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Deny Ignorance!

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posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 05:29 PM
This term is thrown about here a lot as well as variations of (Deny arrogance, Deny Gullibility etc) but what does it actually mean to us here?

To me, it means denying the ignorance that the governments and higher powers of the world want us to live under therefore exposing the untruths we are being fed. Not by way of anarchy as some would indicate this would lead to but through education of those less informed.

The less informed I talk about are not the people here who of a different opinion to yourself but the general public oblivious to what is going on around them. As I mentioned above, we use the expression deny ignorance a lot, but usually as a slur on those we don’t agree with. This practice IMO should be stopped by way of denying the ignorant.

The point, although a while coming is this. We should be making our friends and family aware of the goings on in the world by discussing things they don’t know about. Not necessarily stating this things like “9/11 WAS an inside job”, but suggesting things like, “what do you think about the possibility of 9/11 being an inside job” and point them in the direction of ATS or any number of sources. Once the thought process has been started other questions will be raised in their minds setting them on the path of ‘freedom’ or understanding.

In doing this hopefully the powers that be can be kept on their toes and be more open with the people. Are they in fact doing what they do for our best interest or for their own gains? For instance, if NWO is coming who benefits? If it is the people why are we not allowed to know about it?.

My eyes have been opened to a lot of things, and since joining, I have ‘recruited’ 2 other people into the realm of ATS and although they were already somewhat skeptical about many government activities both are amazed at the degree of potential cover ups there are (depending on which and how many theories you subscribe to)

Some will say there is a conspiracy that the ‘authorities’ have ‘planted’ extremists and loonies to give CTers a bad rap, but even with the most outlandish claims and the most extreme of tin hatters many people will start to wonder if there is something to the story. After all, even the craziest of theories has to have started with some element of truth. When you heard your first conspiracy theory you would have thought to yourself “I wonder if there is really anything to it”.

In short why keep everything we learn among a few users. Should we not be denying ignorance on a large scale by making this info known in wider society? Does anybody already do this? Are you a closet CTer scared of possible ramifications like accusation of loony if you do discuss these things with your peers?

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