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Knowledge of Pyramids and HOW 2 make them!

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posted on Jun, 8 2008 @ 10:39 PM
Hallo everyone!

"WAU"!!!! This is a great Forum!!! I thought, this´ll be only about UFOs, conspiracies and so on but today, I finally thought, let´s have a look around some more! There should be some more in here, like Ancient civilizations, Pyramids, Mayas etc. And then, ..."W A U" !!!! .....I´ve found this magnificent filled section, about exactly that, what I was looking in here for!!! "W A U"!!!!! fascinating. I feel like, I´ve come home from a very, very long search.

Why am I here?
Since so many of you OUT there, are interested in Pyramids, their energetic powers, how one can achieve things through Pyramid and crystal powers and hopefully also are interested in, "HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN PYRAMIDS"!!! Not only little Experimental models but also a few bigger ones for meditation purposes or even larger ones.

"The Pyramid photographs, that you will see in in here, are not for sale! They´re only here to show you, how beautiful a pyramid can be, can be made and to show you in steps, how YOU can make one yourself"! :-)

Since around 1988, I started to get heavily and inspirationally involved in the interest of Pyramids, as I bought myself that book by Max Toth about "PYRAMID POWERs"! The book fascinated me a lot and the material within. So I started to make my own models, like it was described in that book and I´ve also made more advanced ones and more beautiful of my own creations.

And from one model, there became 5, then 10, 15 and it went on like that. Eventually I was fire and flame and became "Pyramid Fever". I´ve made all kinds of Experimental Pyramids, in different shapes and sizes, ...yes, ....and yes, talking about sizes. Others would call it, "megalomania"! Well, these things had to be done the way they were.

About the WINE-Pyramids! I read about it a few times already, and in that Max Toth book, that, when one keeps wine inside of a pyramid, that It´ll taste much better. ...and THAT was it!????? So eventually, I´ve decided to build a wine pyramid, to unveil the whole secret of the taste of Wine, keaped inside a pyramid. It revealed, that for instance, very cheap wine, keaped for one month inside of a Pyramid, would taste fantastic, round and sweet, like the sweetest grapes, there is. BUT, ...there was another definable taste, that surprised me. The taste of fermentation!

Now, in that wine, there was sulphur. I guess, so it would have a longer shelf life. No matter what, other wines did taste differential from each other. When ever I make such flavour taste experiments, I always buy two of the same items and keep them separate from each other, like with that wine.

By Vodka, although I don´t drink, I had to test that beverage too. The Vodka tasted mild! So, I don´t know, what happened with those 40%? May be, they went with it to the bank??? But I guess, that That would be a good solution, for getting FAST drunk. ;-)

Lets see, if this here works!

Wau! This works great, with the photograph!!!! Thanks 2 photobucket!
Similar to that photograph above, I will show you, how to make such a "Wine-Pyramid"! It´ll also have a small crystal drawer in the middle, 1/3 section.

posted on Jun, 8 2008 @ 10:54 PM
That sounds good to me. Will you be going into proper geographic orientation? Have you ever worn a pyramid hat? Can pyramid energy be amplified electronically?

posted on Jun, 8 2008 @ 11:56 PM
Welcome aboard Wiseman!
Are you going to cover the 'razor sharpening' pyramid (based on Cheops I think!) with the measurments - scaled of course! and the correct alignments!
I have tried this and it seems to work!
Interested to see what further you have to add.

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 09:56 AM
Hallo groingrinder and Havalon!

That experiment, with the Razor Blade, I tried it too, and it worked very well! Do you know, how to get Razor Blades very dull? I just mentioned that because, that was in that Pyramid Power book too. On a full moons night, you place them on your window board, where you usually have your pots with flowers. They used to do that, when they were in military, to bother their colleges.

Well, after I have had my Razor Blade Pyramid build, I decided to expand the base of the 1/3 section, by making it wider, as wide as that top section wide was. Filling out that levels space, so now I could place in there other stuff, that needed to be examined, like a glass of milk, which turned into a jelly like substance. You could cut it afterwards very easily, with only a wire.

That reminded me, of the Swiss. They do their special cheese like that, cutting it with a wire mesh. To align it to the true North South axis. The reason for that is, that THIS energy that accumulates in and outside of the Pyramids, gets focused/concentrated that way, when it´s properly aligned to the true North! When it isn´t then the energy collects itself inside, in a wavy pattern.

To prove that fact, you just need for it two pyramids, assigning one to the true North and the other one, to the North East and placing in them for a while, glasses filled with water. Foe a faster result, use warm or hot faucet water. And you may also place such a warm/Hot water beside the pyramids, you will see, that IT will also get affected by its radiation. I call it radiation because I don´t know, how to call it. Max Toth calls it Ions, Ionisation.

In the water, you can watch it, as little bubbles start to form in it, along the glass. At times, there are millions of very little bubbles/Ions (?) and a few minutes later, at the same place but with another try of water, the bubbles will be much bigger, up to 3mm in size, such large ones, I have measured. At times, those bubbles will also appear, as if they were created mechanically because, the way they were arranged at the glass. Like rows of bulls eye windows, running parallel, diagonal or horizontal.

Photographs of those, I have too, that you may take a look below. I´ve taken them from the Experimental Pyramid, that I made instead, of the Razor Blade Pyramid. This one looks much fancier. So, first of all, the Ion bubbles.

And that´s the Experimental Pyramid, that I´ll show you, how to make of the Razor Blade Pyramid.

And now the different Bubbles/Ions!

Datel Seeds inside and the next picture, from above. The Ions are attached not only on the glass but also on the Datel Palm seeds.

