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A Fat Chunk of Humanity's Lost History:

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posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 05:00 PM
Though written as fact for simplicity, its only possibility, maybe theory, definitely more than imagination tho...

Back in the days forgotten, humans prospered. We were functioning within average limitations of the environment; in relative balance, with limited technology, and limited global travel (i.e. racial mixing). When the "Offworlders" came, they found a relatively peaceful planet, including tool makers in harmonious coexistence. i.e. a species worthy of contact. After some limited observation to determine which civilizations were the most developed; and sophisticated enough to handle contact, the Offworlders said, "Hi."

What the Offworlders had missed was that the observed peace between cultures/races around the world was due lack of contact, not advanced understanding. What had appeared to be purposefully developed, enlightened cultures were as such due to ignorance rather than choice. (I dunno, maybe the Offworlders were rookies or something? The Contact Suitability supervisor caught his wife sleeping with his buddy in Atmosphere Assessment and well, his mind just wasn't in his work that week...) Anyway, by the time the error was identified, it was too late. Knowledge of their presence was too widespread to "patch and run".

Ethically, once contact and communication is established, to withhold life giving/saving technology is not permitted. Gradual, stepped introduction is the norm and was employed as standard proceedure. At first, humans took well to the new technologies. They were able to understand the processes, build, and maintain the devices. In fact, much to the Offworlders' surprise, humans were exceptionally creative at expanding the applications for the various technologies.

At first, it appeared the Offworlders' gamble might pay off. But as technology enabled greater transportation and the various races/cultures began to interact, it wasn't long before race/culture based conflicts began to emerge. Human's potential for ingenious ferocity became apparent. Life saving technologies were warped into ruthless weapons. The Offworlders' error was bearing it's consequences and it wasn't difficult to extrapolate from emerging scenarios, endings which included humanity's self-destruction. ... Now if humans were to self-destruct as a result of Offworlder introduced technology - the Galactic Council would more than blister their behinds!

The Offworlders first approached the offending and most powerful governments to try and negotiate a solution. I believe the final talks ended with one of the white skinned humans speaking at maximum volume, making strange, false statements concerning the Offworld delegation's female parents? Humans can be so bizarre sometimes... A unilateral solution was deemed necessary.

The introduced (and abused) technology was generally limited to a band of cultures roughly circling the equator. It was decided that they would simply have to be eliminated, the world left to heal its wounds, and the remaining species to repopulate the "cleansed" areas at their lesiure.

I don't know if the weapon was fired from orbit, the moon, the sol system, or where, but it was a beam which was highly destructive to organic and man-made matter. The "cleansing sweep" began in (modern labels) the SW United States, went through Texas, across Northern Africa (possibly attached to Texas), across the Middle East, India and finally came to rest after cleansing Australia (possibly still connected to Asia). This is in fact, the origin of the Antarctic Ozone Hole. Created in the Pacific, the Offworlders manipulated the atmosphere so as to move the hole along the above stated path; all the while the deadly beam shining through it, decimating the Earth below. What was once some of the most beautiful, green, and life rich parts of the planet, was nothing more than a belt of barren desert, circling the globe. The Offworlders left the star system to promote it's natural development. Thus, Earth began to heal itself.

At this point, modern, recorded history begins to overlap with the truth and they do bare resemblance. Nothing so dramatically different exists so as to necessitate inclusion here, until Europeans began migrating to the New World - the Americas. Here's where the great deception lies. While exploring the continent of North America, the new Americans found something. In a sacred area, forbidden to be entered by Native law and US/Native treaties, US scouts found what can only be described as a massive storage bunker. It was dug at a very steep angle down, with "floors" every 30 yards or so. Perhaps at the time of the "cleansing" people had tried to hide here (unsuccessfully) to survive the beam... The bunker was barren. Just large dirt tubes between cavernous, dirt chambers. Until the bottom floor. An incredible distance beneath the surface (1-3 mi.?) where the tube would have continued was instead, a massive, rectangular stone wall. Due to it's massive size the anomaly would have to be investigated later. It was theorized to most likely be a royal tomb or even more likely, a mass grave. For years the wall remained impenetrable. Moving, removing, or circumventing that final wall proved no simple task; especially not knowing it's actual size (at first), nor the fragility of what may lay beyond it. Eventually it was determined to be the front side of a 30'x30'x15'h room, created by/surrounded by 12 massive stones: no more than 4 to a side, approximately 7' thick. Remember, part of the problem was that all access to the bunker had to remain covert. Entry into this part of the Native controlled land was forbidden.

