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(LSWC) Yes But, When Will He Be Home?

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posted on Jun, 10 2008 @ 04:40 PM
Yes But, When Will He Be Home?

By: Trexter Ziam 2008

Sasha answered the phone. "No, no. Don't worry about it. Mrs. Appleton is bringing the ice. No dear, it'll be fine. Thank you and we'll see you shortly."

"Elana, get you're room cleaned up. Martin, empty the trash. Jason, go put on a clean shirt.", Sasha commanded as she untied her lucky rabbit-faced apron.

Janet toddled across the rug, holding a squirming, mud-dripping frog tightly in her freckled grip. "Look! Look Mommy look!" Janet's pale freckled-face and yellow summer dress were hideously mired in mud.

"Oh MY God!" screamed Sasha as she raced toward the toddler. "Elana, get in here right NOW" Sasha, yelled. "Go get your sister cleaned up and QUICKLY! And clean this rug! The party starts in THREE minutes. Now hurry up!"

Tara was dancing in the playpen without toys because if Sasha put toys in the playpen, Tara would just throw them out. The radio played soft rock music and that kept Tara content. Stewart was in the crib, fast asleep.

The doorbell rang and Sasha ran her fingers threw her hair to make sure everything was in place. She answered the door and her mouth gaped open like a basketball hoop waiting for the next shot. A pair of USMC soldiers removed their hat and looked her in the eyes. Sasha knew, she knew something was terribly wrong. The blood ripped from her face and settled in her chest like a hot burning rock, her legs trembled, her hands shook, and tears welled up in her eyes. "We're sorry Mam", the soldiers apologized as they stepped into the modest livingroom.

Sasha put her hand on her swollen tummy and backed toward a stuffed chair. She plopped into the sunken cushions and no words came to her lips. The soldiers told their story, gave the proper condolences and finally concluded, "...and if there's anything we can do Mam, anything at all, don't hesitate to call." They handed her a business-like card and waited for a sign to depart. Sasha quietly sobbed, "Thank you." and nodded her head toward the door as a permission to leave.

Party guests had started to arrive and the street was a flurry of of cars trying to find a parking spot. Other guests had already parked and waited silently on the front lawn. They'd seen the military vehicle and knew something was wrong. Nobody knocked, nobody talked. A mournful silence filled the air. Finally Mrs. Plantechet muttered to the woman beside her, "I think this is not a good time." The other women nodded and finally, hushed whispers spurted back and forth. Slowly, one by one, the women headed back to their vehicles. Some drove away, but most placed the gifts and snacks into their cars so they wouldn't have to hold them and headed back to the gathering point on the front lawn as a vigil.

Inside, Sasha was hugging her children, answering questions as best she could and crying together with them. "Yes but, when will he come home?" the four year old Jason asked. Unable to re-answer Jason's question again and again, Sasha regrettably ordered the children to go to bed.

A scream as a women giving birth erupted from the house and broke the vigil. The women dashed to the door and let themselves in. Sasha was giving birth and the women knew what to do. One phoned for the base medical transport, while others ran to boil rags and most stayed out of the way, tending to the other six children.

"W-A-A-A-H" vibrated through the house as the newcomer arrived.

"It's a GIRL!" a woman's voice rang out.

"No it's not." another contradicted.

Sasha twisted and turned, and huffed and puffed. "Another one!" rang out another woman's voice.

Within a few minutes, a second yet weaker, "W-a-a-a" burped threw the air.

"It's a - it's a - mmmm - it's a baby?" questioned a voice.

Sasha eased and women began the massage to expel the placenta. Finally, the medical transport arrived and Sasha and the two new ones were skuttled away. The women started talking amongst themselves now; deciding who would clean up, who would stay with the six children and who would go home and get some rest. With all things sorted out, Sasha's home was on automatic-pilot thanks to her friends.

The sun rose and the Mrs. Neener woke the six children. She got them dressed and fed, and then the Chaplain arrived. Behind the Chaplain's vehicle was a larger black sedan with government exempt liscence plates and dark tinted windows. Mrs. Neener answered the door and let the Chaplain in. "I'll take it from here." he told Mrs. Neener.

"How is Sasha? Is she okay? And the twins?" Mrs. Neener fired questions quickly.

"They are doing well." the Chaplain assured her. 'White lies aren't a sin' he tried to reassure himself. Besides, he was only 'following orders.'

Mrs. Neener left, relieved of her volunteer duties. The Chaplain waited until Mrs. Neener had driven away; then, stuck his right arm out the front door and motioned for the occupants of the black sedan to come to the house. Six Men-in-Black quickly swooped like vultures on carrion into the house and secured a child each, returning to the sedan with their trophies.

Sasha, the newborn twins, and the six children were never seen again.

posted on Jun, 10 2008 @ 05:30 PM
reply to post by Trexter Ziam

Am I missing something? I keep seeing post with (LSWC) What does this stand for. Sorry for my ignorance I just can't figure it out.

posted on Jun, 10 2008 @ 05:44 PM
reply to post by harvib

No problem. LSWC stands for "Late Spring Writing Contest". This is a writing contest and we are required to put those words and/or (LSWC) on our posts so they don't get mixed in with non-contest posts.

Here are the contest rules:

Please do jump in and join us! You can enter too.

[edit on 10-6-2008 by Trexter Ziam]

posted on Jun, 10 2008 @ 06:53 PM
Thank you. What an cool idea for a contest. Good luck to you. As for me I don't know if I am as talented as you and the others that have already entered but maybe I will give it a shot.

posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 06:14 PM
Twin birth! AGggg I have experienced that one too. Good story.

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