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Give me a break... Kerry vs Bush?

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posted on Mar, 3 2004 @ 10:05 PM
ive been seething about this for some time. I know, i know, it's not like I was going to get a particularly dynamic and charismatic candidate to run up against the best puppet ever, G Bush II... but still... john kerry is going to be the opposition to that?

of all people? i am really losing faith in the democratic system that supposedly expected to apply to the highest level of government amongst all other tiers. who believes in the general electoral process anymore? is this some kind of sick joke? fine, it probably works when I vote for a local comptroller or even some kind of municipal leader... but how come not the top guys?

does anyone else feel like this? like they are stuck in this loop of pandemonium? sure, anyone but bush, but another skull and bones thug? I mean... come ON!!! now bush's people don't even HAVE to rig the election for a piece of junk to come into office. it's a win-win situation!

i would love to hear what people have to say about Senator John Kerry, positive or negative. Good luck with the positive, however.

posted on Mar, 3 2004 @ 10:08 PM
your right, Kerry has no chance - thank god!

The dems might have won it too, but now that this panzy is running, they got no chance

posted on Mar, 3 2004 @ 10:40 PM
I think you guys are confused kerrys overwhelming approval and the support he is getting from his democratic competitors is going to lead him to victory. Do you not remeber the last election came down to about 200 or so controversial votes and that gore won more votes than bush just less states? If the democrats almost won last time then they will win this time with bushs horrible presidency considering jobs lost, declining value of the dollar, iraq war and his lies, and his huge deficit. Hmmm kerry don't look so bad now.

posted on Mar, 3 2004 @ 10:45 PM

Originally posted by Hoppinmad1
I think you guys are confused kerrys overwhelming approval and the support he is getting from his democratic competitors is going to lead him to victory. Do you not remeber the last election came down to about 200 or so controversial votes and that gore won more votes than bush just less states? If the democrats almost won last time then they will win this time with bushs horrible presidency considering jobs lost, declining value of the dollar, iraq war and his lies, and his huge deficit. Hmmm kerry don't look so bad now.

That's because all you've been hearing is Dem vs. Dem. The party wouldn't want any of the candidates in the primaries to pull up any serious dirt, so none of the candidates really sound all that bad. Just wait until the Bush campaign starts laying into Kerry. They'll both look like # before November.

posted on Mar, 3 2004 @ 10:46 PM
God. 2 bad presidents.

Bush is better than Kerry though.

Kerry is a war criminal. I'd hate to see him be the president.

posted on Mar, 3 2004 @ 10:56 PM
some of you guys are missing the point. they are both bad guys with a horrible upbringing and an even worse past. who gives a rat's butt as to what commercials will say about the two candidates? they're COMMERICIALS, not real life.

the primary oath behind skull and bones, aside from maintaining secrecy, is to cover each others' butts. that means, above all else, including the US government and its consititution, they will protect themselves and their kind from all kinds of mistakes and happenstances.

thus totally negating the entire checks and balances system in one stroke.

kerry was the only skull and bones guy (I think) who was in the running, and the fact that he is numero uno in terms of so-called polls is completely based on his membership and behavior towards promoting this society's teachings.

i seriously doubt this is someone who can challenge bush, and i also doubt that this is someone who can be a president better than bush. bush is a piece of crap for a president, IMHO... funny and great guy to party with, but a horrible leader for the general population of thw world. kerry is not much further off, as I am sure he is eager to press further the agendas that have been planned by these kinds of secret societies.

[Edited on 3/3/2004 by AlnilamOmega]

posted on Mar, 3 2004 @ 11:10 PM
Bush only slightly tops Kerry. Just barely.

posted on Mar, 3 2004 @ 11:14 PM
Yay. Let's vote for Kerry. He wants to negotiate with terrorists!!

I think we're screwed either way.


posted on Mar, 3 2004 @ 11:14 PM
I believe it was on ABTSNN that Kerry was quoted as saying he was going ask the world to forgive the US of the war on terror and end it if he were elected....what a spineless piece of #!

posted on Mar, 3 2004 @ 11:34 PM
I'm not pleased with our options for presidents these days. What am I saying? I'm only 20, so I guess I don't know what it was like a few generations ago. It just seems like only the twisted politicians are able to put themselves in a position to run for president. The beauty of a democratic election process is that we have choices among many to choose the best, but if all the choices suck, then it doesn't matter if we have options now does it?

posted on Mar, 3 2004 @ 11:39 PM
I also am disappointed with the quality of the candidates that the Democrats came up with to run against Bush. GET READY FOR FOUR MORE YEARS OF KING GEORGE!

posted on Mar, 3 2004 @ 11:40 PM
Yeah the candidates definately arent all that appealing, but then you cant have a Clinton or Reagan at every election.....I wouldve preferred Edwards over Kerry but I digress.

