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Occurance the other night, Alien 'scout' or pre-REM?

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posted on Jun, 5 2008 @ 12:28 AM
Ok, this happened last week, and has me completely paranoid so I want you all to let me know what you think...

It was about 3am, I was kinda stressed from having an argument with my sig-other, and was getting ready for bed. We had ended the conversation on good terms, and I was beat, I went besides my dresser and pulled out my atheme, a kitana that I received some time ago as part of an art deal, to say my nightly prayer to the God and Goddess (being wiccan, and my general feelings, I use the sword in prayer). I sheethed the blade. As I was putting it away I began to feel really uneasy, you know that feeling like something bad is going to happen? It was like that plus a feeling of being watched.

I shrugged this off as left over feeling from the argument, and shrugged it off. But when the feeling didn't go away I decided to turn on my lamp thinking maybe seeing the room would make me feel more secure. No dice. So I got up, and took my atheme and put it next to my bed, leaving the scabbard part off. I know it sounds stupid, but it made me feel a little better knowing I had my blade next to me.

So I'm starting to close my eyes, and I'm beginning to fall asleep when a shadow passes over me. You know how when you close your eyes you can still see the light? well for an instant it was black, before becoming that color of light-though-eye-lid shade. and I jumped up, I scanned the room, nothing. I unsheathed my blade, and felt the edge of the room with it, seeing if I didn't hit some invisible solid. This was to no avail, so I called my self an idiot and that it must have been pre-rem sleep or something, seeing something before you really pass out kinda thing.

Well, some time passes and I'm on the edge of sleep when all of the sudden I jolt up with a sense of fear, shock and anger, the feeling made me throw my hand back to the hilt of my atheme, and what I saw briefly scared and angered me so deeply...

What I saw was a being, human fair skin, brownish hair, large black "Gray" eyes, its limps seemed unusually skinny compared to its torso. This creature looked at me with a look of surprise, (I noticed no teeth, and a small but human nose and no lips). It was crouched on its haunches over my sock drawer, it had one in its hand. I told myself that if I ever saw what I thought was a "Gray" I would do what some of those on this board had said and not sit there, but get angry and lash out. as I jumped up to attack, at the same time it seemed to fall backward, and vanish in a "patchy way" (blotches of it seemed to vanish before the entirety). as it did so it dropped the sock it was holding. Regardless of its disappearance, I continued to punch, kick and slash at the air around me, and in the corners of my room, earnestly trying to wound what ever I just saw.

I stayed up the entire night, and the next day. from 4-6am I was back to the wall, sword drawn, scanning my room for any movement. That feeling was very strong at this point. at 6 am I heard my mom and dad waking up, (home from college). My dad's a pretty tough guy, a sessioned hockey player, and frankly I felt I would be safer around more people, so I ran for the door and slammed it behind me.

I left the house for the day, and thought about that night. Now, I know what I saw, but is what I saw when I thought I knew? I summed up things it could be; hallucination due to stress and tiredness, coming out of/going into a dream state, possibly some kind of spirit entity, or possibly something alien.

Frankly, I'm not hoaxing, I know how weird this sounds, and I'm not sure if I totally believe myself in what I'm thinking. I'm asking for help. from what I described, was it something alien? Was I dreaming? Am I right to be so paranoid and looking over my shoulder constantly, or sleeping with a weapon next to my bedside regularly?

Thanks for reading, hope you can help me shed light on things.

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posted on Jun, 5 2008 @ 02:44 AM
I don't think you are lying about what you saw. Howevere, I cannot explain it to you fully either. Maybe I can relate a story which is similar.
My sister and future brother-in-law were returning home from a date. I was about 15 at the time, and asleep. I wish I could say their car woke me up as it pulled in the driveway, but the truth is I can't remember for sure. I do remember seeing the lights from the car in my window though, so I had to be awake, I guess. What I also saw was a shadow in the window of something large and dark.
We had a concrete driveway, and I could hear the car screech to a stop, a car door open and my brother-in-law yelling something. I got up and when they came inside, the first thing they asked me was if I saw something in the window or not. I asked them why, and my brother-in-law told me as he pulled into the driveway, he saw someone staring into my room!
Now, we live in the middle of nowhere, it's 2 in the morning, our nearest neighbor was 1/2 mile down the road (an old couple),and we had dogs at the time, so the chance of a prank or a burglar was almost nil.
Anyway, he says he slammed on the brakes and got out and yelled at "him", and then "he" turned and ran past the house, jumped over a 5 foot tall fence, and literally disappeared into the night.
Needless to say, I was scared.
The next morning, I got up at first light and went outside to look for tracks or something to prove to me it was real. My window is situated about 7 feet off the ground at it's center. That meant that the shadow I saw was at least that tall.
When my sister got up, (my future brother-in-law had gone home) I asked her what she saw. All she could tell me was that the guy was huge and moved so fast she could hardly believe it from someone that size.
We both went back outside to look again, and my sister noticed "fingerprints" on the window. Two sets, about 1/4 of the way up the window, each with 4 digits. And larger than either of our fingerprints by double, I would say.
I cannot tell you what it was. I saw only a shadow. Shadows can be made by just about anything when a car pulls up, but to have both of them see someone that size next to my window made me so paranoid of windows, to this day I cannot have an open window in complete darkness. No way. And I'm 46.
Oddly enough, the "sleep paralysis" I had been experiencing since childhood went away after this incident.
Who knows?
I've been told if they want you, they'll get you, no matter what, but I say don't be sacred, and fight them as best you can mentally by not being afraid.
I remember my paralysis dreams, when I was in the "box", the less afraid I was, and the less I tried to move, the faster I would "wake up" and be home.
That's the experience and advice I give to you. I hope it helps. And may they find you as unappealiong as they did me.

posted on Jun, 5 2008 @ 07:00 PM
Wow, thanks I've experienced sleep paralysis twice in my life, and its really frightening. I think you're right,, if they want you they WILL find you... I just really want to know what that... 'thing' was. I haven't slept too well since the incident and am just being home alone now, I feel like I need to keep one hand on my sword and one eye scanning the room...

WAS it a grey, or some sub/related specie? Was it some kind of hybrid? What did it want with me, or... humorously enough, my sock? Was it just studying my life and my articles? (that one seems to make sense) and did it want to harm me?

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