I also did such an experiment, with two of my small Pyramids, one pointing @ the True North and the other @ the NE! The bubbles, in the T-North Pyramid, were aligned in a straight line, Level! The bubbles in the NE Pyramid, were "~" in a wavy pattern, like this symbol here ~ !

So those True Egyptian Aliens, who came from the stars, knew exactly, What and what for they were constructing those Pyramids. They´re reactors, may be even Fusion Reactors, just came into my mind.

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 10:15 AM
Mythbusters (i know they are not the most reliable source) had them once on agenda. Results were that pyramid shape doesnt do anything.

Would be interesting if someone would provide xy pyramid construction at cost free - to random people that would apply for the experiments (lets say 20 pyramids). ATS admins would pick them up from the list of those that would want to be involved in experiment. Each would need to do agreed set of experiments and than publish results.

Something like this could end a story if they work or not. ;

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 12:55 PM
reply to post by G_o_l_d_y

Hi G O L D Y!

What an inspiration to have you here!

About the "Mythbusters"! I saw that show on the Pyramids that they´ve conducted and if you ask me, They´ve just BUSTED THEMSELVES!!!!

They´ve screwed it up like hell and in such an extend, that I don´t really want to talk about them and their fake experiments. Those guys have been paid, TO screw it up! Haven´t you noticed, what silly mistakes they´ve made at the end??? They´ve Forgotten to water the plants, how stupid do they have to be????

If You really want to prove the facts, about the Pyramids and their workings, then that´s fine with me. You´ll be then a neutral observer, experimentator! That´s the same way, the way I did it with the wine in the wine Pyramids. I bought 2 of them, only to be fair instead of only one, and then claim, "WAU"!! ! This wine was super, great, fantastic....

I will present to you guys soon those Pyramid models, that you may start your experiments and then you guys may too, upload your pics, of your Pyramid models that you´ve made and your results, eighter pictorial and or in writing.

[edit on 9-6-2008 by Wiseman]

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 01:51 PM
G. Harry Stein wrote "Mind Machines You Can Build" way back when. It covers pyramids among other things. It tells how to make them.

The premise of the book was that he wanted to build things that could be replicated by just the instructions that he wrote in the book, and yet did not have a rational scientific explanation for what these things did. He hoped that, by providing these things, someone would come up with an explanation of how these things worked.

(note: edited for clarity)

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posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 02:24 PM
The following pics of two pyramids with water, I´ve made while I was uploading the bubble/Ions water pics above. Here one more time, only to show you, what happens to water, when the Pyramid´s facing the true NORTH and the North-East! There´s also on one of the water glasses, an interesting pictogram or hieroglyph! May be, someone´s or something´s trying to communicate with me, through the ions!?

The LEFT one´s facing to the TRUE NORTH, (see compass), and the right one, to the NE!

The front view, of the Northern Pyramid! Another interesting thing, that I´ve discovered about this Pyramid model here, is that, if you take off the top Pyramid cover and place a glass with water onto ONLY that base there, the ions will also start up to appear and even, after you´ve taken that or any of my Pyramids from their location away and place there again, a fresh glass of water, the same will start to occur again! Ions will appear!

Those bubbles are sticking at the front side of the glass.
Everything seams to be fine here, except that there´s an unusual "Item", just below the main mass of the bubbles/ions clusters. This looks like a (?), stik with a horse shoe form on the top end of it. Here I´ve put in a link with a Pharaonic picture, of that same Item!

Thes bubbles, are from the rear of the glass.
(A much closer look of the one, from above.)

Here, one more time, the NORTHERN Pyramid! I just photographed it from an different angle. As you can see, the compass needle´s still pointing to the North!


That´s the front side part of the glass! At the right of the glass, there´s a little bit of a square part visible, "A square bubble part"? But of what? It´s a bit difficult to take a picture of that with the camera but at the next pic., I took it slightly from above, to make that unusual bubble setting more clearly visible.

And here it is! That sure´s unusual, now isn´t it? Why did this happen?

....and a fem bubbles with a ruler, for size measures.

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 03:17 PM
reply to post by sir_chancealot

Hallo sir_chancealot!

Sounds interesting, your book! That reminds me of something similar.
Thomas TRAWOEGER [ Trawöger ]

Pyramid Electrical Generator

He´s a German fellow, who´s (?) somehow managed, to utilize Pyramid energy, with simple electronic devices. He too, can´t understand, how the fan, that he´s hooked to his metal frame pyramid keeps on working, without any electrical power supply. He said, that That IS Pyramid Power but I´m not sure about it, since I´ve seen so many videos on FREE Energy, and THAT could be THAT Energy, that he´s harvesting and not Pyramid Power.

He had a video on youtube for about 4-5 months, stating and showing that computer fan, going and going and going until a few months ago, an allegedly unknown firm, large firm like General Electrics showed interests in his project. They promised to him these and that (fund$), but he has to take that video off line. He did, but then he placed it some where else. I can´t find that video anymore, but it´s still out there.

And that Unknown firm, was "Siemens"! I wrote about that in another Thread of mine, something about crystals. There I think, I´ve got a link about that video. There I also found another video, about another older fellow, who´s got a pretty large Pyramid as his home, I understand it was. Anyways, he decided one day to do an experiment, that he got inspired about and that almost cost his life! He´s got a terrible electric shock that threw him a few feet away and after he woke up again, he has had some bad burns on his skin and then dismantaled those cotton strings and copper wires for good.

I tried to copy that idea, not because I´m thrilled to get such a electric shock too, no, but I wanted to see, if I could harvest that energy too. But it didn´t work. Why? may be because, my Pyramid was only a small one and his house, may be a wood or metal frame building, I don´t know. May be he didn´t mention that.

