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Rasputin will reappear: the Mother Russia will be Saint Again

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posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 05:09 PM
The Peace of God to all that belong to the light,
Dear Readers,

In this occasion let me refer to this prediction so important prediction about the future of Russia, that in many aspects will be the future of the west civilization and the Christianity too.

As I has been stated in various of my threads about the incoming WWIII and my own posts in the threads about this same theme in ATS recently, Russia will have a decisive role to define the Third world generalized conflict that will begin in a so short period of time.

This International conflict although centered in its beginnings in the crisis of the Middle East, boosted by the political tensions that the democratic changes in Iraq and Afghanistan have created and the subsequent enhancing of the Iranian influence in the region, will be soon transformed in the terrible confrontation between the most powerful military armies of the History: The Chinese and the American ones.

In a point in which this conflict spread not only over the entire middle east but also to Europe the still neutral position of Russia will change drastically when the Muslim expansion reached the Balkans, Spain and Italy and Israel suffer a decisive & fatal defeat.

At that epoch the Body never found of the Holy man, chosen among the peasants and sent by God to advise about the danger that Russia would affront in the XX century, with the arrival of the Communist totalitarian regime, will reappear from the night of the times, Rasputin will emerge as a sign of the great proofs and errors of the past and he will find finally the eternal rest among his brothers: the clergy will give him a solemn burial.

This unexpected fact will carry a return of the spirituality, of the ancient Christian roots, the Orthodox Church will recover its lost splendor and St George will be ready to fight and win the most decisive battle against the Dragon to save the Christianity in the most definitive hour of the History.

In this way the symbol present on the Coat of Arms of this nation will make sense: St George representing Russia will save many nations of the complete annihilation by the powerful forces of the Dragon, the milenary emblem of China. St George then will join forces with his brother Arthur, the Ancient king of Britain, to protect the world against the Barbarism.

After the conflict ends Russia will emerge as the new promised Land, it will be greater and in its borders every body will find the peace & justice, a new social order that will be the result of the concious reflection about the painful experiences of the past will make this possible.

This will be the accomplishment of the Prophecy given by Edgar Cayce about the importance of Russia in the future for the Humanity.

Europe also will resurrect from the ashes of the conflict, it will be a hard new beginning but soon the human spirit will rebuild the cities, a New Confederation of nations will appear and Poland will be the Heart of it, that nation will be the model of the new Law, based in the precise translation of the Christian values to all the aspects of the daily life.

The People of Israel will find a new home after the War in the Czech Republic, in the land of their brother Kafka, the descendents of Jacob will have a new begining in peace, tolerance, progress and harmony.

At that moment in the future the social conflicts in this side of the ocean will cease for ever too, No more political divisions among NorthAmericans, No confrontations with LatinAmerica. This will be the great hug that covers the entire hemisphere, the land of Columbus will emerge unite now as the immense New brotherhood of all the free peoples from Alaska to Patagonia in a trully fair & democratic order.

Thanks for your attention,
The Angel of Lightness

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posted on Jun, 10 2008 @ 03:29 PM
The Peace of God to all that belong to the light,

Dear Readers

Let me suggest you to visit the following links that are so useful to introduce to the study of Gregori Efimovich Rasputin, one of the Great prophets of the XX Century, a viewer, natural psychic, great hypnotist, healer and the central figure of this thread.

Overthere you will find a lot of valuable information of his role , time and moreover of his extraordinary life from poor peasant to become the most powerful man of Russia.

These materials help to understand that this person was a not an ordinary man but somebody chosen by God to do an important mission:

I have chosen these sites among many others that talk about this personage since they are the most objective, trying the figure from the historical point of view.

Of course on these sites Rasputin is analyzed without all the moral judges that usually want to discredit him with the dark legend that was created around his powerful role as a close friend of Alexandra the last Tsarina, this of course as part of the political propaganda of the British empire in the WWI.

I hope that this information will give light about what is the truth about this man, what is the reality behind all the myths that were created around the image promoted by the media.

Rasputin probably was neither a Saint neither a demon , he was just a man with a mission given by God, certainly so difficult to perform for a simple peasant of that time and culture. In that sense he was holy since he could do something almost impossible to do for any other of his contemporaries: to climb successfully the complex Tsarist piramidal society from the base to the apex.

