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Decisions, decisions...

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posted on Mar, 4 2004 @ 05:22 PM
not sure if this fits under this category, but there was no other category this topic comes near to... so... mod away, should you think there's a need

An event happened to me just a few nights ago, that has proven so many things about the concept I am about to discuss. While the event itself and its outcome was not incredibly significant, nor was it a life-altering event, it was a true-to-reality experience that affirms my beliefs in the importance of decisions that we all make in our lives. Honestly, it wasn't the grandest event, but it could have ended up in a very negative manner so I cannot really discuss the details of the matter here.

There are those who believe in destiny; that things, on a Universal level, are preset to a set number of values or perhaps even bound to a control system, like that saying "written in stone". That certain people were destined to meet each other, or that certain things were 'made' to happen for a purpose. While there is such a thing as the probability of making positive encounters based on your surroundings and your perceptions, there is no such thing as a preset method or pattern of events for no apparent reason. I used to believe in destiny and things like that, but now I truly belive this is not true. There cannot be a predetermined way to live out your existence. I know this probably sounds a bit corny, but give it a listen, if you pease.

We all understand the basic universal laws of Cause and Effect; for every action, there is a reaction. For every event, there was a cause and an effect that followed that cause. The effect would never happen if there was never a cause to give birth to it. This is essentially the basis of decisions. Every decision is made based on causes and effects, as well as how well we can predict the effects to be within our decision. Because of this intimate relationship between making decisions and what happens as a result, this is how we live out our perception on life.

This is fundamental to understand, because there are no outside forces that hinder or augment our ability to make decisions. It is between our own soul and how we think we can make the best out of the situation, and that's why sometimes we make the wrong decisions even though we knew it would turn out badly. We do make mistakes, and we cannot always be completely flawless on every level. If then, to use their language, we are robots. Mistakes are imperative to existence on the decision-making level, beause that is how we remember to avoid making similarly poor decisions in the future.

This is a completely sophisticated arena of thought, because, in essence, making a decisions can be as simple as flipping a coin or as difficult as having seriously harmful tension over the matter. Because pain and feeling are synonymous with perception, there are decisions that we can make that can make no impact on life and there are decisions that can drastically alter your perception of existence.

Maybe finding out about esoteric stuff was such a moment? Maybe witnessing 911 or the kennedy assasination was enough to change your way of thinking about the world before us? No. It was the decisions we made to follow up or to look into the matter that has made us rather concerned about how things are on this planet. Not the events that happened, or the tragedies that had taken place, but the ideas that formed in our heads that made us THINK about what had happened. That's why there are those who disagree and those who are completely ignorant of such complex and sensitive topics. They never made the decisions that would make them more aware, or better informed.

The scientific basis behind this idea is also the fact that very much of our perception of reality is based on resonances and energy, as well as the experience we have accumulated, which is pretty much energy within your brain as well as the energy that it converts into perceptions and thoughts. Energy like photons (light particles/waves) shining brightly from the Sun, and vibrations like the muscial sounds we listen to for pleasure are just some of the items absorbed by the brain in order for thoughts to come together. How we perceive that through our senses is solely dependent on the way we developed over time, because our minds are constantly making comparisons to the past whether we know it or not at the same times we are making such decisions. This is why sometimes you can be truly disgusted by something, and find a friend who is completely attracted to the very thing which gives you displeasure.

This is perhaps why sometimes dreams can seem so hazy or unfamiliar... because we cannot always remember every single decision we made in those dreams; the events would seem to probably just take place, like the eternal realm of the Universe. The kind of realm where there is no such control; no such destiny or predetermined way of existence. I'm not talking about predictable spatial phenomena like supernovas or star formation, but more like the intricate possibilities of eternity such as how or when a black hole chooses to seal itself.

What we think about is mostly based on decisions, unless it's a form of reflection or hindsight, or the like. "If I do this, then that may happen" or "I'd like to try that to see what can come about." And this is the most critical point of this matter, and this idea is augmented by religions and belief systems. It is through those patterns and suggestions such as those that such organizations invent or create, that we form our most basic decision-making processes. It is at that point, where you can control your future as well as your destiny. By trying out different things or making different sorts of decisions, you may be able to realize different parts of our perception of reality. There may be times that such unusual decisions can wreak havoc, but then there are times that the same types of determinations can be most beneficial. To use the motto from an organization I hate, from order comes chaos and from chaos comes order. Neither one is naturally good or bad, they are just a way of telling things apart based on our perception. Those two 'polarities' are based on how we decide to absorb the events before us. There may be times that you think by doing something in a certain way, we will be making a grave error, but in the end, it could even result in something very promising. For instance, how chaos brings order, to put it simply.

How we live here and how we die to exist in a different manner are completely unrelated to decision making and the perception of reality that we face here and now. That is just a circumstance if you choose to believe in it being just that; a possibility but not a definite happenstance. I say this because, it is up to you to make the decision to accept or reject the situations before you. It is up to you to decide on how you are going to do things, or not to do them at all, as well as how you may allow certain things to influence your perception of the life before you.

It's all up to you.

posted on Mar, 4 2004 @ 05:50 PM
Close but I think you are missing something.

While your life is a series of choices, GOD also has placed, obstacles and "prizes" in your path. YOU will run into them at GOD's choosing.

But its up to YOU to discern what they are and what they mean to your current life path.

Some are minor "adjustments" that are ment to alter your course for some other purpuse, unknown to you at the time.

