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I'm writing a short story

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posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 08:52 PM
The one i am working on is set in the future. There are four protagonists three male one female. They are a group of human survivers of a mechine/nanobot take over of the world (happend 10-20 years before story). They have a base in the Appalachian Mountains. The antagonists are androids trying to keep man from destroying eachother and the planet. They are doing so in an extreme manner extermination. The protagonists are a jack of all trades, hunter, ex-army officer, and a woman that they found.

what ive got so far is they are hunting food and they hear one and try to get back to thier base.

i need to get some ideas to make it better because all i can do is make a skeleton with boring dialoge. Help please

If it will help here is some of the current matterial leading up to the story

the world has gone mad North Korea bombs south korea then invade. radical Jews take the temple mount. The US takes the side of Isreal against the arab nations (a group of muslim countries like the EU) South Korean refugees seek shelter in japan. Japan USA Isreal join forces Korea (North Korea) joins Russia and China against the allies but stay seperate from arab nations. Britan France and Germany aid allies. all the allied nations adopt a new military computer system that eventually because of its programer turns against humanity. The team that was working on the system also workend on parasidic nanobots controled by the system. The nanobots would be dispersed in the air and "infect" humans and being controled by the allies are used as super solders. Russian scientist creat an equal to the system which merges atonomosly to the allied system at which point it turns and becomes the fourth party in the war. man calls an uneasy truce and try to fight the system and its super solders. The programer is behind the sceans making the moves and upgrading the system to work on its own until it thinks for itself.

prety much a few nukes are droped mexico city, moscow, and a few more capital cities you know. at which point the time line forks in november 2015 one side man ignites the atmosphere and moves underground, the other he blows up the underground facilities and bases (to keep system from infiltrating them). In the second man is seperated in to survivor groups always hunted by the system.

the second is the one the story takes place in

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