The US personnel finally gained access in the early 1800's, only to discover... a repository of the ancient introduced technology and associated data and information - saved from the Offworlder beam by the mass of earth and stone above it. Of course, the information and items found were useless curiosities at first, but there was no question as to their nature and value. It was then officially decided that the United States would have to acquire the primary latitudes north and south of the bunker, from coast to coast. Manifest Destiny became a household term. In the years to come this site came to be known as Area 51.


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posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 11:38 PM
ok, for the rest of this business...

something I left out earlier... as many of you are aware, there is a progression of ruling bloodlines that stem from ancient babylon and overtime move through eastern and central europe, up to GB, and across to the USA. this progression is not just an attempt at world domination, but actually was an ongoing search. Following rumor, hearsay, and what ever clues could be found, these families were actually searching for the ark of the covenant. The Covenant is/are the instructions from the Offworlders. technical and social instructions - transcripts of their attempts to negotiate, etc... The great stone room is the ark. The progression through Euroope to the USA was the ongoing search for the rumored ark - said to be ultimate power - enough to dominate the world...

Now THIS I am totally making up on my own, but it would seem likely to me that the 'holy grail' would likely be in reference to one or a collection of the technologies contained therein? Anyway...

back to the lost history...
so we left our heros having found the technology and taken over n. america as the USA. The US "government" began analyzing the great rooms contents and not long thereafter began the slow introduction of technologies as they became understood and determined "manageable". First out of the box was electricity. Other technologies included nuclear power/weapons, microwaves, microchip tech, radio, television, nano-tech, and endless others and more to come. Now, you're probably saying, "Ah-NO. These came from this and was discovered by so-and-so when working on this, which lead to that..." Yes. That is what we are taught. AND that IS sort-of what happened, but not exactly. The techs named and many others actually originated from this found tech - from the great room. Understand though that this reality has not been the perfect secret. For example, Nuclear technology among others was stolen by/leaked into the international community against the US's wishes. Countries are always trying to find ways to break into the US's monopoly on this vast store of knowledge.

Mind you, what we know of in the general public are only the most mundane of technologies contained in the great room. Furthermore, this is only one aspect of what effects Area 51 (as I'll refer to it here on...). The interstellar community was quite suprised to find humans illuminating the planet at night and setting off nuclear explosions and sending waves into space. Realizing something had gone amiss, the Offworlders returned to see wtf was going on. They were not pleased.

Of course at first our selfimportant, cocky rulers basically said, "Go f yourself" when the Offworlders demanded a curtailing and surrender of the technology. It wasn't long before they were humbled into negotiations. The Offworlders needed only to point to common written history to prove humans were screwing up AGAIN, and should probably be dealt with just as they were last time - but even more diligently of course. Being the actual tech keepers, the US were the only human reps of consequence. The US argued that humanity had infact progressed and was at the threshold of birthing into the type of society the Offworlders required. In the end, an agreement was made to give humanity some time to show it's true colors... "D-Day" is in 2012. And things are not looking good. This is why the US has begun tromping around the world, setting it's sights on who it deems "toublemakers". It has been decided that there's no longer time to wait for dictators and others to come around and play ball peacefully. It's now or never. Thus, as 2012 approaches, anyone who isn't gettin in line with the "unified earth" project (i.e. NWO) will be quickly and ruthlessly placed in line, so that when D-Day comes (in december 2012?), we look like a single, well behaved, smiling, 2nd Grade Class.

As I understand it, TPTB believes this will be sufficient to satisfy the Offworlders expectations and let us avert being blasted into desert wastelands. Apparently Global Warming is actually the beam initializing and "warming up" in preparation for our failure in 2012.

Anyway, believe what you will, but I suspect you will find, as you learn and grow, this version of history and our present situation link up in many ways you never imagined.

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posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 12:40 AM

Originally posted by verbal kint
anyone who isn't gettin in line with the "unified earth" project (i.e. NWO) will be quickly and ruthlessly placed in line, so that when D-Day comes (in december 2012?), we look like a single, well behaved, smiling, 2nd Grade Class.

As I understand it, this will be sufficient to satisfy the Offworlders expectations and let us avert being blasted into desert wastelands.

I have kind of a problem with this. Isn't there a huge difference between actually living peacefully and harmoniously with each other, and just acting like it, or consolidating a global power base to try to force people into order? How could anyone be satisfied with that? Because we're still torturing and killing each other and being selfish in all number of other horrible ways irregardless of borders. To me, that in itself is so much worse than the symptom of technology abuse, I feel as though "off-worlders" should be more concerned about that, if they were to show us compassion at all.