Others are rewards for exceeding GOD's expectations for you.

But its up to you whether or not you claim them.

If you saw the movie 'Family Man' with Nic Cage, there is a scene near the end before he returns to his "normal" life, where the girl gives the "angel" a dollar, but he gives her back change for a $10.00, yet she does not say anything. This was a test for her to cast away greed, but she failed. Of course this is an infrance as they do not show how that little girls life pans out. But I KNOW that latter on in life GOD will have placed harder obstacles for her to overcome based on her greedy decision about the incorrect change.

This is the law of GOD to mankind. Live your life with your heart, what you know is right. And when GOD has placed wonders before you, trust in HIM that he has done so for a purpuse. Pray to HIM and ask HIM if this is his intent. And if it is to be so, then so shall it be.

I have seen many wonders and am amazed at what GOD can do. But it takes a close respect for what GOD is to discern when these "signs" appear.

posted on Mar, 4 2004 @ 06:08 PM
what an altogether completely fatiuging read that was
the law of cause and affect.
what you sow you will reap.
it is also known as the law of karma.
destiny is what you make of it.
the ultimate goal is the infinte consciousness of GOD.
there is not reality but god for those who are realized.
metaphysics and science one day will merge.
ive lived the law of cause and affect and it is as real as this dream that god has dreamt us into
God is the sole reality
not else

posted on Mar, 4 2004 @ 09:22 PM
watcheroftheskies, you think it was a fatiguing read? well, I suppose that sometimes I can write a bit too much... but what, was it boring or something? perhaps redundant or something?

to a certain extent that is the basic meaning behind what I wrote, that is the laws of karma, but also there was more to it.

I agree with robertfenix that it is also the obstacles placed here before us that is a very big part of the decision making process, but I do not understand how it is that God will interfere with that process and assist you. What I do understand is that your mind makes inferences based on your experiences, and that is what eventually tells you whether or not it is something you should or want to do. Perhaps because this is through my own limitations, I admit, meaning I have never had an instance of divine intervention so far as I can remember. But then, how would I know the difference?

thanks for your feedback. they're very much appreciated!

posted on Mar, 5 2004 @ 12:44 PM

Originally posted by AlnilamOmega
but I do not understand how it is that God will interfere with that process and assist you.

Because EVERYTHING is connected back to GOD whether rock, animal, vegtiable, human etc.

Like I said if you are asking for GOD to come into your life and help with a situation, GOD can place people into your path that "could" help you with that situation. But it has to fit GOD's plan for you in someway. Not everyone can win the lottery. But sometimes its because GOD needs that person to do something, maybe for someone else that has no access to money. Or in the cases where people die unexpectanly, its because GOD has some need for that soul to be somewhere else according to his grand design.

posted on Mar, 5 2004 @ 01:13 PM
To address your question of the placement of the thread, I really can't find a better place for it either but its not directly related to paranormal as I can see but would fit better in the philosphy catagory and since we don't have one, I'm okay with it here.

posted on Mar, 5 2004 @ 01:45 PM

Originally posted by AlnilamOmega
By trying out different things or making different sorts of decisions, you may be able to realize different parts of our perception of reality. There may be times that such unusual decisions can wreak havoc, but then there are times that the same types of determinations can be most beneficial.

I totally agree. It's called thinking outside the box. Some people consider it a risk to do so but in my own experience, the rewards outweigh the pitfalls.

posted on Mar, 5 2004 @ 02:06 PM
Your observation that 'Destiny'

is not Predestination and your actions are not
PreOrdained is probably correct.

but, if only it is semantics, I see everyone walking
a path that follows the archtype myth pattern.

choices, milestones or pitfalls are continually put before
each person (essentially a Script to follow)

and each choice has results/consequences
[again, we see value, controls, karmic returns,
and subsystems/laws at work...which if we
go to the nth of semantics, means you really
have no- choices whatever, real/imagined]

Once again, the adage that 'We are All Actors'
rings with a reasoned truth...and 'All the Worlds' a Stage'...takes on an added dimension

actually the philosophical arena of destiny is much to
vast for a forum board...but if your like a fly on the wall,
you might have a look see at pfir are more exclusive than Mensa to get in

enjoy your journey

posted on Mar, 5 2004 @ 06:26 PM
Funny that they use the phoenetic for FEAR for their organization.

Besides "actors" there are "directors" as well my Rastafarian friend.

I know this to be true

posted on Mar, 7 2004 @ 10:09 PM
My take on this is that we are all spirtual beings trapped within human bodies on the physical realm. As humans, no set of circumstances has been prescibed for us to act out or follow. Our spirit is unlimited in the actions it can take. But as human beings on Earth we do not have a true "free will".

Sadly, our spirits are trapped in the physical world, which is finite and limited by its nature and as such, we cannot utilize the full power of our spiritual side unless we shed this mortal coil. While here, we are limited in the number of locations we can physically manifest at once, the amount of sleep we get, how strong or tall we can be, etc. Socially and economically as humans we are also limited. This limits the number of choices we can make in reaction to any given situation while on this planet.

In my opinion, the only decisions that really matter in your life are, do you choose to let yourself fall into the trap of pain and suffering of the world around you or do you recognize you're spirtual being in a biological body and move past that, to treat the people in your life with respect and love. Or do you limit yourself and focus on satisfying your physical needs, following the rewards and punishments of society and organized religion and hoping that your life will get better.

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