Rasputin emerge as a simbol all the great contradictions of his society and his time, he was the encarnation of the social drama of a great nation ruled by the so powerful nobility, probably the richest of his time, living in excess and decadency of ethical values and the contrast with respect to the so low level of life of millions of plebian peasants that were the majority of the russians in that epoch whose faith in God was almost their only support.

For this reason Rasputin was in many aspects quite right when he claimed that he was Russia and if he dies the entire empire will fall with him. He represented an Archtype chosen by God to show to the Emperor all the weaknesses and defects of his regime, a warning that unfortunately he didn't understand on time.

thanks for your atention,

The Angel of lightness

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posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 12:54 PM
The Peace of God to all that belong to the light,
Dear Readers,

This is to share with anybody that is interested in this thread about Rasputin and in my prediction about the so important future role of Russia in favor of the salvation of the West civilization in its most critical hour, my recent post on

Ancient & Lost Civilizations » What Happened to the White Russians?

In that Thread I am disclosing the mystery of the so important contribution of a fallen civilization that spreaded its light in the XX Century in almost all the Sciences and Arts boosting in a so impressive way the advance of the West countries.

I am talking about precisely the destination of the White Russians, What happend with more than 2 million people that were the remanents of the world to which Grigori Rasputin once belongs to.

This is a unique case in modern times of an entire civilization that fell, like a new Atlantis, to became in many aspects in the mother-Civilization of the incredible advance registered on the XX century in Science, Technology and Art in Europe & America.

Thanks for your atention,

your friend,

The Angel of lightness

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posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 02:03 PM
The Peace of God to all that belong to the light,
Dear Readers,

I think it is necessary to go deeply in the explanations about what was the real role, the crucial importance of the enigmatic person of Gregori Efimovich Rasputin in the Modern History of Russia.

It is not an exageration to say that the Modern Russia began with the RasPutin Era and is still running under the Putin Era. Rasputin continued having so powerful influence in the life of the Romanoff court and in the last months of the the Biggest Empire of the all the times even after his violent death.

His remembrance was still in the mind of The Tsar and Tsarina during those last two years that, according with the last prophecy of Rasputin, they lived until their terrible execution in Ekaterimburg after his death.

It is curious that the fatal destination that Rasputin pointed since 1916 even in the begining of the 1990s was still unchanged, following also his prediction about what would be the luck of the empire in the hands of the AntiChrist, the so powerful evil spirit that ruled that nation through his two great incarnations: the half tatar half jew Vladimir I. Ulianov( alias Lenin) & the georgian Joseph Stalin.

For our generation so accostume to live in a world in which Russia is closely linked with this tyrants and the totalitarian regime that ruled, it is a little difficult to understand how different was the vission of this events looked from the time of Rasputin, the epoch of the Tsarist Monarchy, to have some idea about how shocking this future would sounds we must try to imagine that the British Monarchy of Our time can be succeded in only few years by a Marxist regime.

That probably can sound as unbelievable, but that was the actual situation that happend with the Russia Empire that was since the begining of the XX century signed to have a bad destinaty for multiple events:

- The Assesination of the Tsar Alexander III in St Petersburg in a terrorist attack executed by the elder brother of Lenin.
- The lost war against Japan in 1905 that discredited enormously the image of Nicolas II.
- The first Russian revolution of 1905 that ended in a brutal repression and the begining of the Autocracy.
- The incident of Tunguska in eastern Siberia in 1908, when a so powerful explosion ocurred when an ateroid impacted the woods producing an incredible devastation more destructive than the one can be caused by the Nuclear Bombs of today.

It is relevant to comment that this last event of Tunguska was a so clear signal of bad incoming times: of how destructive will be the new Ideology that will rule Russia, the wars in which it will be involved and the terrible Nucler power that it will have too.

It is quite interesting to talk about how impressive is even in our time for the Scientists the Anaysis of this explosion of Tunguska, it was an explosion of 50 Megatons that represents 1000 times the destruction power of the Hiroshima bomb.

There are biographers of Rasputin that even mention the possibility that he visited the area of Tunguska in his childhood and that he received his revelation of the Virgin Mary in the surrounded woods of that isolated region.