posted on Mar, 4 2004 @ 01:39 AM
Well let's see,

Bush vs. Kerry, I don't think so
It is more like the American Constitution vs The Skull and Bones, and the Boners will win as long as we can assume that members here are a microcosim of the rest of the Country.and the way it thinks. Most here do not believe such Secret Societies exist and where they do they are not sinister or weilding power to influence the evolvement of our planet. Actually the term that is most popular within these Societies' is "constructive chaos"and the implementation of it.
On 04/04/91 a plane and chopper collided around Pittsburgh, Pa., Heinz a US Senator and a second generation Boner died in that crash
leaving his widow a fortune in excess of 15 million dollars. After a reasonable period of time the Widow Heinz remarried to another Boner by the name of Kerry
who is running against another Boner of the 3rd generation of Bonesmen named Bush

These Societies are very secretive, The Skull and Bones seems to be the most secretive and the most powerfull one. We know this because we know who is tapped to join but we know very little of what goes on in the senior year at Yale. All we know for sure is they meet twice a week.
We also know that God, Country, and Familiy are all second to the purpose of the Order.
Now do you really think your vote counts, do you really think it matters which idiot is President, John or George, can't you see they do as they are told by elders in the society.
The only question now is what are you going to do about it, besides sit and watch

Polar Bear

posted on Mar, 4 2004 @ 08:35 AM
This won't be anything like Clinton or Gore versus the Republican machine...

People actually LOVED (and hated) Clinton (and Gore by association) allowing them to take the bait, and get into sling fests.

I don't see that this time. Republicans can bash Kerry til the cows come home and not only does no one rush to Kerry's defense, no one cares or is listening to the Republicans. It's considered a foregone conclusion among most Dems that Bush is hands down AWFUL and no need to debate it.

Were I an independent swing voter watching this, the Republicans would look desperate and whiney. I'm not saying Kerry won't attack Bush; he will. And Bush will attack Kerry. But you won't see THE PEOPLE going I love Kerry, blah, blah, blah...don't you talk 'bout my candidate. I genuinely think most have moved past the debate and already decided on Bush one way or the other. And for those people, Kerry will do just fine.

You may now return to your Kerry bashing.

posted on Mar, 4 2004 @ 09:08 AM
Kerry is terrible, i mean people ripped Gore for being such a dull statue.

A LOT of people are dead set on voting for the D on the ballot, they don't give a sheet who it really is, until they realized that people like Dean REALLY had no chance of winning.

Bush is going to be BURNED even more so than last time by the liberal media. I expect atleast some organizations to just come out and LIE like a bastard cause they don't care, nobody will remember in a week and a half anyways, and for them if they can break the rules to get their guy in, then it's worth it. Look at the article comparing the CNN's views of the last 2 presidents: Clinton had a "LOW" 5.7% unemployment while Bush has a "HIGH" 5.6% unemployment, jeeeeeze.

Bush is going to win if the hyper liberal utopia lovers keep marrying homosexuals. This election will bring the most people in election history.

posted on Mar, 4 2004 @ 09:30 AM
Yay! Let's believe in the NWO and government corruption and conspiracies and still manage to believe voting means a damn thing! Yay!!!

posted on Mar, 4 2004 @ 09:40 AM
Was Gore any less laughable? I think that this current election should be decided by a cage match!

posted on Mar, 4 2004 @ 09:41 AM
Lets see, do we vote for the rich white guy, or the other rich white guy?

posted on Mar, 4 2004 @ 10:48 AM
Sadly, I completely agree with you. It's time for the rise of a solid third party. That would seem to be our last, best hope.

Very thoughtful thread/comments, AlnilamOmega.

posted on Mar, 4 2004 @ 11:19 AM
A third party could be quite helpful in getting someone the people want elected into the White House. However it needs more support to get off the ground. Who's it going to be? Nader? He's a washed up egomaniac who is running for his own benefit.

Too many people in this country see people like Nader and Sharpton (who dems wish would join a 3rd party) and wonder if that's what it would mean to get a minor party candidate seriously involved. There is a fear of the unknown. Would a third party candidate be better because he's not beholden to anyone? I don't think so.

Mike Bloomberg is a perfect example of that. He is a Democrat who admittedly ran on the Republican ticket because the Dem ticket was too crowded. For all political purposes his platform was that of an independent because since he's so rich he owes no politicians anything. Look what happened! The guy does whatever he wants including making decisions supported by less than 20% of his constituents because he doesn't give a damn.

Also, televised local debates have done little to help the case of 3rd party candidates. Last years Gubernatorial race in NY was a perfect example of this, having 9 people in their debate instead of just two. The problem is most of the other 7 were morons. One guy answered every question with "If we legalize pot this won't be a problem" and the other guy answered everything with "I'm not so familiar with this issue but check out my website to see my ideas."

Our existing two party system is corrupt in every sense of the word... but what can be done about it? Is it really possible for a wildcard to build up enough nationwide support to topple either of our crappy candidates? I don't think so. Not in the near future either.

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