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Odd Dreams As Of Late

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posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 01:50 PM
It seems as of late, I have been having frequent dreams of Horrendous Tornadoes,Earth Shattering Earthquakes,Huge Tidal Waves,and something about Massive Floods and the nation being close to Civil War after the election.

The thing is,I have prophetic dreams,so much so it shakes me at my core.Before The Tidal Wave in Southern Asia, I dreamt in 2003 about a massive wave that devastated everything in its path.Little did I know that it would come true.I still feel horribly guilty about it,and I think about it often....but if I told anyone,would they have believed me ?

It's almost as if our planet is hemorrhaging,ready to bring about some massive change on a global scale.I can't say I really believe in the complete validity of global warming,but I can tell you it's a hell of a lot hotter today than it was in my youth.

The five dreams that bug me the most lately are ; the tidal waves off the East Coast,the onset of damn near another American Civil War after the Presidential election this year, ( I'm talking in my dreams people were severely pissed about something,riots were everywhere ) the world economy taking a severe downturn due to numerous natural disasters,Another massive earthquake in the middle of the ocean, ( I dont know which one it was in ) and the United States having the worst Tornado season on record.

Maybe this is nothing,but the last time I had a prophetic dream it was about a massive earthquake in China,so I had to say something.I hope I'm wrong.Anyhow, God Bless and Keep You All.


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