About my alleged Thread, I must have placed it into some ones Thread about crystals. Sorry about that wrong info.

May be, if you´d look around in this link, you might find that Pyramid Generator video. ourceid=navclient-ff&ie=UTF-8&rlz=1B3GGGL_deDE262DE262&um=1&sa=N&tab=wi

Holly macro! I´ve just found that video, but unfortunately folks, It´s in German!
Here´s the site and as you scroll downwards, there will be more links regarding that video!
Here´s that video before it gets taken down! It or the info's on the above site, can be downloaded. a few info's, what he´s saying.

He says, that it´s not important, in what angle the Pyramid has been constructed but, what IS important, is the technical assesses, that are inside AND in the centre of the Pyramid! He also mentions, about the facts of sharpening Razor Blades or about the results, about fruits and meat inside the Pyramids. Until today, it has been not scientifically explained, why Razor Blades do get sharpened inside a Pyramid. That Phenom-en, got him thinking over the years and that is why he has build this Pyramid here.

The principle of this Pyramid, is very simple. This Pyramid is on purpose a bit off the North axis but he can´t or won´t explain why. Inside of his Pyramid, there is a copper plated capacitor. He´s made some other ....cont.

[edit on 9-6-2008 by Wiseman]

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 03:35 PM
.....Pyramids, but they didn´t work out very well, since he tried to use things, like they´ve had thousands of years ago. This here, is Pyramid #4. So, he mentions, what materials he´s using, like plastic coated copper cables and perspex (Haven´t heared that word before, my translator says, that this means, Plexiglas, something like plastic glass.)

He´s now swinging inside into the Pyramid, to show and explain to you the items and their functions. He´s got in there a not well build converter and so on... I´m sure, that this project is written down some where in English. You see! There you have it, as you scroll down at the above link, there it is in the English language.

And here now the video, about the electric shock!
Harnessing Pyramid Energy by Les Brown ....30 foot Pyramid!" target="_blank" class="postlink" rel="nofollow">Check out:

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 03:51 PM
I might as well start Uploading!

To make an interesting start, here some of my pics!

The top left one, I refer to as the TEE-LIGHT STAORAGE Pyramid. Next, to the right, it´s for a chocolate, Praline. I made that one, a few of them as a present for some people.. The yellow at the right, is the little, yellow MAYA step Pyramid. The bottom one underneath it, it shows only 2 Wine bottles at the top, but in actuality, there are 5 of them all together. That´s the 5er MAYA wine bottle Pyramid, The modern type. There are two more older ones, that´ll you see later on. Underneath that one, this one´s similar to the one above this reply.

The Tee-Light Storage Pyramid.

The first level´s Off!

And underneath it, the second Storage level!

There it is one more time!

Before I made That one, there was another one prior to That one. But this one here, has a nice black, Gold Glitter deco on it And a clear Apex top.

To the left, another, more simple 2er wine-bottle Pyramid. To that one, I refer as the ASBACH Pyramid due to the Asbach Liquor bottle in it. You may also use water bottles in it only with Bear, I´d be careful otherwise, you may end up like that video shows! It gets really fast BAD! Unless you prefer this kind of brew!?

Drunk Animals

It´s actually a crystal charging pyramid with two drawers on it´s sides.

The red building, isn´t supposed to be one, instead a replica out of the Kings Chamber. There, above the chamber, is the same thing, with 7 Granite slates, polished underneath them but unpolished and quit rough looking on the top. There must be for it, in such a way a use for it. It´s as if, when looking up, looking at the polished surface, it´s supposed to keep something inside the chamber, like a reflector. (Just a thought!)

And here, I tried to do the same thing. The cardboard peaces, Bristle Boards are also smooth underneath it and rough, wavy above. You might think, that this isn´t going to do much, but you´re wrong or may be right, this time. The same worked with the sarcophagus, by placing it in it´s exact position in my models, to try to scharge up crystals, that for some reason didn´t let themselves be charged up and yet, through that model type, it did work! Within 24 hours, they were so charged up and really very strong in energy, when I tried to extract it, with my third eye. .....con´t!

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 03:56 PM
Another interesting thing about charging crystals up THAT way, is that they are so extream charged up, as I mentioned already, that when you place it on your third eye, to meditate with it, that within 10 to 20 seconds, you get a real bad migraine! But if you´d charge up those crystals in the usual way, by placing them in the middle or bottom 1/3 section of the pyramid, you´re not gona have that kind of problem. Only with the Apex area Energy, I didn´t get anything out of there yet. May be, if anyone of you out there, have something to add in here, please do!

This crystal carage basket, is just as complicated made as is the grove, Grotto is the word, of the sarcophagus.
The first model of the Internet MAYA Pyramid, that you´ll see soon after this one, is actually the actual model of this one, I just wanted to have a model of that one too, but not as complex as was the other one.

Through the holographic plas paper, it appears, as if there are colour lights within it.

And here a short break, from the next one. That quartz crystal here, is the same one, as you saw in the yellow Pyramid. That Pyramid model here, when you take off the Pyramid hull, which is everything, even the stairs or rams, you´ll find a Base part of that Pyramid underneath it, but in blue. I still experimented with different colours back then. Blue, is a nice cool, watery colour and red, rather an aggressive one.

That one here was of the MAYA´n yellow pyramid size! It was also a Battery charger, that I made long before the yellow one! This one, may be also referred to, as a step Pyramid cause it has a little step in it´s interior.
Just like all of my Pyramids with windows, these windows are actually covered with clear plas foil to keep the dust out, in case you´d make some Food experiments. You can dry very well Meat, for Beef Jerky, with sausage for instance.

