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The Problem With Political Funding

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posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 08:30 PM
The political system, whether it's from the UK or USA is flawed.

Lobbiyists give money to politicians to fund their campaigns, and so their interests in the public view are clouded. they are driven by underhand deals to hold the interests of their campaign funders as more important than their constituents.

I think it's about time we removed the funding of campaigns from private hands. Whilst everyone doesn't like the idea of publically funded campaigns, surely such funding would encourage policital equality. By choosing 20 of the top parties and giving them equal voice in media and economic support we would encourage a truly economic process.

The real problem with funding political parties is that they tend to make commitments, if a tobacco company gives them 20 million pounds then they tend to help that organisation politically, supressing research and giving incentives.

we have to stop this now, both in the UK and the USA. Political funding by our taxes isn't a nice thought, but it at least ensures equalty and removes lobbyists from political influence.

Give the top 20 partites equal funding, equal media time and let them debate with equal time and lets see what happens to democracy.

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