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(LSWC) Too Much to Drink

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posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 09:33 PM
Celebrations had peaked. It had just turned midnight and a new year beckoned to be experienced. Blain, knocking back a few vodka and redbulls, was feeling rather ecstatic, moving towards his mate Bastian *Happy new year buddy* bellowing with a small burp as he hugged him drunkenly.

A few more hours had passed, and for some reason Blain felt he was right to drive home, it was only a few blocks from where the party was, but he was sure he’d sobered below the legal limit of 0.05 blood alcohol level. His friends weren’t so sure.

Majority of the people had already left the new years celebration, and he certainly didn’t want to hang around, he felt he could do a few more rounds of World of Warcraft – yeah it was 4:30am, but he knew others around the world would still be up.

He waved goodbye, and headed towards his car, friends in tow, begging him to stay a few more hours.

‘You’re not ready to go yet mate’, begged Bastain.
‘Blain bro, come and watch tv for a bit, help us clean up maybe’, exclaimed Joanne.

Blain turned around and convinced them he was alright, they let him go.

He hopped into his new you beaut Commodore Clubsport HSV, power under the hood, he was proud, giving a small hiccup, he realised by the smell on his breath he may not be totally under the legal limit to drive. Off he started his machine anyway ‘I’ll be home in 10 minutes’ he convinced himself.

As he started to pull away, he noticed a billboard sign under one of the bus stops

“Would you rather lose a minute of your life, or your life in a minute – don’t speed”

He chuckled to himself, slipped down a gear and put his foot on the floor

“That will wake up the neighbourhood” he said as he went from 60 to 100, in a 100km zone.

Roundabout coming his way, his phone went bezerk in the passenger seat, he looked at the number, it was Bastian.

“Yo Bastian whats up”
“Dude, we’re right behind you, YOU HAVE TO SLOW DOWN bro, you’re drunk and you….”

At that moment, Blain dropped the phone, he hit the curb, and started to lose control of the vehicle, at 100km/h, there was no way he was going to get out of this one without damaging the vehicle somehow, he started snaking it across the road, wheels all of a sudden hit a sand patch with gravel and that was it, the car went sideways and straight into a light post.

Blain hit his head on the window, blood spilling all over his shirt. He was dead.

Bastian and Joanne pull up, both rushing out of their cars to see if Blain was OK, when they realised he wasn’t, they dialled 000, the equivalent of 911 in the USA.

Blain woke up, however all he saw was a bright light, he felt he wasn’t laying on anything, however knew he was horizontal to the floor, a small whispering voice was heard...

“Blain… Blain… your time has come…Blain”

Blain recognised the voice, it was his fathers’.

“Dad… what, whats going on? Am I dead, aren’t YOU dead?, what, what is going on?”

“Blain….Blain, yes, you have passed on, you were killed in a car accident..your time has come, its time for you to move on, hold out your hand, and I’ll pull you through”

At that moment, Blains’ whole life passed before his eyes, he realised his stupidity at driving so fast, whilst knowingly drunk, but found he has some important things to do with his father on the other side, his mother would be sad to know his has passed, but knows it’s the right thing.

Back at the car accident, police and ambulance officers arrive, Bastian and Joanne both crying whilst trying to talk to the officers, they couldn’t help but blame themselves for making the phone call to Blain, to warn him to slow down, in the end it was what could have caused the accident. The police officers explained that he shouldn’t have gotten behind the wheel in the first place, however it went beyond deaf ears.

A phone starts ringing inside Blains mangled car, the police officer looks at the Caller ID. It says ‘DAD’, Bastian and Joanne look at each other. The officer picks up the phone.


The End

[edit on 6/6/2008 by Im a Marty]

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 03:25 AM
Ooooh creepy!
But mostly an awesome lil story marty, I enjoyed it

posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 06:22 PM
Another goose bump raising story there mate!

posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 01:50 AM
Glad you's enjoyed it

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