Let me share with you some interesting links about the Tunguska Explosion:

It is really impressive even now almost a century ago to recall such an unusual natural event occured in Siberia, the mother land of Rasputin.

Can that early experience be related with the extraordinary personal psychic powers of this man?

There is a lot of speculation in the Ufologists circles about if it was really an asteroid or something else that impacted in that point, could be an alien spacecraft?

Is that related with the superpower psychic powers that Rasputin showed during all his life?

Were them part of the wisdom received from some alien civilization that he interpreted from a religious point of view?

Thanks for your atention,

your friend,

The Angel of lightness

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posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 03:04 PM

Originally posted by The angel of light

Let me share with you some interesting links about the Tunguska Explosion:

It is really impressive even now almost a century ago to recall such an unusual natural event occured in Siberia, the mother land of Rasputin.

Can that early experience be related with the extraordinary personal psychic powers of this man?

??what ???

the tunguska event was in a such remote part of the siberian wasteland
that it was 5o? years before expeditions could get there.

so much for Rasputin being around there, & having 'psychic power' rub off on him.

Rasputin at an early age pursued the role of being a local church-approved psychic/shaman/spiritual adept.... the 1908 meteor had nothing to do with his chosen life niche.... an easy life did!

by 1908...which was 8 years before he got assassinated/murdered
he was already in the Russian Court as a favored soothsayer & confidant/concerige'... so the meteor was a latecomer not something that affected his future life destinies.

from what i understand, Rasputin was casterated as the final act of contempt by the conspirators, because of his alleged degenerate sexual tastes performed with the Russian Royalty.
calling him neither a saint nor a sinner is an obstruction of the truth.


btw, Belarus is still the homeland of these 'white-Russians', i was fortunate to meet a woman white russian, who was Naturalized with myself in a ceremony at Harrisburg PA...some/many years ago.
'White' described the Lady... as she looked as if her complexion was doused with baby-powder...and not that white-waxen color of Albino persons.

posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 10:20 AM
reply to post by The angel of light

Dear Reader,

It looks that there are various possible misunderstandings about the way in which you decided to interpret this thread:

- The Evenkia region even so low populated was all the time part the empire and there were persons living in the woods in 1908 when the explosion occured, in fact various witnesses were questioned by the expeditions that were sent by the imperial authorities and laterly by the soviet ones to try to know what happend there.

- Rasputin was a figure that was able to travel to Mt Athos in Greece and to Jerusalem as a pilgrim in his youth places that are several hundreds of miles more retired from his mother land than the woods of The valley of Tunguska in Evenkia.

- The personal healing and prophetics qualities of Rasputin make him a person that is anyway special, owner of some type of gift that is commonly associated in the Orthodox religion only with the holymen.

posted by St Udio
btw, Belarus is still the homeland of these 'white-Russians', i was fortunate to meet a woman white russian, who was Naturalized with myself in a ceremony at Harrisburg PA...some/many years ago.

- When I am talking about the White Russians in this thread I think I has been clear that I am not refering to the ethnical group of the slavic race that you mention, not about Bielarus, but about the historical classification of the political bands in the Russia civil war, I would suggest to read a little more about that topic from your side.

By the Way the White Russians represented two different factions in that war: The ones that wanted to return to the authoritarian Autocracy and the ones that were looking for a Constitutional Monarchy at the style of Denmar, Spain or Sweden.

if you want to know more about the great importance of the White Russians pls visit my post at the thread in Ancient & Lost civilizations at:

What Happened to the White Russians?

- I am not claiming that the explosion itself was the source of his powers but that it is an evidence of the presence of some extrange genre of energy in those woods, the same that the chamans of that region use for centuries to develop their psychic powers, the point is what type of energy is that one? what is the extrange presence that remains in those woods?

Posted by the Angel of lightness
There are biographers of Rasputin that even mention the possibility that he visited the area of Tunguska in his childhood and that he received his revelation of the Virgin Mary in the surrounded woods of that isolated region.

My comment that it was also in the woods of Siberia that he had his vision of the Virgin Mary does not have anything to do with your comment of the explosion as a possible source of his psychic powers, pls read more carefully my words.

