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The Varying Tints (Supposedly The Third Eye?)

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posted on Jun, 8 2008 @ 05:00 PM
I'm slightly enlightened on the subject of the third eye, but only to a very minimum degree. I prefer to meditate in my spare time rather than most other things, to hone and discover, as well as research (I try to keep journals, as well as summaries, notes, prior secondary research, etc, But im not a huge success at it) on the subject at hand. I can supposedly easily access my third eye, within minutes of starting meditation. The room tints to a certain color (normally a very vivid royal blue/purple, but there has been rare occasions of a severe black tint[once], a yellow tint[2 times], a green tint[7-8 times], a pink tint[once], a fire red or orange color[4-5 times]). The back of my head will feel as if a curved plate lifts up or over it, various points IN my head begin to feel a slight flowing sensation through them. There is an occasional "fast freeze" where a portion of my body will lose all heat (normally the shoulders), I can begin to pick up a very high pitch and control it, on around 3-4 occasion I got it to mimic a voice, and around 5-9 times I got it to resound like an instrument. In addition to the pitch after around 6-7 (on average) minutes there begins a deep reverberating sound, like a deep bass going up and down, extremely fast, the closest experience, without the meditation, was like a wind tunnel. Even after the first tint, it will normally go one more tint lower, an even deeper color, I have been able to make it go as deep as 5 tint dips, but that was an extremely rare occasion. There are moving "blobs" all about my vision, they are however not floaters, I've checked the definition and they are normally seen as specs moving over your eyes and they will normally form a continues pattern, it will form a various geometric or organic shape and perform a line or shift of motion, then shrink to nothing, then repeat over and over again. the normal "blob" forms a structure of going backwards in a tunnel. There are also random sparks or severe specs of light that will shine, always on a substance or object, and will occasionally move with the object, but only when I do not touch the object itself. I can also begin to "feel" items, objects, and beings around me, if someone walks behind me I can begin to feel an odd sensation that normally signifies presence, I can also do the same to seek an object in the dark, but only one at a time, not a whole environment yet.

If this is an accurate description of the third eye experience, what can it be used for? how? what does it signify to have it? What do the tints represent? I do not mean to ask such probing questions (at least if you feel they are), but I do not know enough "qualified" people (I do not necessarily mean by a form of title or degree) to back up my evidence, nor my conclusions. If anyone has any light or previous experience on the subject, or conclusions, please feel free to share your thoughts or experiences here (if you are comfortable enough).

posted on Jun, 8 2008 @ 05:28 PM
I think you're on the right track. Do you ever get the sensation where your whole body starts to buzz or tingle, and then suddenly it stops abruptly, and it feels like you're floating?

posted on Jun, 8 2008 @ 05:56 PM
I'm sure there are many people here to comment on the more metaphysical aspects of your post; let me mention some aspects of the physiology of the eye, normally unnoticed, that are sometimes revealed during meditation.

The eyes are almost never completely still, even when you think you're staring at a fixed point. There are small, very fast (typically less than 10 milliseconds) oscillations called microsaccades. One thing they do is slightly vary the visual input presented to adjacent rod and cone cells on the surface of the retina. Without this variation, the eye quickly becomes adapted to edge and fine detail in the visual scene, and it, perceptually, 'disappears'.

This phenomena also occurs with voluntary eye movement, on larger consistent fields of color. That's called chromatic adaptation. Here are some example pictures to illustrate the effect: 1 2

Also, when the eye is moving over a scene, the information from the retina is interpreted differently by the brain. Otherwise, blurring or bright flashes of light could confuse the perception! This is called saccadic masking.