If a NWO is the goal, I'd rather have that be blasted off the planet, than to be living a lie ("in harmony" as more or less slaves), regardless of what level of technology we have. You know what I mean?

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 01:55 AM
reply to post by bsbray11

you are exactly right. If you consider the source of this solution and some of their other 'bright' ideas, you'll conclude, Yes, they're f'ing up again. Even if this solution "worked" and we were all in nice little obedient rows when 2012 comes - I agree - The Offworlders will laugh at those they are in contact with, say something like, "Do we really look as stupid as you are?" and proceed to push "RESTART".

-inserted "the powers that be believe..." to straighten out this point...

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posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 06:06 PM
To all my friends and enemies:

Is anyone buying this post? While sure it's kind out there, I really do see it as more than just a possibility. In fact, depending on the time of the month, I sometimes see it as likely. Are there other alternate histories out there that are similar? Heck over 300 reads and only one thought about it is pretty short of the feedback i'm seeking about this...

posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 06:28 PM
I'm buying this, pal. Did this come to you or are these things you've discovered over time? Either way I would love to talk to you more about it, the whole thing is fascinating.

Europe's ruthless domination of America is, as far as I'm concerned, the most important and dangerous conspiracy out there. Totally plausible. I'm particularly affected by your claim that the "offworlder" storage cache is protected via Native American treaties. That's the kind of sick loophole regular people can't make up.

It also makes a ton of sense that power would go from Rome to America searching for "ancient secrets." A lot of those 15/16th century types with money and power were involved with the occult, the vast underworld, or both. How does their occult practice tie in with this? Or was that, essentially, a bunch of delusional fools listening to their deviant subconscious?


posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 06:44 PM
i am buying that it sounds like a plausible theory; one worthy of contemplating further.

i see holes in it, but i see holes in all the theories of where we came from, where we are now, and where we are headed.

i will be rereading this several times to soak up the idea and then doing what i do w/ all theories, weighing it out w/ my limited knowlege.

great post and thanks for sharing.

posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 02:18 AM
reply to post by justamomma

momma, what are some of the holes? I don't take offense to criticism. I swim in it - it just makes me stronger. and your kind attitude is appreciated.

and to joecamel, the bulk of this came to me all in a single shot though there have been a few edits of mistakes and clarifications over the last few years.
you may have misunderstood the native american thing. The cache area was designated (already, haha) as a No Entry Zone amongst the natives. That's why initially the Americans had to sneak in at night. The sacred nature to the natives was for spiritual reasons I'm not informed about. It's my personal theory that they at one time knew what was there and that it was forbidden by the offworlders and that any breach would end in disaster. Once the land was absorbed into the USA, that 'zoning' was no longer respected and the area became your regular military protected Do Not Enter Zone.
Lastly - the occult etc... If you've ever seen my threads, I have a big h-on for armchair dimensional theory. The occult and pentagons, and other alien contact falls within the dimensional stuff for me. And I've yet to receive "the dump" uniting that area with this history - although I can feel it coming.
thanx for the props.

posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 11:50 PM
I can accept your history of the world theory. There are many strange things that have and still are happening on this planet. The "death Ray" theory is plausible to me. I have often wondered how the deserts of the world have formed, especially the areas they are now in, and how if the continents were placed closer together (as they were in ancient times). it makes sense to me that something huge and very hot caused them.
I did a little searching and found the Egyptian natural glass phenomena, which it has been speculated was caused by an impact with an asteroid.
Heres a link,
Wel maybe it was an impact, or maybe it was the starting point of the ray that wiped out most of ancient Earths life, it could also explain the mass extinction of species, but that is for another thread.
Thank you for posting and I would love to hear more of your history of the ancient world.

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 07:16 AM
Broonstone - see, the death ray (ray of doom [RD]) explains why only stone structures survived - everything else got cooked. - and egypt was the only civilization (along the RD's path) that had built structures large enough to really remain significant over the eons. It IS a nice explanation for the natural glass. because I'm fairly certain it came from west of africa, I'd have to guess maybe they paused at the crater point - maybe hungry, needed a sandwich or something. a guy's gotta eat right? especially if you're puttin in a long day vaporizing humans. And after a full day of out-hotting the sun, what's better than a frosty bud light? How 'bout some BBQ human? mmmmm... good!
But I digress...

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