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Happy 1st Birthday Dave, Johnny & ATS MIX

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posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 03:59 AM
Please FLAG & STAR This Mutha!

Although I dug, but couldn't find, the exact date a few months earlier that Springer and Skeptic Overlord first approached me to take the reins of what they had initiated and what we were going to call the ATS MIX, I did find the exact date, after I selected Johnny to be my partner, that Johnny and I actually started working on the new concept of ATS MIX. It was on June 11, 2007. Springer and Skeptic Overlord told me that they wanted a similar concept to what they had started but wanted me to put my personality and mentality in it to make it more entertaining and humorous. Little did I know at the time, that my choice of Johnny would be one of the smartest decisions I could have made.

Ironically, after busting our asses for 30 days, the first ATS Show 01 is launched exactly 30 days later on July 11, 2007. One year later, including the Special Editions, Johnny and I have created and premiered 94 shows to date and are just a few away of doing our 100th show of ATS MIX itself. We have interviewed Members, VIPs, Presidential Candidates, Movie Stars, Governors, Abductees, Conspiracy Pros & Masters, Reptoid lovers, UFO lovers, Mod Squaders and Amigos, just to name a few. Johnny and I have discussed hundreds of topics, subjects, concepts, ideas, philosophies and rants. If Johnny had a dollar for every sidebar I did he would be a millionaire today.

Over the course of the last year, the ATS MIX Show is now enjoyed by an estimated 23 Million listeners and subscribers from almost every country around the world and one day will be the premier alternative topics show not only throughout the world wide web, but mainstream media as well.

Johnny and I owe a great deal of gratitude for this tremendous success to our bosses Simon, Springer, Skeptic Overlord and Crakeur.... but most especially, the men and women who are members and guests of AboveTopSecret.Com who provide the millions of intelligent, thought provoking threads of subject matter that make our job an adrenalin rush with each and every show. Thank You! My one goal is that Johnny and I will an integral force over the next 20 years that will be the strong heartbeat of the revolution to come.

On a more personal note, I want to say a very special Happy Anniversary Johnny, my partner for over a year now. You and I have seen many ups, a few downs, some great adrenalin rushes, some jaw dropping interviews and an absolutely gut busting, belly laughing roller coaster of fun and lunacy. Just as Laurel was nothing without Hardy...... Martin was nothing without Lewis....... Rabbit is nothing without Anonymous. Thanks for a great ride brother!


Hey Everyone.. Johnny Here..
I had to come over and share some love and good tidings to my partner Dave Rabbit, with whom I've had the pleasure of being a partner with on the ATSMIX for a year now.... Wow how time zips by when your having fun...!

I wanted to add some poignant message and thoughts about what it takes to maintain a partnership for a show like this, but I got all tongue tied and flustered (I know, hard to believe). So instead, I created this little video that I think kind of sums up what I'd like to convey..


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posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 04:17 AM
Happy Birthday guys

The show is always excellent but the real highlights of the past year (for me at least) were Stanton Friedman and the recent Jessse Ventura interview.

Keep up the good work!!!

posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 05:30 AM
It's a real pleasure to be able to listen to you guys carry on like you do during the shows, which is one of the main reasons that I keep coming back for more.

To have been extended the unique courtesy of being allowed to ask one of our own Owners questions on the show LIVE was a treat like no other, and it's things like this that I love seeing in the media. That kind of interaction is rivaled by NO ONE!!

You guys ARE the next big show, and you can rest assured that as long as I draw a breath, I'll listen to ya.

Rock on Brothas!! Oh, and HAPPY 1st!!!


posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 08:01 AM
Happy First Birthday!!!!

Really its been such an experience listening to yours shows that i could not imagin them not being here now, So i for 1 is truly thankfull for the hard work you guys put in to your shows,

You have brought us many guests that we sat there and looked shocked that you had got them.

Keep up the great work and know that many many of us our truley thankfull,

Your Top Stuff

posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 08:05 AM

You couldn't have picked a better date... *hint*...