So, one thing I would suggest, that you have apparently already started doing, is to take notice of how the behavior of your visual system changes during meditation. That could help explain these 'tints' you see -- conscious suppression of saccadic masking, perceptual tinting from color adaptation due to a change in microsaccade frequency, are all things to consider.

posted on Jun, 8 2008 @ 09:35 PM
Yeah, I had considered the distraction of light when performing this so I perform meditation in four different areas on a regular basis. The first is always an area of moderate light, sometimes a classroom or a bedroom, the next is in an area of indirect light, such as behind a stairwell with a sunroof but I'm clearly in the shadows, the next is in a well shaded area, normally in a dark room with no windows with a small light (nightlight) while being behind a sheet of cloth or plastic, and the forth is in total darkness, the results are always the same, except I have a much greater perception or feeling for presence while in the dark, I imagine what I need to find then a small shimmering light forms and I reach out and it is always in the direction of where the object is. and there are times when I feel I am floating, after a big tingling sensation, like a surge of electricity runs down or up my spine, it can go either way, and projects out my limbs, normally accompanied by heat or a freezing feeling.

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 05:42 PM
You definitely are having "Third Eye" experiences. I would go into detail, but trust me, you are. Keep up the good work. Keep experimenting.. That high pitch you are hearing is key. Try to pick up 2 frequencies at once and make them resonate... (if you can.. I don't know if it possible to do it on purpose) When you feel "connected" you should ask questions.. I don't think many people can meditate on the level you can... if you are interested in helping humanity at all ask what you should do to help. Maybe you'll get an answer. Even if you dont, I think just reaching that level of meditation helps. You should buy/download the first "Holosync" cd (by "Centerpointe"). It will blow your mind. I found that meditatin with the cd half the time and without the cd the other half really does wonders. If you cant find it u2u me.. I may be able to email the mp3s to you.


posted on Jun, 10 2008 @ 05:47 AM
I have actually gotten 3 resonations or pitches to hit, though rare, I can't make them even out yet or unite the pitches to one. one will resonate at a high frequency like a dog whistle somewhat, the next will be a fluctuating bass that's very deep, the next is somewhat of a mid pitch, kind of like an E in the first octave of a clarinet. I can on an average 3/5 times get the second pitch to go off. on a monthly basis, I can get the third to go off about 2/13 times a month (an odd number due to the varying days in months). I usually do not pose questions at this time, but I think I will plan to today.

posted on Jun, 10 2008 @ 08:13 PM
Thats awesome.. Have you ever felt/heard a pop inside your head and a bubbling sensation on your forehead?

posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 02:22 AM
One time I had experienced the gateway effect before an OOBE, and inside my head made an interesting popping noise, and it felt as if there was liquid inside my head flowing down my body. Nothing affiliated with the third eye experience, but I have never heard of it before. I'll have to read up about it.

Oh, and if you guys can manipulate the resonance of some bass sound, try get it to play some death metal. \m/

posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 05:25 AM
I'm not entirely sure if I've heard a popping sound, I pick up electronic devices when they go on or off that makes a popping noise, so its a case of interferance, but I have felt a certain "flow" throughout my head while performing this and over half the time I can will it to travel down my arms. As for the bubbling sensation the closest I’ve come to that was it felt like another being was sucking energy right out of my head, kind of like a BIG syringe or a proboscis. I’ll keep an eye out for the bubbling and popping sensation though, I’m going to document my endeavors, so there are no false hopes and a minimal amount of debunkers to deal with.

posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 05:32 AM
That whole vibrational change in your body has happened to me, well it happened when I gave my soul to the devil.

I really didn't expect anything to happen as such, but halfway through the ritual my body started vibrating quite intensely, and towards the end I could hardly concentrate so much my body was vibrating ( almost going numb also )

It was quite an experience...

posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 11:52 AM
I performed three tests today, I had the bubbling sensation 2 for 3 times. But it was not on my head, it came out of my hands, and onto my knees and elbow while in contact with my hands (I either sit indian style, or sit in a chair, at a table I lay one arm over another, with no table I put them on my knees.) I noticed sparks/sparkles flying all over my arms. Also felt an unusual "heat ring/band" form around my head, I could not see it, the temperture picked up about 10-23 degrees Farenheit (normally I lose heat and have a freezing sensation). I believe that was about what happened, I go into meditation for around 7-10 minutes, the first "tint dip" occurs, normally of a purple/blue shade. On numerous accounts while looking at my arms they begin to shine brightly, then a slim "wave" courses over them, then they recede at times, like the ocean. All of this listed above is repeatable. After a few times I begin to feel "different" like the weight of gravity was increased, I begin to tire tremendously (which is nearly impossible, I can finally sit still to meditate, but I have a severe case of ADHD which seems to grant me a never-ending wellspring of energy, I'm always the one up at 5-6 in the morning on vacations, school days, holidays, and anything that involves being around water. Once I start running even if it hurts to keep running it feels even worse to stop running and let my energy run rampant through my body with no way of alleviation. I even have enough energy that I fight while I sleep LITERALLY, I can punch, kick, chop, smash, and practically seek out others while I sleep. I actually kicked my dad out of bed on two occasions he nearly went through the wall, I somehow made my feet connect with my sister while I was on the ground sleeping three times in a matter of 15 minutes and she was on a couch, I have actually seeked my own mother, and on numerous accounts I have smashed my bed while I sleep, a quick punch or kick and I've just smashed a bedpost off, Oddly though no marks ever show, even if I punch at my hardest waking myself up in the process. I am in no way a violent man, at least while conscious, I abhor fighting, I am a pacifist, I always apologize for the damage I cause, and compensate for any damages done, then I find ways to prevent me from getting up or even moving at night.) I hope this does not sound like a bunch of nonsense, but I try to keep everything documented for future reference, and to repeat results, refering to the last section was to list all possibilities, stimuli, and outliers. If even one part is left out the whole process can be entirely futile. I only ponder over these and document these to find a true explanation as to my existence, I'm not meant to be a shcolar in that I was literally born with a severe abnormally high muscle density and growth, and with the experiences stated before, those punches can easily turn fatal, I was even climbing trees when I was three bare hands no rope, branch, or ladder. I am not meant to be a fighter based on the fact that I reason with others and always seek peace first, and only persuasion through words or a sway from a comedic stand point, at least while conscious. The fact of the strangeness of my dreams leads me to believe, based upon what I've heard from numerous individuals, that my dreams are not what most (at least that I know) call normal with elements that are normally never prevelant in a non-lucid dream. My fighting seems like a deep routed instinct, when I enter a certain state its as if time slows down, I know where the hits will come and go(if I give them the chance (this is based on my karate class, not random strangers)) and I can even begin to see strategies from just one step. I do not know how to summon this but it just seems to come and go. The only problem with this is that I try not to fight but the urge to do so is too great to stop. I have not killed anyone nor do I plan to. sorry if this seem or is irrelavent.

posted on Jun, 11 2008 @ 12:54 PM
You mention varying tints... are they circular with more complex patterns forming in the center? I think what we're seeing is what our reality looks like before it's interpreted into 3D/4D. We both receive and project these patterns through the 3rd eye.

I see it in in black and white initially, because it hasn't yet separated into color yet. Also I get the feeling of a hexagonal depression on my forehead when the 3rd eye is highly active.

You can go into these "tunnels of thought" and project all over the place. It's pretty cool. It's like consciously creating thoughts and then having them reflect back at you. You gotta take it in small steps though, I learned that the hard way.
Also, anything that you project/create has to have the ability to be interpreted from many different perspectives. People who don't want to believe in something need to have an 'out'. Call it luck, coincidence, whatever. It has something to do with not imposing on others free will. Although ultimately we're all in sync, so it's your own free will which is kept safe from yourself (confusing I know, lol).

I've never had the ringing or any sounds in the ears, but I feel the body vibrating.

In fact the only "real" (ie. the ability to experience via one of our 5 senses) part of my experience is the physical feelings which I mentioned above and seeing thoughts reflected back. It's like the world is a reflection, and through meditation you can consciously "create", rather than letting your subconscious do it all for you (which is sometimes undesirable due to the bad habits we form).

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