Let me provide as a useful tool to enhance the knowledge about Rasputin life these two interesting links for my readers:

Concerning your final comment:

Posted by St Udio
from what i understand, Rasputin was casterated as the final act of contempt by the conspirators, because of his alleged degenerate sexual tastes performed with the Russian Royalty.

that is part of the official version that was disclosed by the west media, the west newspapers that were strongly influenced by the political propaganda of the British Empire that, as I mentioned since the begining of this thread, had interests to discredit Rasputin at any cost since he looked to be working for a peace agreement with Germany, the mother land of the Tsarina.

I hope these comments from my side could give some light about this discussion, anyway thanks a lot to participate in it.

your friend,

The Angel of lightness

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posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 12:07 PM


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posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 06:36 PM
reply to post by The angel of light


I sent my concerns about the way in which it was erased my last reply directly to the administrative staff of ATS and in a letter sent personally to Mr Simon Gray. I think there were reasons to act in that way but I have doubts about if the norm was really applied correctly & if the action was fair.

To mention the existence of a thread that explains a topic that is entirely different but is related with this one, only to complement the general cultural or historical context of the personage here explained, can be qualified as attempt span or snip?


The Angel of lightness

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posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 11:41 AM

Mark 16:18 - New King James Version (NKJV)

18 they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover

The Peace of God to all that belong to the light,
Dear Readers,

In this post let me analize a little deeper the Claim that Rasputin would be a Holyman, in other words a person with a special mission and protected by God.

The verse of the New Testament that appear above is commonly used by the believers in the special Holy condition of the Monk of Siberia. Indeed is there is one historical personage that we can say was really hard so hard to kill was precisely Grigori Rasputin.

Let's check what was reported in the files of the epoch from various sources:

1- Multiple Premonitions he had of his death

From Rasputin
The Saint Who Sinned Pg 11

He was at risk himself, and he knew it. "Do you know that I shall soon die in terrible pain?" he said, or so the French ambassador reported. "But what can I do? God has sent me to save our dear sovereign and Holy Russia. Despite my terrible sins I am a Christ in miniature."

Pls chk the full book at:,M1

From Rasputin, the Monk Who Brought Down a Dynasty
by Jennifer Brainard :

Rasputin appears to have had some premonitions of his death. There are reports that when the Tsar departed for the front after being home for a brief time, he, as usual, asked for the monk's blessing. Rasputin is reported to have said, "This time it is you who must bless me." He seems to have put his affairs in order. There is also a letter from Rasputin in which he predicts disaster for Russia and for himself: ".My hour will soon come. I have no fear but you must know that the hour will be bitter. I will suffer a great martyrdom. I will forgive my torturers and will inherit the kingdom." And in an interview on the day of his death, he told an acquaintance "Little mother, I feel my end is near. They'll kill me and then the throne won't last 3 months."

Pls chk the full article at:

2- First failed Attempt to Assasinate him:

According to Greg King's 1996 book The Man Who Killed Rasputin:

a previous attempt on Rasputin's life had been made and had failed: Rasputin was visiting his wife and children in his hometown, Pokrovskoye, along the Tura River, in Siberia.

On June 29, 1914, he had either just received a telegram or was just exiting church, when he was attacked suddenly by Khionia Guseva, a former prostitute who had become a disciple of the monk Iliodor, once a friend of Rasputin's but now absolutely disgusted with his behaviour and disrespectful talk about the royal family. Iliodor had appealed to women who had been harmed by Rasputin, and together they formed a survivors' support group.

Guseva thrust a knife into Rasputin's abdomen, and his entrails hung out of what seemed like a mortal wound. Convinced of her success, Guseva supposedly screamed, "I have killed the antichrist!"

Pls chk the full article at:

3- The difficulties to kill him:

from a The Death of Grigory Rasputin
Written by Josh Harding :

After drinking a couple of glasses, he showed no signs of having been poisoned. After a while, he may have started feeling something because he asked for tea. Then stood, walked around the room, then asked Felix to play the guitar and sing. For two hours this "nightmare" continued.