These are Potato Plants, that grew and changed like that, as if they were those Lilly plants or climbing plants, or how you call them, crawling up the trees in the jungle or the walls in or near the city´s. I watered them with Pyramid water. And that same thing happens with your Tomato plants, when you use pyramid water. And Yes! They had potatoes. How they tasted? i don´t know. I gave them to my mother.

That one here, I refer to it as the little or small, yellow MAYA´n step pyramid. The larger, Internet MAYA´n step pyramid, was supposed to be a replica off this one here, it would have been, if I hadn´t included all the extra accessuars like drawers, sarcophagus basket and crystal-sarcophagus container. This one here, is the same one, you saw in the beginning, only not so nicely decorated, as the at the beginning one. In here, I keaped Akkus, those Batteries that you can charge up for your Handy's and other things. But that, I wouldn´t recommend cause, after I charged up my Batteries to it´s fullest capacity, as usual and placed/keaped them in that or any pyramid for at least one day, after I tried to use them, nothing went! Why??? They were all discharged! Empty! But, if you´d do the same thing with regular Batteries, that you´d normally through away, then they´ll be charged up to it´s fullest.

My Tarot cards and book storage Pyramid! To the left of it, is the Reiki RUNEN storage pyramid, before I decorated it with Reiki symbols.

[edit on 9-6-2008 by Wiseman]

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 04:03 PM

That one here, is the first Internet, large, yellow MAYA´n step pyramid. The COMPLICATED ONE!

The Sarcophagus is also covered with this Holographic plastic paper or sticker only this one´s of a Gold glitter. I wanted to see, what effect it would be, and it´s not too bad. That was very complicated to make.

here it is submerged!

Photographed at different angles, the holographic paper gives off different colour effects.

The Reiki symbols. Actually, The Actual ~ ORIGINAL Reiki symbol, looks different then that one. This one here, is of the more Modern type writing of the symbol. It´s much better, to have the original symbolic writing on it, it´s because of the power. And, should you ever see the original Reiki symbol, you will easily understand it´s symbolic. It even makes sense ~ The symbolic in it´s symbols!
That´s the original Reiki symbol here!

Packed it up, in a manner, so it would arrive in one peace, and off it went!

That one, is the Praline ~ chocolate pyramid, that I made a few of, for a few people for Christmas.

That here, is another Batterie/Crystal charging pyramid that I made. As you can see, it´s not as atractive, as are the other ones and the reason for that is, my creational energy was almost empty. And that is, what you get, when you´re batteries empty. I eventualy destroyed it, what I do with the most, that I don´t like or I´m compelled in doing that.

Oh, by the way! These were my very first pyramid models from 1988.

And here´s now the decorated Reiki (RUNEN) storage pyramid

And from the other side.

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 04:09 PM

The interior´s nicely polstered, you may use other colour, if you´d like.

The colour and name idea on the RUNE´s also my creational idea, that way you´ll never forget, how the symbols spoken and what colour that symbol has. The RUNE stones, in this case made out of hard wood, are a good source of alternative, when the Tarot´s can´t help you further.

This is a drawing, that I made and before I went to sleep, I asked (to whom ever), ...."WHAT IS THE PYRAMID?" And in my dream, I dreamed the next picture but only the frame walls of the pyramid and those two unfinished ~ whatever pyramids. And a voice spoke to me, saying, "IT IS A BATTERY"!

And that´s me back then in Northern Canada, beside my first Live size ICE Fish´n Hut Pyramid.

Me and my doggy shadow!

Winter was ending, so I had to get rid of it! I placed it reassembled in our work shop shed, and underneath it, we had a one way flash light. After a few weeks, it was recharged.

Underneath it, sits my cool doggy shadow, wearing cool shades! Somehow, she didn´t look very thrilled about that idea! :sunny
That pyramid here, was my second one, of about 5-6 feet in height.

And here she´s again. :^funny

After the Plastic has been wrapped around it, against rain, snow, black flies and the national birds of Canada, The Mosquito! :sunny

The second person from the left, that´s me :sunny

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posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 04:12 PM

That´s me, beside it! From here, it doesn´t look that high anymore, that´s due to a little hill, that is on this side.

And here, it´s an OPEN HOUSE day! Please come in and join me!

Those two photographs, is the way it looked, before I moved away. We want to keep the forest clean, don´t we?

That here, was my last one! It was about 3 meters/9 foot high!

The first person on the left, that´s me! The next pic, is a more close up!

The finished pyramid!

Due to some people, who came by once in a while and their kids, I had to camouflage it that way cause they always saw something shimmering through the woods. That´s not that problem, but you know how Humans are. They always want to break things, that doesn´t belong to them.

Here, a smaller Pyramid for my wallet, letters, crystal and a Pleiadien Book. On the wall, at the top left corner, is such a Pleiadian Beam ship with Billy Meier and Semjase. Beneath it, are some utensils like a pen and tapes.

That crystal is actually too large, to be used for meditations OR, that one was a glass one! Glass crystals and other type of minerals are being sold more and more to the New Age people. You want to know, how to figure out, if it´s a glass or real crystal??? Then boil it/them for a minute or two with a lid on the pot, as safety. When you hear within that time, a crackle sound, then you have your answer. If nothing happens, then you have your answer too! That means, that it is a Real one + congratulation.

That´s a room pyramid, here in Germany. Here, you have to crawl underneath it, by lifting up that pyramid. Better yet, when you have an apartment with an extra room, put one in there. Then make a larger one at once.

