasons for that, i dont know!

For anyone to believe that McCain only wants war, because he's a U.S. vet is simply stupid. To insinuate that veterans of our military are all war hungry blood thirsty monsters is proposterious. But this seems to be how the media plays it out.

If your opinion matches your candidates opinions. Fine. Good for you! You are not being fooled.

But all im seeing in this particular board is regurgitation (spelling?) from Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and other politically motivated news programs.

Here's a few facts

McCain is not too old to run for president. There is no rule saying you cant be X number of years old. To say he's too old is to discriminate.

Saying "obama isnt black enough" is a stupid comment, and those that use it should not be taken seriously about anything they say or do in life

Nobody truely knows, yet, where Barack Obama was born. To say, for sure, either way, is ignorance. You can have an idea, thats fine. Idea's can be changed. But personal convictions caused the crusades

Choose your candidate, and choose wisely. We're stuck with them for four years. But dont listen to a dang word they have to say.

The president cant give you universal health care, lower taxes, etc etc etc. He or she can only try.

How about we debate the issues from the candidates, instead of the candidates themselves

this election isnt about skin color, religion, or age, because the American constitution is blind to all three.

This election is about the best (now) man for the job.

now, talk about which man, and why.

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 12:22 AM
Sorry if things arent making sense. Its late

I guess to addon to this - i would say that elections should be the people v.s. the chosen candidates

We elect certain people to do things that effect every second of our lives. To give them blind trust (a total stranger) over your life is just shocking.

If i walked up to you on the street, and said, "hello, im running for president, give me your wallet so i can contribute to my campaign fund"

you'd laugh at me, and may even pepper spray me for fear i'd take your wallet

So why do it to politicians?
Because they're on T.V.?

Here's a simple rule when dealing with a politician

If McCain says obama wasnt born in the USA
Then Obama WAS born in the USA

If Obama says McCain is just a war mongering idiot
then McCain is peace loving gentle soul

never, ever, take something a politician says at its face value.

We have a history of presidents who've done great things, this is true, but we also have a history of idiot presidents who, because of the gullible public at large, screwed us over in more ways than one.

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 12:56 AM
I kinda like using the wrestling analogy myself.

Both sides fight it out like theres no tomorrow, body slamming the other, all while the crowd cheers on their fave.

They fight and fight and we cheer and cheer, but it's all choreographed and fake.
It's all a big lie yet people will talk about the battle for years to come.

After the match the combatants go and hang out, have a beer and laugh all the way to the bank

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 01:18 AM
reply to post by Alxandro

I've never heard that one before
but my God is it brilliant!!!

I cant wait to get to work in the morning and tell everyone...nice post!

posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 03:02 AM
So how did it go over with your buddies?
Was it a hit by the water cooler?

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