When Felix(Yussupov) checked in with is co-conspirators next, he was pale. He said that Rasputin had eaten and drank the poisoned food and still nothing had happened. When he again returned to his guest, the only signs of the poison affecting him was that he was burping and had some excessive salivation. Nerves were beginning to give way. Felix decided to end it. He took a revolver and while Rasputin was looking at a fancy cross, shot him in the back. Rasputin gave a bestial cry and fell to the floor.

Dimitry(Romanov) and the doctor allegedly went for the car and to destroy Rasputin's coat and boots (they were not destroyed). In the meantime, Felix wanted to see Rasputin again, so he went and took another look. The body was still warm with small drops of blood coming from the wound. He lifted the body by the shirt and shook it and dropped it again to the floor. He then noticed that the left eye started to open, then the right eye. Suddenly the Rasputin leapt from the floor with a "devil's look" in his eyes and a wild cry and attacked Felix. Felix struggled for a moment and broke free. Rasputin fell again to the floor.

The prince ran, calling for the revolver again. When they returned, Rasputin was crawling up the stairs. He made it out and began to run through the snow near the fence crying, "Felix, Felix…I'll tell everything to the tsarina!" In a panic, Purishkevich missed twice with the revolver, then biting himself on the wrist to make himself concentrate, shot Rasputin in the back. Then again in the head. Rasputin fell, holding his head.

Felix began to beat Rasputin with a rubber truncheon. Finally Purishkevich had him pulled off the body. They took the body back into the house and discovered that Rasputin was still alive. He wheezed with each breath and was able to look at them through one eye. Finally Dimitry and the doctor returned. The body was wrapped in a cloth and taken by car to the Niva river and dumped in.

Pls chk full article at :

4- He finally died but hours later in the river.

From The Murder of Rasputin
By Jennifer Rosenberg,

When they pulled him out, they found Rasputin's hands were frozen in a raised position, making everyone believe that he had still been alive under the water and had tried to untie the rope around his hands.

Rasputin's body was taken by car to the Academy of Military Medicine where an autopsy was conducted.

Pls chk the article at:

Thanks for your atention,

Your friend,

The Angel of lightness

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posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 06:46 PM
The Peace of God to all that belong to the light,
Dear readers,

With the confirmation of the results of the DNA tests that were practised to the human rests that were announced to be found in August 23 of 2007 in the surroundings of Ekaterimburg, Siberia, by the archaelogists S. O. Plotnikov y L. G. Vakhmyakov, the chapter of the two missing members of the Imperial family Tsarevtich Alexei and Princess Maria, the last episode
of the saga of Romanov dinasty is reaching its end.

The DNA tests were practicing by American scientists at April 30th of 2008 and that were subject of confirmation & examination by the international community during the last weeks, also followed carefully by the Romanov family.

The Forensic Russian scientists that have the rests in custody in Russia received this results with satisfaction after more than 81 years of very long wait to turn this page of the Russian History. This is the final word about the rests that were identified as the highly possible Romanov by Dr Nikolai Nevolin in Ekaterimburg in September of 2007.

With this extraordinary news it is clear that the only personage, that belonged to the Royal family, as an adoptive member, that still remains
lost is Grigori E. Rasputin. However as I announced since the opening of this thread his rest will be found so soon after the identification of the rests of the two lost Romanov princes.

His memory remained unchanged in the minds of Nicholas and Alexandra as well in the ones of their children all the so difficult transit from the abdication of March 2 of 1917, the Revolution of October-November of 1917 and the Assasesination of July 17 of 1918. It is well known that The Tsarina Alexandra never could forget the prediction given by Rasputin about the tragedy that was reserved for them.

With the possitive identification of the rests of Alexei and Maria also ends a chapter of the mythology arround them, the so long list of impostors that a long the years claimed to be the survived inheritors of the Throne of Nicholas II.

In this way it is confirmed the fraud of legendary figures like Anne Anderson, the so called Anastasia of Russia, or the one of Alexei Poutziato, Joseph Veres, Heino Tammet, Michael Goleniewski and Vassili Filatov as the supposed last Tsarevitch of Russia.

Of course Alexei and Maria Romanov are, as the other members of the family, are already considered Saints by the Russian Orthodox Church for their sacrifice, as victims of a so coward crime.

Thanks for your atention,

Your friend,
The Angel of lightness

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