Keep up the good work, you guys are awesome.

posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 08:06 AM
Happy birthday! Rock'n'Roll!

posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 08:41 AM
Has it been that long? They grow up so fast.

Happy Birthday and hopefully the first of many more to come.

posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 08:55 AM
Happy B day y'all!


You guys are great, Im lovin all the Mix shows. This idea is one of this boards best decisions EVER!

It's great to have you guys on this board and I hope to hear your shows for many years to come!


posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 09:02 AM
Wow, it feels like 5 years to me.
When my phone rings on a random Sunday afternoon I know who it is even before I answer only to hear two knuckleheads laughing their butts off about something.

It's moments like that and the limo in San Jose that make me want to keep pushing and pushing for ATS MIX. Well, moments like those and the fact that the "two knuckleheads" are a couple of the best guys I know.

ATS MIX has been noticed by the MSM and it continues to flourish because of the dedication and hard work Dave and Johnny put into it. Of course it doesn't hurt that Dave is the original "Sir Spamalot" and has ATS MIX plastered on at least half the web pages on the internet!

As an owner I want to THANK YOU both for the awesome year, the GREAT SHOWS and all that came with them.


posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 12:12 PM
It's been really a great experience to watch you two grow as show hosts, and to enjoy the program from it's earliest "podcast" feel to a full fledged media show.

I think the best part is the sky's the limit, and where you guys will go next year is even going to better than the growth you had this year.

!Viva el ATS MIX!

posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 01:27 PM
Congrats you two! Johnny, you look so sexy in that cheerleader outfit!

Dave, what does that number on your jersey mean? Im confuse...

Awesome job guys. Hope there are many more to come!


posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 04:54 PM
A year together is definitely a milestone! Congratulations guys!

Though I've never met Johnny in person, he really seems like such a nice guy. Your father Doc and I have agreed, you should be married!

But seriously,

The show is always interesting, the production quality is great, and the guests are fantastic. That would be enough for most people, but I know you guys are always finding ways to improve an already great show. You're pros and it shows!

Here's to many more, and much success!

Love ya Brotha's!

posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 05:07 PM
Congrats, guys, I listen to all your shows and love 'em.

(to Johnny: you gotta get back at Dave for that sting)


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posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 05:14 PM
You guys kick ass and that is what the old american dream is about, but you have polite table manners.

Happy Birthday, the day Dave gave birth to the world.

Great shows, keep up the good work.

[edit on 11-6-2008 by menguard]

posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 06:01 PM
Congratulations on the one year mark!

I've learned a lot in the last five months. It's not easy to teach by e-mail and telephone, but Dave and Johnny have each been willing to share what hey know. The support for all of the ATS media projects has been first rate.

posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 06:11 PM

Thanks guys, for taking serious topics, and making me laugh my ass off...


posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 06:12 PM
Congratulations guys. I continue to listen to every mix you guys put out.

I had the distinct pleasure of being the first member to be interviewed for the MEMBER MIX and enjoyed every minute of it. The interviews just keep gettin better and better. The recent Jesse Ventura interview was one of the all time Best IMHO. But with all of them being so good, it was hard to pick the best one so far.

Keep up the good work guys, and all the gang behind the scenes putting out the awesome productions that are ATS MIX.


posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 06:36 PM
Wow. A year already?

I haven't missed a show yet and there were so many great interviews. Spiner, Ventura, MacLaine and, of course, Rodriquez stand out right now.

Love the thread discussions with SkepticOverlord, though I wish he'd do what you guys did early on and pick some oddball ones, not just the ones with the most flags, stars and pages of comments.

Love the rants and the occasional excursion for a man-on-the-street segment or an ATS burger special at the local drive thru. You two have a great chemistry, though sometimes it sounds like Johnny is ready to bang his head rather than suffer through Dave's occasionally scatalogical humor. (Hey, does a house really need four walls?)

Here's to another fantastic year with many more to come!

posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 06:52 PM
reply to post by AccessDenied

I LOVE THAT SONG! Now, if I only hadn't gotten rid of those platform shoes I had in the 70's.

posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 06:58 PM
That's great. You two are doing an excellent job.

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