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9/11 planned since April 2001

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posted on Jun, 5 2008 @ 06:32 AM
I am going to repost with a new tact.
This is a report by a former CIA intelligence officer with evidence that the 'war on terror' was planned since at least April '01

The Saudi Embassy forwarded a very large number of copies of it to the White House. The White House forwarded it to the CIA with a memo from Bush directly to the analysts praising the article and saying that, "this is what good intelligence looks like; it makes our friends look good too".

Was Bush really that clueless that he did not know the difference between a sheer fabric of lies and intelligence? I decided to find that out. I tracked down the tapes for the day he had signed that memo. The security camera footage showed when he signed it -- about April 2001. . I then went to the audio tapes.

During the hour before the signing he had been in a meeting on Middle Eastern topics. One of those topics included oil and how much there was by country.

Another topic was going to war in the Middle East during his presidency. It was agreed that "both were goals to work towards". Bush had then said, "We need to protect our friends in Saudi Arabia from 'a bad rap'". A staffer then went and found the box of articles that the Saudis had sent over in about February 2001.

Tenet & Bush Help Saudis Cook CIA 'Intelligence

And that 9/11 was definately prearranged

(May 24, 2008) CIA Director George Tenet sent me over to the Pentagon in August 2001 to pick up the 9-11 planning documents, and move Pentagon corruption documents and real secrets out of the way of the anticipated 9-11 firefighters.

Personal Background: Pentagon War Games & Reality

posted on Jun, 6 2008 @ 07:40 AM
I will ask again. Have these stories been done or are the sources FOS?
I would appreciate some feedback on the legitamacy of this.


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