The top one, you saw already! That´s the Battery/crystal charger Pyramid and the lower one, another boring one, where my creative energy had run out a lot already. With the rest of the energy, is that, what you see here. Not very respectful.

Here, I tried it out with a white one! It looks boring!

Two water container pyramids. From that type of pyramids, those ones have also an additional Base pyramid. That means, that eighter you place your bottle onto (standing up), the Base and then place the cover pyramid on top of it or you do it, the way it´s shown in here. That´s an old pic.

That´s the way, my first 3er wine-bottle pyramid looked like. And from that pyramid model, all the rest were created. That wine, beside it, is a Chateau Monarch. A lovely, sweet red wine and a bit more expensive. It´s around € 3,50 a bottle. But, with that type of wine, when you place it into a Pyramid, after a months time later, that good wine, will taste more like water. (????)

Here, a few of them!

And a black one because, IT HAS TO BE A BLACK PYRAMID!

Here, the little see through pyramids, they´re around 2 1/2 Inches/6cm in size. In the rear, stands a glass with regular water. Although it´s not underneath a pyramid, it too got energized by the pyramids. The left orange pyramid, is actually a bright, yellow pyramid! It´s colour change is due to the lightening.

Here it is again! Inside of it, is a plastic POP bottle, the bottom part cut off it. Inside, water with Datle palm seeds. Replacing it every day with fresh water, I put warm water inside of it and within a few weeks, those seeds started to germinate. I don´t know, what came out of it? It was a white something, that looked like it´s root but as soon as I placed it into the soil, it disappeared. I guess, due to too much love to that plant and that success, of getting to germinate that seed so quickly. Normally, you´ll have to wait months, until you get successful, If you get successful with those seeds.

Those Batteries are called, Accumulators? They´re being used for Handy's! They´re rechargeable Batteries only. Interesting experiment with them too! I placed charged up ones, store ones in there in the hopes, to store them charged and may be get even more charged and then use them, when I need them. WRONG! They got all discharged! They were all empty!! ??? But, if you use normal, one way Batteries, Those DO get charged up!

And that´s the way that Base looks like, of that pyramid! It stands onto the book, Pyramid Power!

Here, I dehydrated a peace of sausage! After only 4 days, it was as hard, as beef jerky and pretty well dehydrated, even more as if you´d do an air drying.

My back then, broom sticks Meditation Pyramid. It´s easy to re and dis assemble.

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 04:18 PM

That Pyramid´s covered with a contour sheet, if that´s the word for it. It´s a bed sheet, with a rubber ban underneath it, that when you spread it over the matres, you fold the corners underneath the corners of the matres. That way, the sheet will always stay in place, without sliding off. That kind of sheet is in this case here, with the Pyramid perfect!

The bottom frame work and the top one, are both seperatable, so you can easily store it away, may be behind a cabinet.
Underneath it, are two Bristle boards and all the necessary materials, to make such a Pyramid model, ...the little ones!

That here, is a model, that I made in Canada. It´s the one, with the additional Base underneath it. More details in just a moment.

Such a Golden Pyramid!

And a yellow one! Yellow and red are the most nicest colours for it.

Underneath, they look like that!

Different types of energized water underneath those pyramids.

A smaller Pyramid but still, with the same concept!

The glasses, are as reference for size comparison.

My pyramids on the fridge, since I have no more room to put them any where.

That one here, was my first model type, for 5 wine bottles. There are two more advanced ones.

That´s, what´s left from my 3er wine pyramid. There´s actually still another one left, that looks much better, then this one here.

Now, that one here, is somehow still my favorite one, actually there are many but by this one here, there´s something special about it. Externally, it don´t look very interesting, cause I still need to decorate the outside cover pyramid. Also, here too, the window opening, is a clear plastic window.

I made that one, cause, I needed another drawer pyramid for my, for example Tarot cards books or what ever.

Taking, lifting the pyramid cover off! In the window part, there even appeared an ORB!

And here it is!

To somehow camouflage the drawers, I drew hieroglyphics over the drawers themselves. That way, everything fuses

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 04:23 PM

The Pyramid at the bottom middle, I refer to as the ZEPAR Pyramid.

It appears kind boring, but the newest thing about this one here, is that I used a surround window. And underneath that Pyramid cover, this one has a very long Golden drawer.

Some colour effects!

That 5er here, is the last one of the 5er wine - pyramids.

And that 5er wine - pyramid, was #2 of the models!

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:siren :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :wave [font=Verdana]"[glow=red,2,300]DO IT YOURSELF[/glow]/b]" ~ "BASE-PYRAMIDS"[/font] :wave :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :siren

So! And now, I´ll show you, how to make the simple one, that I created in Canada in the late 90s. Once you know, how to do this one, then you can do them all, cause the Principe doesn´t really change in making them.

This one here, will be the one, you saw above. Those were the red, gold and yellow ones with the Datel seeds in a glass of water on it. You don´t have to follow it exact, the way I did it here. If you may have an easyer technique in measuring and what ever, then feel free to do it.

So, let´s start.

These are the tools, that you will need. A good glue, that dries pretty quick and a sharp knife. Don´t forget to place something underneath the Bristle boards, like a cardboard matt or a flatt board.

Then you´ll need a pamphlet, that you will make now. You decide, how big to make it. Normally, it would be an almost perfect triangle, but here, I left some room on it´s sides, to show some more measurements. The Base here, I made it 2 x 15 cm = 30 cm and the sides or slopes, 12.5 cm. Then divide it in three parts of 1/3rds, so you will learn and know, where the middle and lower parts/levels are. That will also help you, when you want to make a wine-pyramid, to know where to place the bottle in. Then, you need to draw in the window. Eighter do it, by doing precise measures on the one side or just do it by free hand. Then, use your knife or pen and cut slightly into the material, but don´t cut it off yet, or draw deeply in, by pressing the pen into the material, that will insure a "bend" marking. Should you happen to cut it off, don´t worry about it! It´s not that bad.

Just take then the half and place it on the other side, where you now draw in around your template the other side of your window. That way, you may insure to have two equal parts of a whole window.

Here, a more complex way of doing it! But even so, mistakes do occur and you may to do it over and over again, if you like to have it perfect.
But do remember, that "THAT" Template that you´re working on now, is THE TEMPLET! After this Template you´ve finished, you then make off it the real Pyramid otherwise, you´ll have to do this whole, complicated process over and over again. :shocked: :undecided:

Now you may say, that the top part is smaller then the bottom! But, that´s not so! It´s an optical illusion! Now you take that finished Template and place it on another Bristle board because now, you´ll be making the pyramid cover for it.

By placing the template in the middle of the BBoard, holding with one finger at the apex point and with the other hand, turning the template so, to figure out, if all the 4 sides will fit on that BBoard. Then go back and draw in the point of the apex and the sides of the triangle. Make sure, to also leave a gluing flap on one side of the end. You decide which one. I guess, it´ll depend on which one, if your left handed or right. You will see, by gluing that flap to the other side, if you find it comfortable or not. I prefer to have it on the right hand side, opposite the ruler.

Now, before gluing it together, (for the original, actual pyramid model), draw in some decoration, like mine or of your tip. even if you screw it up, don´t worry about it! It´s only an exercise for you. It´s better now, to screw it up, as when you screw it up at the actual model. Instead of lines, place some Hieroglyphics on its sides.

So, This looks pretty good, doesn´t it? :wink:

Now, you turn it around and with a ruler, redraw the "bend" lines deeply, to be easily bend with the help of a ruler. That´s the more safer way of bending the parts into place.


Now, it should look like that. Before gluing it (If it´s the Original one), readjust the parts, so they´re not too much bend.

And then, the pyramid should appear like that! Straight after the bend parts have been readjusted.

/°°°\ ...and now, we´re going to make the Base part of the pyramid. The principal is still the same only a bit different. Do mark the lines like in the beginning, only now, you draw in the lines (see pen) and only those lines and NO window parts. That will be the floor for the Base.

That´s it! On one part of the side´s of the Base pyramid, you´ll have to draw in the top floor part. Also, above all the other three side parts, don´t forget to draw in some flaps for the top floor to glue onto afterwards AND again, another side flap to glue the Base together so you´ll have a Base, like the pyramid cover. Again, You decide on which end you´d like to have the side flap on!

After cutting it out, you´ll have a better over view of it. Now, you´ll need to do some decoration on it. That´ll be more fun later on, when you start to use the pyramid for your experiments.

Drawing onto it such a wind rose, will always help and remind you, to correctly adjust your pyramid to the true north! Additionally, you may draw other things onto it, like may be a nice galaxy with stars or a comet. Make it for yourself too, more interesting. (You should use water resistant markers to prevent water droplet, smudge marks.)

Don´t forget to erase the pencil markings....

After you´re done drawing and bending, it´ll should look like that!

First, you should glue (on UR Original one), the sides together, it´s easyer that way instead of the other way around - first the top and then the side! That way, may get you into trouble. :dazed

After having placed glue onto the parts, and have folded down that floor top, try to make sure, that it´s nicely in place and square. Also, place the Base before the glue has dried, the Base onto a level ground, so it doesn´t tilt back and forth afterwards. Either way, that MAY happen anyways. If that may bother you, you may glue a fuzzy rug underneath the pyramid. That should balance the definationes out. Here, we don´t have a bottom lid yet, cause there´s still some work to be done, called Stabilizers. Or, if you´re not so artistically talented, don´t draw anything onto the Base. You may place there a CD or DVD with it´s shiny side up, to be used as a napkin for water containers. Glued such a CD onto that Base part, looks nice too!

So, Now we´ve got so far.

For the Base stabilizers, you need to find out, the depth or height of the Base. In there, we´ll place "Rolls" from small ones to larger ones, that will be glued underneath it, with or without flaps. The reason for that is, that, when you take a glass of water or something else heavy, that the weight won´t bow the BBoard right there. In the end, by using it so often, it wouldn´t look afterwards in the long run so good.
HOW TO MEASURE THAT OUT? Place that Base onto a fluffy towel, better yet, the Base and the towel are situated on a peace of furniture, unless you don´t mind to bend down like a snail. That way, to measure it´s height out, would be much easyer for you. Additionally to that, place a ruler or something flat onto the Base. And now, you can measure exactly the height that you´ll need to know, for the stabilizers.

You´ll need the exact height of the cardboard. 2 millimeters too much or too low, is not going to look nice. To save some time with the gluing flaps, Don´t do them! As soon as you´ve got the height of it, roll them together and glue them. Then, place droplets and smudges of glue onto one side of them and place them into the Base, like shown. Do have at least one for the middle and a second one cause you never know, what you´ll place in there in the future! IF you do use flaps, calculate the flaps onto it separately, just in case! :rose

Here´s such an example, what the stabilizers are for.

In this pic, I´ve been using gluing flaps, that´ll do make everything much more stable... Here, I´m holding some flappy down, so they get themselves glued !

The outside ring/stabilizer isn´t glued yet! But that´s a good idea to have that many. It´s all up to you, how you make them, whether they´re round or square.
And to close the bottm, just place the Base onto another peace of BBoard and draw around it. Don´t forget to place your flaps on that one too and then glue it. Of course, you may have drawn that bottom Lid also at the beginning of the Base template, but, it may have been some how in the way. Now I see it, you see? But before you glue the bottom onto it, don´t forget to place droplets onto the stabilizers top parts too!

And that´s how it looks, when it´s done. You can see, the cover pyramid seams to have a hangover! That´s because there is no Stabilizer for it´s frame underneath it´s apex area. Glue in there also a nice but not too big square in, of about an inch or 1-1/2 that should do! Then, it would look much better. Since that was an older, earlyer model of my pyramids. I didn´t think of placing underneath and through the apex such a wire. You may want to do that here too, before you glue in the square apex "stabilizer" lid in.

Or, lets go another step further. After you did that with the wire, glue underneath it a smaller square peace and then onto that, looking at you a round ring, like a stabilizor of about 1 centimeter height. That ring should fit glued onto another square opening which is a bit of a larger square. That now covers the end part of the apex area. What´s it for? It´s, when you place your bottle of water or wine underneath it, the pyramid cover will lay onto the wine bottles top part straight instead of toggling croaked around. It was just an idea but it does work!

Before you glue that square lid/cover in,

You´ll glue such a neck in, (like a stabilizer), that you stick your bottle into it and on the other side, at the end side, there too is an end stopper of a flat peace. That will insure, that the cover pyramid lays level onto your bottle neck. Did you know, that the Base without the cover pyramid, produces the same energy as with the pyramid cover?

The end, flat peace!

The finished product!

And that idea was out of That pyramid. That was before I started to make the wine-pyramids.

The Pharaoh head, I drew it off, of my TV, when the action movie, The Mummy" ran.

.......back to that Base Pyramid! You may additionally build in clear plastic windows, to keep your beverages, water or Food experiments clean and dust free. Just by using School projection plastic. It´s harder then normal plastic, sturdier and clearer.

Measure out the interior of your window area plus some gluing space area. Make a BBoard copy of it and then, with a CD marker, draw the outlines onto the plas. A CD marker won´t smudge. TYP! When you handle the plastic sheets, use soft gloves, to prevent smudgy streaks or finger prints on the plas.

Mark in your to be glued area with your window BB template, with a pen or pencil and start gluing. Cautious about smudging the plas with glue! If it happens, try by rubbing quickly over it, to loosen the glue. That might work with some glue types, just like this Patex glue here.

And now you´re actually done! The Cassette is for size comparison.

Allign it to the True North, and start going! :sunny

Datel Palm seeds!

Datel seeds from above! The white round spots, that´s where it starts to germinate!

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So! And now I´m going to show you, how to make yourself a "Wine-Pyramid"!

I started this one myself, from scrap, so I get right back again, into the pyramid constructing. But, while making that one here, I came across some interesting problems, that I have solved interestingly.

The angle of this pyramid, will be the same, as the one above, the yellow one! And it´s also important, how deep you´d like to have your wine/water/whisky etc., bottles. The more hidden they should be, the larger the pyramid will get.

I intend, to put into that one here, also eventually a drawer into the apex region, we´ll see. Before you start in making it, read the descriptions thoroughly through, cause I´ve made a few changes along the way and it´s up to you, which one´s you´d like to use.

I made that wine-pyramid as simple as possible, for anyone to make! (Use an empty wine bottle, for the first "Template" model) After the parts have been glued together, (Only a good, fast drying glue, like Pattex,) you should use filled bottles

So, here we go...

These are the materials and a similar picture, of the going to be wine-pyramid. You´ll also need some scotch tape or paper tape, for fixing up the entrance holes, on the pyramid covers holes. Then, some light coloured Bristle Boards (BB´s).

Before you start in making it, have in mind, that the first model, should always be your template. Just in case, some one asks you to make one or two for them, him or her, so you don´t have to get through that whole trouble again.

Figure out, how high you´d like to have the bottles above the ground and how far apart, from the centre they should be. It´s also possible, that along the way, you´ll get your own inspirations, in doing something differently, then I show here. Feel free to change your mind about it, as long as it´s easyer, simpler and may be faster to be done as mine.

Starting off, with the first part, that I refer to as the "U" part. It´s supposed to be a "C", but the "U" comes closer to it´s meaning. But I´ll still call it the "C" part.
That bottle does the start up. That Template has a space of 2 cm to the right and 2 cm from the bottom up. Complete that template, for the next step. Your off the ground distance, is all up to you.

As you´ve finished to draw the "C" shaped bottle form, it would be a good idea, when you re-draw it by hand and with a pen. Press that pen against the BBoard, so it leaves somehow, a print in the BB´s. What is that for? After you´ve made the cut IN´s, it´ll make it easyer for you, to bend the parts upwards, towards you.

The parts, that are dotted, I refer to as Flaps, like planes have ~ landing Flaps. Only these here, will be used to glue them against what ever.

After you´ve cut it out and bend, it should look like that here.

Next, we will make this kind of part, referred to as The "saddle"! As we go along, further down, I will change that design, to something more simple. But, if you´re good in making things, then you may use this as well.

Next, you´ll need something, like for a box, plan. The "C" part, will be placed in the centre, a

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Here now, come the flaps, to be drawn in.

Here, it´s shown, how the template will be placed on it. Copy also the flaps off the "C" part. ....more about it later.

When I talk about "Pressing" the pen, I mean with it to press harder as normally onto the cardboard, where folding parts are at. By doing that, enables the bending of the parts much easyer upwards. But by scratching onto another peace, it helps you to bend it downwards easyer. It´s effect is, as if that part was mounted onto a hinge, that easily it bends downwards.

Here´s such an example, by pressing the pen on this curve! Those straight cut flaps, will be bend in the opposite direction.

Cut the half moon shaped part out first before you cut in the flaps, (cut IN´s!) If you do it the other way around, the flaps may get damaged and it´s nerving. It´s not that bad, if you ripe out a few, it´s just unpractical. Try it yourself! See, what happens.

By using a pen cap or your fingernail edge, by doing that, will strengthen that parts folding edge.

Now, put the boy together, but only with scotch or similar tape. DO NOT GLUE THE PARTS YET TOGETHER"! Once they´re glued, you won´t be able to make any changes afterwards, should something not fit quite together and believe me, some of them will be quit off, of that what we cut out. That´s because We don´t have any templates for them. But as soon, as you´re done with those templates here, you will have them. Don´t loose them! Guard them like GOLD!

Afterwards, it will look like this but before you place your empty bottle onto it, you SHOULD - MUST make a bottle weight stabilizer, that I have shown here or something alternatively. That is the most important part! Holding the overall weight of the wine bottle, when it´s full too. At the bottom of the BBoard, it´s already measured for it. 2cm high and as long, as the saddle is, minus some millimeters length. You may make them more narrower, as I have them here.

Here it´s already inside the saddle! The bend markings, use your knife for them afterwards, to scratch in one line lightly, that´ll do. You may also bend it, without the knife. No one´s going to control your project, how you do it but, there are still those of us, who´d like to make things more precise. Hey! I know, how the Germans are - PRECISE! I like to be precise too, but that doesn´t work out like that always. :cool

Afterwards, you may test it! After you´ve done the second saddle, please check, if the bottles are level sitting in them. Mine weren´t, so I changed the saddle design for all those of us, who don´t like it so complicated. I try to make the parts as simple, as possible but they still need to work properly. I never had that problem, with all my other 33 pyramid models in my apt., because I used a different saddle type, that I will show you later, how it looks like.

Here now, we´re making a saddle tray, for the bottle to slide on ~ for now. Otherwise, the saddle may fall apart. That Tray, you may make it a bit longer, as the saddle itself is.

How to get its width? Just take a peace of scrap BBoard or peace of paper and measure it´s width, from A to B! Don´t make it wider, otherwise you won´t be able to place the bottle onto/on it.

It´s going to look like that! Taped onto the sides of the saddle parts, for instance onto the "C" flaps on the saddle or where ever you think of. It just needs to be tight there for now.

Now, we´ll make the first roll for the bottle. There will be another one right after that, but this needs to be done first, to ease our work on the way. You may make the actual one, which you´ll find further down, and see, how you can work with it. I thought that too, and then I changed my decision for the later pipe. The PIPE is the TUBE.

The front...

..and the rear of it. My bottle pipes were always flat, like it´s shown here but I will make them until they touch the pyramid walls on both sides. That will also strengthen the eventual glued pipes for the bottles. It always depends on the system that you´re using, to what ever you build, make.

Eighter you use the triangle template from above, from the yellow pyramid or make one more for this one here.

Next! We need to figure out, the proper angle of the cut off, that we´ll need to do onto the pipe. For that, I´ve found a very interesting solution!

It´s a bit too steep shown, but the idea is correct! So you´ll know, how far you need to go for the tube/pipe, until you get to the pyramid wall and how far you may go, untill or before you hit the pyramid wall. I´ve made some bottle stopper barriers, so your bottles won´t hit the rear of the pyramid. Showing later on.

Showing the length of the bottle, to figure out the right position on the saddle, so the weight is correctly distributed.

Now, we´re making the actual Pyramid cover. Just use the same template of the pyramid above unless you´ve made one for this here too.

I figuered out, that so much is enough! It looks kinda too narrow, but it´s not. You may make it bigger, if you like and if you´ve gotten enough room, to place it afterwards. You may still decide afterwards, how large you make it.

Should you have scrap BBoards or in the future, use the scrap ones for now, then you will have to make a few new ones afterwards. This pyramids base side is 38.1cm long. You may make it with a straight number. If you should have a long ruler or anything long and sturdy, you will need it for longer and straighter parts. My pyramids, Wine-Pyramids are such a size, so the four parts will fit on one BBoard, like above, with the yellow pyramid.

On both other ends, draw in on each side, a gluing flap line of about, lesser then 1/2 an inch. But use also here, first tape. Of those, you´ll need another copy of but without the flaps.

And here now, finally some action! This is a top view!

Here, you can see much better now, how to change the rear part of the bottle tube/pipe, so it fits nicely with the pyramid cover wall.

What´s gona happen, when I close that lid/cover now?

That will! But before we start with it, puncturing a hole in the front, we should first get a pyramid base floor to mount the saddles on it, for a perfect alignment of the saddle, bottle for the entrance hole.

Just like everything else! Here too, we´ll need flaps on all the sides.

After having measured out, the sides off the saddle and taping it also down for now, we can start drilling,... ahm - cutting out holes! While I was cutting them out, I realized later, that the bottle was placed too close to the right side. Now, that didn´t look very cool, so close to the edge of the pyramid side. So I had to re-do the holes! I don´t see that as a mistake, rather as a good exercise for you and me. An exercise, in How to fix such problems! It´s simple, trust me! So, as you start cutting in the holes, don´t worry making too large openings. They can easily be close "taped" with scotch, paper or insulation tape!

Having indicated, the where abouts location of the bottle neck and starting to cut in there.

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